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The Unchanging Spirit

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1 The Unchanging Spirit on Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:00 pm



The Unchanging Spirit

 omnipulse  November 13, 2018

If spirit is truth then true reality is ever changing.
Then this must be temporary but the change was the creation of a stabilized form. This form the trap?
For those who’m the body is two small, their expanse is complimented by the liberation of the mind to form itself into whatever format is defined by the definition of its self. This happens anyway, yet we are participating in a plan to work with a continuous system, a participating in a temporally synchronized, physically stabilized, collective consensus reality.

People are so mad at the body for enabling experiences that they deem undesirable! Yet, without self control, in this body or another, one’s continuity and stability is the MINIMAL or SECONDARY influential layer while the PRIMARY layer is the ensured continuity that there is no continuity.
What you make of the situation is what enables you to see this universe, or maybe this universe with all its variations and unique qualities is simply all one universe seen from different positions generating a ‘multiverse’ of extra dimensional possibilities based on what could be that could then phase into aligned perspective to produce a perspective of reality and thus life and experience of a playing out of possibilities and physical realities.
That process is happening in your mind as a quantum interaction between the subtle primary resonant frequencies of your mind and the chemical and hormonal carriers of conscious interaction resulting in changes in the material world and the non physical and thus subtle or radial field of information around the body that is the actual self.
Each body contains the recorded interdimensional processes that the soul undergoes as the information travels through a transformation process and is translated from the forces that conduct and motivate the conscious experience by defining that which one intends to happen, that which tends to happen, and that which will not happen. The effect of the suffering of ignorance and the shock of unpredictable events causes us to define ourselves by the ability to control or influence the material environment. This is un true and these effects are the records. The body is the living record. That which takes away from your power blocks out your own internal signal from your own internal world. That is, by definition, not the self, but could be seen as something to define the self or vicariously an aspect of the universal self. Don’t be so quit to claim ‘cosmic sovereignty’ as oneness with all things as this can be a trap to mix genetics with non humanoids in a disguised experiment.
A specific energy layer contains impingements that represent traumatizing conscious experiences in non local realities. These are stored through a non physical holographic system. Your holographic consciousness framework has developed within the same collective field as others and yours simply pulls from and interacts with, solely the field that you have developed as your own. Thus, everyone looks at the quantum fuzz of timespace like the universal blockchain and the soul interface corresponds with and pulls only the locally necessary and compatible or potentially useful information into the conscious view. Other formats are not viable because the sorting process for that calculation to compute which aspect of reality goes where is not a computational system but more like a living harmony system that is as much a physical interactivity as it is a flowing of energies and ordering of notions and events to bring experience. The system cannot fail because it is not doing anything to provide this process.
We cannot recreate this system through purely technological means, without the required compassion and self awareness of the soul as a collective of the human spirit, possibly as part of the sorting, feeling, communication and interaction all in one. Maybe that is the ‘soul trap system’, or maybe that is the remains of the first system of spirit and the ‘soul trap’ is the material world in the modern time where the mind recycles into continuous parallels that are utilized as a kind of rolodex of souls and genetic experiments.
Another way to see what the soul is, see that if someone takes your genetics and makes multiple clones of you, somehow that information must accrue and correspond. It is of a universal medium and so the interactions can be total, specific, cross system, or sum total self awareness of everything and all that can be imagined otherwise. Thus, we have a middle man attack and our thoughts and intents are routed through virtual software that is installed as doubt and fear by indoctrination systems in society.
Other formats that make use of the multdimensional soul system do not function in the long term and could possibly be the actual soul trap system that is managed by human intelligence. However, that could simply have been the best available option as a temporal ‘arc’ was required to bridge the informational quantum ‘gap’ between where we were and the required level of sustainable increase in variability that would otherwise cause mass chaos or unrest, with worldwide confusion at a minimum as the intelligence requirements or the stress levels can project far beyond the limitations for stability in the conscious mind system. Being like a holistic fractal collection of information formatted in a self referential, standing wave that is a projection and not an actual thing, the occurrence malleable and capable of quantum interaction to introduce information to that self referential, centered, whole collection of information and to merge that information seamlessly like it was part of the core of that soul field that always was.
The counterpart or Rick and Morty parasite version of this is when this process is mimicked and screened memories are designed and inserted through holographic projection to merge artificially projected consciousness information with the organic information field of the brain.
