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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » False Flag Terror: Federal Reserve Bank Bomb Plot Run By the FBI

False Flag Terror: Federal Reserve Bank Bomb Plot Run By the FBI

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False Flag Terror: Federal Reserve Bank Bomb Plot Run By the FBI
Posted on October 18, 2012
Source: The Intel Hub

FBI once again controls entire terror plot, actual attack never a possibility

By Alex Thomas
October 17, 2012

A 21-year-old Bangladeshi national has been arrested after he apparently attempted to detonate a bomb outside the Manhattan Federal Reserve.

“Agents grabbed the 21-year-old Nafis — armed with a cellphone he believed was rigged as a detonator — after he made several attempts to blow up the bomb inside a vehicle parked next to the Federal Reserve,” reported the NY Post.

Sticking to a now utterly predictable narrative, the man never actually posed a threat to any building or person due to the fact that the FBI themselves had given him the bomb.

That’s right, the corporate media and the government are now having a hay day, once again promoting the terrorist narrative and drumming up sympathy for the privately run Federal Reserve, even as they openly continue their destruction of America.

Authorities emphasized that the plot never posed an actual risk.

However, they claimed the case demonstrated the value of using sting operations to neutralize young extremists eager to harm Americans.

Corporate media reports and statements by government and law enforcement officials paint a picture of a man hell bent on the destruction of America.

Sadly, the American people simply have no legitimate reason to believe anything that the corporate media or government claims, especially when it has to do with terrorism which has historically been used to further restrict the freedoms of everyday Americans nationwide.

Whether or not Nafis would have actually carried out any sort of attack if he was not lead on by the FBI remains unknown at this time.

What is known is that the FBI has staged literally dozens of “pretend” terror plots where their actions and help were the only reason that the supposed terrorist even had a chance to do any harm whatsoever.

In 2011, Mother Jones began to release a series of award winning reports that conclusively proved that the FBI essentially hatches almost ALL terror plots in the US.

A subsequent article by RT summed up the facts perfectly.

“The report reveals that the FBI regularly infiltrates communities where they suspect terrorist-minded individuals to be engaging with others.

Regardless of their intentions, agents are sent in to converse within the community, find suspects that could potentially carry out “lone wolf” attacks and then, more or less, encourage them to do so.

By providing weaponry, funds and a plan, FBI-directed agents will encourage otherwise-unwilling participants to plot out terrorist attacks, only to bust them before any events fully materialize.”

In another report also in the Mother Jones series, the top 6 terror patsies and their ridiculous stories are revealed.

The supposed terrorists range from literally broke losers and wannabe ninjas to big talkers who would most likely have little to no chance of pulling off any sort of attack without direct help from authorities.

Broke-ass losers. Big talkers. Ninja wannabes. How dangerous are the FBI’s sting targets?

The corporate media is also claiming that the supposed Federal Reserve bomb plot mastermind may have links to al Qaeda terror networks in the middle east.

“The defendant “reported having connections” to al Qaeda, prosecutors said. But there was no allegation that he received training or direction from the terrorist group. Nafis was living in Queens,” reported CBS.

This has to be confusing to most Americans considering that for the last 6 months this same group of corrupt corporate media networks has promoted the US governments direct support of al Qaeda insurgents in Libya and Syria.

Basically, the American people are expected to be so stupid that on one hand they are supposed to be scared of the attempted bombing of a Federal Reserve building by al Qaeda while at the same time supporting them in at least two other nations.

We most likely will never know whether or not Nafis was what we would call a real terrorist but, regardless of this, the fact remains that the government has a long history of supporting al Qaeda on one hand and staging terror plots to be blamed on them on the other.

It is also important to mention that when the NYPD police chief goes on national TV, completely ignoring the fact that the FBI has ran almost every terror plot since 9/11, and claims that the threat to New York will be there for years to come, he is doing this because his JOB and his police forces Orwellian and ridiculous police actions are on the line.

If the American people as a whole knew that most if not all the police state security measures that have been taken to supposedly thwart terror attacks were actually being set up to control everyday Americans, the backlash would be severe and instant.


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The 'Bush's' invented al Quaeda- THAT is where all this s... transpired and began, to take the focus off of them-Alot of what is going on started with them to begin with-9/11 WAS an inside job, and the proof and the word is getting out- It won't be long-The proper authorities will arrest them sooner or later- :twisted: :cheers:

Herb Lady

Ha! It may be sooner than they think too!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Wouldn't that be just great? 'FREEDOM' at last!! :D :twisted: :cheers:

Herb Lady


Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


I've been hoping and praying for full disclosure like the rest of you! Hope it happens SOON! Nothing short of that will wake up some people! It's mind boggling how much information is "filtered out" of our consciousness by things we just don't WANT to believe!

:flower: ❤ gmaHunniBee ❤ :flower:
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