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Kp Message: A Post About “Unity”

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Kp Message: A Post About “Unity”

Posted on 2012/10/19

Kp Message: A Post About “Unity” 111011_1124_kauilapele_mauna_loa_snip41Some of you may not align with this. Some may not understand this. Some may not agree with any of it.

No matter.

This is not a long-reading post. I am not into doing those. I do not
explain all the things I do, and I do not try to figure everything out.

Many times I will go places, do stuff, wave my arms, throw ceremonial
things around, look up to the sun, chant a few words, and then leave.
Having no idea what I did and what happened.

All I knew was that it was MINE to do.

Sometimes what happens after, is that I start hearing from others,
saying things like, “You know, the same day you were over there, doing
your ceremony, waving your arms, and all that, I felt like going here to
do this and do that.” And someone else, “You said you did this, well at
the same hour, I felt strongly called to do this, over here.”

What I can say is that each of these were following some kind of
Guidance Greater than Themselves, to go, do, be, wherever they were.

It’s pretty wonderful and amazing. There is something that brought all of us together, in harmony, as a Unit, to “do” something.

To me, that is one aspect of what I call, Unity.

And it tells me one thing in particular…

Just because you may feel as if you are working “alone”, if you are
following a “Higher Guidance” (whatever you conceive that to be), you
are NOT working alone. You are working as a harmonious Unit. A Unity.
You may not know who is a part of that “Unit”, but that matters not. You
have “operated” as a Unit.

Higher Guidance knows what needs to be done, and by whom. As we
telepathically (Inner Guidance) tune in, we will hear the Higher
Guidance messages (instructions, directions) that are for us to hear.

We do work with Higher Beings. At least we can. If we are ready, when we are ready.

There are many wonderful things that may be done as well in
Harmonious Groups as well. I have been involved with those from time to
time. And there are many groups around the planet who are embodying this
type of “operation”. They are as “important” as what I’ve been writing
about here.

But I found out a few years ago that my “operation” method was to
work on my own, with this Self, in this body, in harmony with the Higher
Guidance that I get on a moment to moment. This is still true today. I
simply follow Guidance. That’s all. If I feel drawn to working in a
group, then I do. But for myself, the mode of operation I still feel
most drawn to is “Individual”.

I, as one Being, working by myself, following my own Higher Guidance. Working in Harmony with others, who are following their own Higher Guidance.

So if there are those of you out there who are in any way, shape, or
form, feeling “less” about yourselves, because you also feel
not-so-drawn to the group meditations or activities mode of working, and
more drawn to the “Individual Unit following Higher Guidance” mode of
working, please understand… You are STILL working in Unity. And you are
STILL a most valuable part of this entire Gaia-Awakening-Ascension

Others may attempt to tell you different. They may throw the “scoff”
or “guilt trip” messages your way. Don’t resist them. Just allow them to

And continue on your own path of Light, operating in Unity with your
own Higher Guidance. You are valuable. You are valued. You are Loved.

Aloha, Kauilapele

Thanks to:


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