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Powerful Cosmic Events We Should All Keep A Close Eye On In 2019

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Powerful Cosmic Events We Should All Keep A Close Eye On In 2019

by Conscious Reminder

New years bring whole new opportunities and 2019 is no different. The Universe is already pointing out the different alignments that this year is bringing that will transform us.

We can also progress a lot further in our dreams this time. Let’s find out how the cosmos will be treating us in 2019:

Solar eclipse happening in Capricorn

Date: January 5th
This solar eclipse is one of the best ways to begin your year. It will light up some of the areas that you need to work on. Then again, it is aligned with planet Saturn and happening in Capricorn – the zodiac sign noted for its perseverance. Like the mountain goat, you can now put your strong foot forward and work hard for long-term success. Use the energy properly to grow and succeed.

Jupiter will square Neptune

Dates: January 13th, June 16th and September 21st (will again occur in 2025)
This is a deceptive energy. Neptune creates illusions and coupled with the expansive energy of Jupiter, you become more optimistic than usual. You might be wearing rose-tinted glasses at this time, trust people more than you should and be misled easily. Exercise caution – don’t let this too-good phase get you into a risky landslide. Thankfully, after the 21st of September, it won’t come back for the next 6 years.

Total Lunar Eclipse happening in Leo

Date: January 21st
A Lunar eclipse happening in the affectionate and passionate Leo – this will hit closer to your heart. This lunar eclipse comes as a wakeup call to question ourselves. Are we holding antique standards of love? Are we satisfied? These are some doubts that will get asked and probably cleared during this time.

Saturn will sextile Neptune

Dates: January31st , June 18th and November 8th (Will occur next in 2031)
The idealistic Neptune will have the more stable Saturn align with it. It can become the best time for your dreams. Saturn stabilizes your idealistic dreams and brings it into focus – all you now need to do is set your eyes on it and apply yourself to get it. Your dreams can come true, but don’t let this opportunity get away. You won’t come across it again for 12 years.

Mercury Retrograde happening in Pisces

Taking place from March 5th to March 28th
Retrogrades are not great. When the conversationalist Mercury enters spacious Pisces – you can expect a whole lot of slips. Turning up late for meetings, feeling depleted and finding it difficult to focus on the job are some usual symptoms. Engage in some small escapism or daydreaming – relax till it passes.

Uranus entering Taurus

Date: March 6th
Uranus had once been in Taurus in May 2018, before it had retrograded. Now, it will be back for a long stay till April 2026. Taurus likes to remain grounded while Uranus loves to shake things up. Be prepared to have your foundation shaken. It’s a great time to rebuild yourself – get ready to face major changes and be encouraged to change yourself.

Total Solar Eclipse Happening in Cancer

Date: July 2nd

This powerful solar eclipse will take place in Cancer and it will oppose Saturn present in Capricorn. It will encourage you to leave your zone of comfort and begin your journey into new places. What you had thought to be secure is not as secure and now you have to find new solid ground to master your world.

Retrograde of Mercury in Cancer and Leo

Starting from July 7th and ending on July 31st
This retrograde will be beginning from Leo and ending in Cancer. As Mercury goes back through Leo, you will be able to keep your ego away and listen to your heart more. However, when it retrogrades through Cancer, family issues will pop up that will stress you up. Don’t let it get to you.

Lunar Eclipse happening in Capricorn

Date: July 31st
This is a powerful eclipse. It will take place two degrees away from the passionate and deep Pluto. This will be an emotional time as the energy shines on your bad attitudes and the wrongs of your past. It might be a conflicting time, but it can transform you dramatically regarding your future social interactions, if you let it.

Retrograde of Mercury in Scorpio

Taking place from October 31st to November 20th
Scorpio likes to dig deep into us and reveal our darkest secrets. Pair it with the chatty Mercury and we will start being confronted by issues related to relationships and honesty. Our dark past and betrayals will spill over, and we might even want to talk about them. Not the best time, emotionally.

Entry of Jupiter in Capricorn

Taking place from December 2nd, 2019 to December 20th 2020
When Jupiter moves from the adventurous Sagittarius to the resilient Capricorn, you can bet it is a great sign. Your eyes are already set and now with the Capricorn energy backing you up, you can persevere and walk down your set path, pushing forward even if the road gets rough.

Jupiter will trine Uranus

Date: December 15th, 2019 (Will occur next in 2028)
Uranus is rebellious, and when it comes across expansive Jupiter, it gets more space to take risks. It’s not a time to remain in the same spot. Get out and explore new opportunities. Expand your sights. You never know what new opportunities might come your way. Take them up and explore them. Don’t let it slip for another will come much later in 2028.

Annular Solar Eclipse happening in Capricorn

Date: December 26th, 2019
The last eclipse of the year is truly magical. It will conjunct Jupiter to Capricorn and it will also bring Uranus to trine in Taurus. That means, it’s time for returns – getting back all the things you have worked for all through the year. It will be a wonderful gift for Christmas too.
2019 will be full of events but they are mostly positive. Let’s try to infuse this positive energy within us and progress down the path we all dream off. Keep your red pens ready to mark these days on the calendar. Happy New year.

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