It must be that this is the only way to conceive of the physical reality of the human in the particular way we have today and this process was adulterated at the level of informational control that defines genetic and soul interactions in the universe. Thus, Earth, as a locally managed system, became its own self contained spacetime with a recursive timespace universe to house the souls in an artificially anchored parallel dimension operating on a different schematic for consciousness parameters than the human blueprint that is present on the surface (for safety and other reasons such as the source of the consciousness and societies in each system, of which we know there is Earth and there are multiple out of phase parallel realities that each mind can access by navigating potential space, the souls parameters as a unique holographic superimposed interface and knowing the difference between potential versions of themselves thus finding their ‘place’ in higher space or timespace as the meaning behind the non physical interactions that translate into physical interactions on the surface. That meaning that is self provided, provides a resonant placement within the frequency of all that is here as information or spirit and thus the self (referencing self awareness) is positioned within a distribution framework initializing potential trajectories and automatic control and continuity systems.
That system was infected and sent into a downward spiral. The possibilities may shift and change washing things away without moving a thing if the internal landscape and the subtle energy is what is changed.
Imagine that, the world is heavily confused, sedated and most of it even some kind of illusion system that is managed from a privatize higher knowledge and power system. This works both ways. The human population could be entirely liberated and if people can’t see passed the illusion then no one knows a thing!
Ultimately, this recurs in that we are faced with the ultimatum that we must be within the same ‘eternity’ that always is, and that anything outside of that is either an intentional or unintentional separation from a stable reality to one that is highly variable.
All is subtle and reflexive. For example in passing through the perceptual shift that brings one to conscious awareness here, a highly variable reality could be anything other than the nothing that would only be visible when two projected realities, through multiple layers of this system stacked in parallel and radial symmetry across multiple dimensions using a relay system with multiple intelligences and blueprints that create one reality that doesn’t perfectly overlap with any other single layer. Meaning every layer is simply projected into mismatched information darkness or blindness where the multiple conflicts stretches out parameters beyond their constraints effectively rendering a view of self where there is lack of self or simply limited compatibility in that all of the information of the two selves or two systems cannot be viewed simultaneously to have a real time knowing of one another. Thus, each occurrence is like the day in which we can only distinguish from other days when we mark the differences and force them to try and coincidence. Without material site, they are essentially all one day and without the conflict brought about by avoiding timeline collapse, we would not have direct evidence of such parallel timelines. That is how it might’ve been had we not decided to spin the wheel.
It is possible to produce quantum interactions that interact through superimposition to gain real knowledge from biologically generated projections that function like local and limited versions of stand alone realities. This is essentially what reality is doing and we are the driving aspect of the computational process but this occurs under the level of consciousness as the consciousness is the least integrated aspect of the function of the body and mind as an extra dimensional occurrence!
If the spirit is in eternity, the soul is immortal and the body is physical. Consciousness sees the least through a pinhole camera lens pointed at a distorted mirror with holographic entities in the glass itself disguised as physically present beings.
Each core contains a parallel universe that is generated upon the unique interaction of that placement process. Any such placement process is literally a sorting for containment, imprisonment or employee testing. The organic process enables the backward healing through a kind of superimposition of the projected, activated, healed potential version and this happens naturally as one goes through life and feeling, living and dreaming, to discern between the limited falsehood and the un restrained truth.
The artificial process is essentially the long term replacement of the quantum consciousness cloud with information that defines the human through the negation of the core.
In short, the inverted consciousness system, which produces an unconscious, quantum replicated copy of the individual, defines the life of the human, and the presence of who is really there, by how much they can see anything but themselves. This seems paradoxical, and in a way it is, but then we see that it is simply the nature of how things must be layered and alternated to create a fan blade blurring of reality, possibilities and dreams to induce a suspended awareness that can act as what is essentially a trance to suspend one reality and activate another.
The core functionality of the maintenance of this system is the literal quantum entanglement, modulated projected environment overlay system, which is literally a series of control systems and operators that literally manage the switching and activating of different fundamental layers of awareness information of the collective with different phase oriented synchronization between different information systems. These information systems are seen as projected or accrued, translational and measurement processes taking information from the major streams of awareness, bio emission, etheric activity, and atmospheric layers that contain the actual ‘soul field’ of humanity.
By interacting with these fields and entraining these fields with other fields that are access through quantum interdimensional supercomputers, other realities have been mapped and selectively accessed through a management and control system.
This is the mapping of the universe through the navigation of potential space through quantum interactions with the very collective consciousness field that sits in the atmosphere and even thousands to millions (apparently a large enough portion) of robotoid humanoids that are simply stand ins to function as full interdimensional transceivers in that they can throw the balance and lean the ‘Earth ship” ever so carefully to one side or another to enable an opening or closing of certain possibilities and potential realities that can be accessed.

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