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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » 'G' scale train layout pictures-

'G' scale train layout pictures-

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1 'G' scale train layout pictures- on Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:56 am


I have a couple of requests from people wanting to see pictures of my trains- Pictures will be forthcoming, have to get them set up in different shots- I have a 'G' scale garden train, that is set up in my garden by the front door, it is a 'Large scale' garden train and layout,10x10 in size, and my 'Plastic 'small scale 'G' christmas set- I will set up the small scale 'G' in the driveway,the x-mas set, as I will have to take it off the layout in the shed, because the pictures will not be bright enough to see-This steam locomotive is a { 4-4-0 wheel arangement,also 1860's vintage}, with the tender and a few freight cars from all the x-mas sets that I have, and all these sets are compatible with each other- The set in the garden is run by electricity,@ 12 volts, 40amps, and will run, but a good cleaning to the track is required to have this train run flawlessly- It is a 'Silverado' type steam locomotive {1860's vintage 4-6-0 wheel arrangement} set that has the wood burning tender, and two passenger style cars that have batteries to lite them up at night- A small micro switch is underneath the two baggage/ passenger cars- I have other numerous locomotives and freight cars that go with the electric sets,all of which are also large scale 'G' garden electric trains- Bear with me, and I will get the pictures to you as soon as I can- :D 🎅 Now, where is the 'train emoticon?

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Lump- ;)

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