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My Big Questions

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My Big Questions

Posted on December 23, 2018 by talk2momz 

It’s pretty clearly a world ruled by fear.
Fear is cold, and we need warm now…
Warm hearts – courageous – willing to love.
Where we are going is into a greater way of being,
Reverence, for that life in the human core
That is integrity, truth, mercy, love.
Our consciousness creates our experience of this world.
Each one’s life journey a unique reality.
Sometimes we’re looking at chaos – sometimes it’s a vista.
Where is consciousness when we are no longer in the body?
Big question. I don’t know the answer.
There is a pure love beyond words that I have felt – it’s enough.
What makes up our consciousness?
To me it’s like a cutout of the whole that is unique
And yet part of the greater design.
Some say holographic, I don’t know, it could be, many things could be.
How much of our consciousness is DNA, body memory, ancestors?
How much of it is conditioning, culture?
How much is Spirit, Intention, I Am, Eternal Being?
On this journey we encounter ‘situations’ and choices.
Our perspective guides our experience.
Knowingly or not – we create our lives.
Why would I create living on the edge, experiencing fear?
Why are so many damaged people here? Nobody has it easy.
Well… truth is, it’s a good trip, a perfect trip for me.
I was a scared little girl – scared to displease God.
But I was also inquiring, observing, testing…
What is this that loves me, that I am to obey?
My perspective comes from off the beaten path.
Because I did not do what was expected of me,
I suffered my choices, received my rewards.
It comes to mind, Aretha’s song – Climbing Higher Mountains.
That song still can make me cry, it’s so real…
Trying to find the way home.
Seems we’re looking for the way to heaven on earth.
Suffering drops off when the fear drops off.
Fear drops off in the moments we remember
The magnificence. All is well – the Creator lives in me.
My kids used to watch the “He Man” cartoon
He would say, “I have the Power,”
And magical power would enter his weapon – a sword, I think.
That shows where we were – power on the outside.
It shows what manifested when we fell out of balance.
When ‘reason’ dominates we have the he man world.
Anyway, I set out to see, feel, understand, because…
Off the beaten path could be the missing something,
I was seeking understanding.
I asked – why do we say God He – I am She.
To me, today, from this perspective,
It looks like the world could benefit
If we could think of God as the real Three that is One.
The pure information that we experience as Truth – masculine essence.
Our intellect and our reason – the thinking mind – God He.
Where is He born from?
We are within a body where the pulse of the heart begins life.
The breath of life continues it.
He is born in this miracle – ‘feel’ – the feminine essence – God She.
She receives and responds. Here’s a question:
Is this Love a response or a reflection? I’d say both.
Creation is the result, Life; expansion of consciousness in form.
One Mother Father Child, balanced, expanding, potential.
Isn’t this what the Trinity should look like?
You can’t create heaven on earth without Her.
Her – our ability to feel – everybody has it:
To Know through the feel, sensation of a situation or decision.
Sensory and ‘extra-sensory’ – isn’t She both?
Steel Pulse called it ‘my wireless’ – listen to Life Without Music.
By the way… I love and lift up the Afrodescendant people,
The ones whose ancestors were taken and enslaved
By Europeans and their descendants.
There is a special sound, vibration, heartbeat in the people.
We feel it; hence we so much wanted to trust Rev. King, Colin Powell,
Barack Obama. We wanted to see a greater, guiding morality.
Some disappointed us; others have given a glimpse of what Heart is.
There is deep feeling among the people; courage, honesty, creativity.
The music tells us that the core spirit is alive.
Our love of God/I Am is what will create heaven on earth.
Remember how the Book said heaven comes down?
Didn’t it have the countenance of a woman – a Bride?
“And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man.”
Don’t we want that? Isn’t that the something missing – the inner presence?
I’m looking for the Heart of my brother, my sister,
My child, my neighbor, my friends, the peoples of the world, myself.
This music my husband brought to me.
We played it at his departure ceremony – Shine like a Star by Aswad.
Focus positive – life begins in your Love of the Divine Light – in You.
You are never alone.
We are never alone.
We are here to increase the presence of God in Life on Earth.
Shine like the star that you are.

Thanks to Ida at:


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