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#QAnon – Cabal Human Trafficking ~ January 11, 2019

Posted on January 11, 2019 by cindyloucbp

QAnon – Cabal Human Trafficking. By LibertyAndJusticeForAll.

#Qanon is exposing the involvement of the cabal/elite in human trafficking/pedophilia; I’ve tried to compile the evidence from the Q posts in this thread…feel free to add to anything I’ve missed; If you have not read all the posts, some of this will be shocking.

On 11/1/17 #Qanon posted “pedo networks are being dismantled; child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody)… Q said the truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot/reject.

Pedo Networks Are Being Dismantled

QAnon – