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Inside Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's Meta 1 Scam - "Founder Robert Paul Dunlap" 12/31/18

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"A channel of technologies that tune the human experience precisely enabling massive conscious awakening"

Overview and Key Concepts

  • Clearnow333 originally the Clearnow333 channel is now a community and system in the Vicarius CFollective and The Game.
  • The Clearnow333 YouTube channel was founded on Mar 16, 2013 by Robert Enway a self-proclaimed savior of mankind and creator of powerful healing technologies.
  • The channel developed a cult following known as the Clearnow333 community with over 4,730 subscribers and 1,126,320 views .
  • Even before Robert introduced himself first in pictures and then in videos, he already had a strong charismatic presence and spoke in powerful ways in his videos descriptions making big statements like these videos are capable of healing any diseases and completely changing your life, his personality combined with the bold statements and different approach to the new age concept brought many new concepts to the spiritual YouTube communities and radicalized the concept of healing through energy intention across the screen.
  • He has uploaded over 61 videos, most being what he describes as energetical healing vortexes with different purposes but all based on The Clear Doctrine.
  • The Clearnow333 community is often associated with The White Sun Association and thought to be a part of it or the other way around.

The Clear Doctrine, Robert's Message and The Clearnow333 Paradigm

  • The Clearnow333 paradigm is based on the concept of Clear, clear has been described by Robert as a state of absolute divine perfection, to be clear is to be 100% aligned with source.
  • All his videos are supposed to Clear the viewer in all aspects with some videos focusing on individual aspects such as the sexual energetics clearing video that clears your energetic and physical sexual organs.
  • By Clearing the viewer becomes more spiritual aware and powerful and open to new spiritual gifts and experiences (Closer to God).
  • Archangel Metatron is a major character in the Clearnow333 Paradigm being channeled by Robert's "partner" Nicole Bowdler and part of Robert's angelical team.
  • The Clear Doctrine is based on the Command Language, a powerful and living document containing the basic Clearing commands, which are the building blocks of the Clear Language / Command Language.
  • The Commands such as the Clear All command are encapsulated spiritual intentions made in a way so the user can utilize them by simply running the command, the Command Language document which can be bought on Amazon under the name Command Language: Optimum Settings For Humanity for 41.00$ is a 105 pages book with all the written commands and some overview information on the clearnow333 paradigm. The document was also given for free on request of the channel viewers in the early days.
  • The Clearnow333 Paradigm utilizes the same template as many other New Age paradigms, the principle of what you think is what you attract and thoughts are vibration/energy. Love energy attracts love, thoughts about prosperity attract prosperity etc. It is not refered to as the Law of Attraction anywhere, and the concepts of energy are called "energetics" by Robert.
  • Additionally he claims Human beings are very powerful divine creators and planet earth is under control of demonic forces, the demons many times taking humans as hosts and controlling their thoughts and emotions to enslave them. A Source (New Age God Concept) also called the Non-Proxy God is seen as a loving omnipresent energy and humanities goal is to align with their divine creator to enjoy a life of abundance happiness freedom and unlimited creations.
  • According to The Clear Doctrine Love is the "most powerful and fastest moving force on the universe and most misinterpreted word in the english language" capable of moving literal mountains and changing reality.
  • The Clearnow333 community sees itself living in the Fifth Dimension, a place of high energetics and love energy, with no low vibratory links holding them down.
  • According to Robert every human has an Angelical Team which is responsible for helping and assisting them and can be called down.
  • For an overview of the more advanced Clearnow333 Concepts see Clearnow333 Advanced.

Clearnow333 and The Vicarius Collective History

  • The Vicarius Collective has several connections to the Clearnow333 paradigm, some theorizing they are part of each-other.
  • The old Clearnow333 Forum which was created on some unknown date near late 2015 is thought to be the starting point of the two Systems history.
  • "John" the Harbinger of the Solar Chapter was equally the administrator of the old Clearnow333 Forum, second hand of Robert Enway and second most important member in the Clearnow333 Community, to what purpose and how is open to debate.
  • One theory states it was an undercover infiltration mission and The Order of Epsilon's plan was to take control of the forum all along and study/analyse the clearnow333 community, John was made administrator because he took the initiative on the faithful day of the Clearnow333 Livestream event, where Robert was to show his face for the first time live and answer members questions.
  • The Livestream was schedueled to December 12, 2015 9:00 PM but it never happened, when the event begun everyone was patiently waiting to finally see the face of their true leader but he never showed up. The members started chatting in the live-chat and expressing their concern for Robert's safety and it was well known he was often the target of powerful demonic attacks due to his very strong light. In the midst of the conversation the Clearnow333 viewers united for the first time on a large scale and consolidated what is today the Clearnow333 Community, after a while some members begun saying Archangel Metatron was telling them to send their clearing intentions to Robert for he was under attack. They begun sending them, then a member said it would be a good idea to have a forum or meeting group to unite and stay in touch until clearnow333 came back.
  • An initial chat group was created but failed, then John offered to create a group himself and the first stage of the clearnow333 forum was born (A google groups site) in which announcements concerning robert's state and welfare were posted, at this stage John begun gaining a lot of influence in the Clearnow333 community and being one of the few in direct communication with Robert.
  • After a few weeks or months John decided to move the entire group to the forum hosting platform where the old clearnow333 forum was born and became the central of the clearnow333 community.
  • Another theory states John and Robert are the same person (See One is All Theory).

  • Image on the Left - The Clearnow333 Symbol thought to represent Metatrons Cube.
  • This symbol is also a powerful clearing technology drawing energy from the lightning bolt at the center.
  • A different and older variation of the symbol exists in blue.
  • Roberts description of the symbol is as following :

One of my new light codes......The downward facing triangle pushes down source, universal energetics, The upward facing triangle pushes up Earth energetics. The eight groups of circles are golden beams from the 11th dimension (Angelic) pushing and pulling energetics of highest intent (for yourself, humanity) Some may see the lightning bolt across the center...that is my birth right. The three brackets on each size represent scalar standing waves as they broadcast physicality.

  • Image on the Right - Robert Enway aka Robert Dunlap creator and leader of Clearnow333
  • The intense and bright light on the image is thought to be because of how eletronic devices respond to his very intense energetics.
  • Robert has described himself as a billionaire interpreneur and creator of several powerful technologies, father of two children and "Partner" of Nicole Bowdler, one of the most powerful beings on planet Earth and the 982 dimension (One of six) saviors of mankind, an elohim god and absolute voice of divine justice and Law.

  • Image on the left - The Old Clearnow333 Symbol and favicon of the old clearnow333 forum.

Critique on Clearnow333 and Controversy

  • The Clearnow333 channel and paradigm gained a cult following and is respected and held by many as one of the most important paradigms, however it also caused a lot of controversy among members of the Vicarius Collective and several systems.
  • Robert charges 1000$ for a one hour private session and has a donate button on his channel despite claims of him being a billionaire.
  • Claims to be able to heal every and all diseases on the planet and do anything although he never demonstrated it and at the time of the Clearnow333 forum takeover he could not remote view the password to recover it.
  • Robert Bans and censors those who disagree with his message, labels them as demons and comes off as obnoxious and egocentrical.
  • According to him everyone can be a millionaire but no success stories of people turning into millionaires have ever been posted on the new forum or YouTube comments, any success stories are lacking in the new forum where members will spend their days posting clearing requests and happily obeying and abiding by his rules.
  • Some members of the Clearnow333 Community / WSA are believed to be violent and even dangerous.
  • The Clearnow333 Community / WSA has been criticized and called a community based on a false light that only cares about money and controlling you.

Claims of Miracles and good-doing of the Clearnow333 Community

  • Robert Enway says he has the ability to heal any disease and was often seen "clearing" viewers on request, on a old and lost chat related to the very first google group of the clearnow333 community, John met a man that claimed his son was healed of an incurable disease in a miraculous way after he asked robert to help him. "The doctors were amazed and i was so happy" said this man. Other people have reported interesting or even amazing effects from watching the Clearnow333 videos, healings of pain and certain diseases and advancements in career, money etc.
  • Despite all the controversy the Clearnow333 community and Robert enway still maintain their position that they stand for a better world, one of love peace and unity, the Supreme Council of Epsilon Eridani labels them as a "controversial system that has done good and has done bad but is still relevant and mostly innocent" although them and the collective are currently at a cease-fire after a short war and several conflicts.

Clearnow333 and the Vicarius Collective : Forum Takeover and First Conflict

  • By reasons that are not very clear the Vicarius Collective took over the Clearnow333 forum initiating the first conflict between both Systems, John had invited SolarisDominus (Alistar Pettigrew, Leader of Alternity) to the Clearnow333 forum and made him a moderator, then one day the forum was deleted but later restored and John claimed he was attacked by demons.
  • The forum would be taken over by a member named Hope (Uncertain if John), that was the Administrator renamed itself after the deleted forum incident, the forums theme was changed to a satanic fire image, the forum was renamed to DieNow666 and all boards were locked and and the following announcement was posted :

"Good day everyone. Today i am here to inform you that this forum has been claimed by the Order of Epsilon.
Your protector "Robert Clear" does not have the power to do anything about it , so like it or not all clearnow333 members are locked from all boards.
We (the new management) will also use this place to expose Robert and show you his lies , our goals are that by the end of this month most of you will join us and wake up from the new age cult you find yourself in.
Thank you for your time".

  • The first members to arrive on site were scared and confused, however Lilith one of the first did not care and even said "Lol John i thought you would be more evil than this i am disappointed". Another member HappyBeing responded in her usual way and was confused.
  • Robert Clear (Robert Enway) which was his username on the forum arrived on scene and said he was going to clear the demons out of John.
  • You can find more information on the Forum Take Over in this page.

The Rebirth of the Clearnow333 Community and intensification of the conflicts

  • After the forum was taken over it took a while until Robert made a statement, on September 2016 he posted the following announcement on his YouTube channel.

"New Clearnow333 Forum/Community

Re-Join if a member of the old forum....this one is everlasting....."

  • The ning forum was born and is currently the main forum of the Clearnow333 system.
  • The forum is under administrative control of Robert and Nicole Bowlder, it has been accused of being a totalitarian system where anyone who disagrees with the message is banned, anyone who even mentions the Vicarius Collective is immediately banned.
  • The forum features an active manifestations and clearing requests thread like the previous one but with way more posts, Robert is also more involved with the community.
  • After the initial separation of the Vicarius Collective and the Clearnow333 systems the conflicts intensified until they culminated with the clearnow333 war.
  • Several agents were sent to troll and disturb the Ning forum, posting obscene pictures and telling the members how they had been fooled and their leader was powerless against the collective.
  • The Staff (Robert, Nichole and some trusted members like Lilith) banned a lot of those agent accounts without an explanation, however the collective has many other spy accounts in the forum that were never banned.

The Clearnow333 War

  • The conflicts would culminate in the clearnow333 war when Robert claimed he disabled "The Overwatcher" channel on a YouTube message sent to one of the collective's agents. As it was believed the highly respected overwatcher had died the death of an Operator, several members including the Voidic Coalition accused Clearnow333 of killing him and were infuriated. The Council in order to maintain control over the Collective approved war.
  • It was also believed at the time clearnow333 was responsible for several attacks on the collectives main forum causing technical problems and server errors, and even theorized to be causing the time-gaps.
  • On Jan 25, 2017 at 6:59pm the member Baltazar Esmodeus which was part of the Ex-Clearnow333 forum takeover posted the following announcement on the exposing the white sun association board.

"Today begins the war between the light and the false light.
We were patient, we tried to reason.
But the White Sun Association lead by Robert and his followers kept attacking us and creating problems.
Today we fight back.
The video "Divine Republic" has been taken down from the Clearnow333 channel.
This is the first strike and a demonstration of power.
A demonstration of how powerless the non-divine energies are when faced with the TRUTH!"

  • Along with the following image proving the clearnow333 video Divine Republic was taken down by the Vicarius Collective.

  • Image on the left, proof the collective was responsible for the first successful copyright claim.

  • Two more videos one called Divine Victory and another called ABUNDANCE ENERGETIC CLEARING “DIVINE CURRENCY” were also removed with a copyright claim.
  • Soon after the whole channel was taken down and all videos made private.

  • Some community reactions to the channel takedown : ;
  • Soon after the whole channel was take down, and all videos dissipated from the channel including the join-talk videos and shortly after Nicholes videos.
  • It would take a while until Robert sent an email announcement to all members of the Ning forum stating the following :

"MetatronClear Community,
Today a "Troll Youtube Account" filed claims that I have violated their copyrights due to my video publications.
My videos are so original and organic any such claims are impossible and slanderous.
Youtube has removed several videos and stated to me that they are soon to disable my account due to the the amount of copyright violations.
Tomorrow I am servicing Youtube with a Legal Notice and the precursor of my civil claim.
Youtube should vet such ridiculous allegations and is liable.
I have all videos downloaded and looking for a proper platform for distribution.
This week I have seen a lot of Humanity and the refinement of the new.
The negative energy is propulsion in the creation of the new and divine.
I am very clear and can see it all and it's an amazing blessing.
I am so excited and happy about the new platform a clear platform.
I have never been so intune with everything.
I send pure love to the group(s) that spends their live cursing and attempting to cause me issues. As they have no affect on me and only catalysis for the next grand expansion. They attempt to destroy me and only destroying themselves.
I have received thousand(s) of emails from people all over the world stating in their own words my videos have assisted in life-saving healings, miracles and positive life changing events all directly related to my energetic directives.
The clarity of who I am is absolute however it's not about me it about you and for you to know who you really are.
My charter is to awaken the Humans to who they are and to assist in their Divine performance on the planet.
More washed up speech. Vague enough to convince everyone but never too specific that you risk creating plot-holes.
Today I saw the Universe and the transmission of all that is and all that ever will be and it was beautiful.
How does that even make any sense.
Standby for the new platform of my energetic videos.

  • The announcement was criticized by Baltazar Esmodeus saying it was a typical response of Robert to deny his powerless claiming it was all in divine order.
  • It was also criticized saying the copyright claims were genuine because Clearnow333 used copyrighted songs in his videos and the new platform (Ning community) was awful and not Clear at all. Robert was accused of "running away like always and bringing his sheep with him".
  • Another announcement was posted by Robert saying he had choosen not upload more videos due to a disagreement with YouTube :
  • Meanwhile all the videos were re-uploaded on YouTube by several members of the Clearnow333 community, the biggest re-upload database being of Zack the Wizard.
  • On Feb 27, 2017 the following email announcement was posted by Nichole.





Welcome to the forum!

Robert and I love having you here. We are getting ready to launch a whole new brand and have included you in this advancement. In order for all of us to walk together,we must get to know each other intimately.

And since the medium of communication we are connecting through is the internet, we ask to see your beautiful face.

Before we can approve your request to become a member or continue access the forum, we must have an updated profile picture...





  • Link :
  • With this the Clearnow333 community started excluding any members without a profile picture and reinforced the security of the forum.

Clearnow333 comes back to life, end of the War?

  • After at least a month, around March 2017 the Clearnow333 channel came back to life and most videos were re-uploaded.
  • Two of the original copyright claim videos were not re-uploaded and none of the "joint-talk" videos were re-uploaded either.
  • Surprisingly a new video called "ConcentricCirclesEnergeticPortal" published in 2014 was made available, this video was never in the Clearnow333 channel to begin with.
  • The new platform for videos profethized by Robert never got any more updates and it seems like he will continue using YouTube.
  • On March 11 2017 a new video was uploaded to the Clearnow333 channel called "LOVE AND LIGHT".
  • The Council saw no need in continuing the War so it abandoned all attack operations on Clearnow333.
  • Robert however threatened to file several law suits at Vicarius Collective members.

Carl Spackler

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wow unbelievable the level of bs these people use!!!

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  • Image on the Left - The Clearnow333 Symbol thought to represent Metatrons Cube.
  • This symbol is also a powerful clearing technology drawing energy from the lightning bolt at the center.
  • A different and older variation of the symbol exists in blue.
  • Roberts description of the symbol is as following :

One of my new light codes......The downward facing triangle pushes down source, universal energetics, The upward facing triangle pushes up Earth energetics. The eight groups of circles are golden beams from the 11th dimension (Angelic) pushing and pulling energetics of highest intent (for yourself, humanity) Some may see the lightning bolt across the center...that is my birth right. The three brackets on each size represent scalar standing waves as they broadcast physicality.





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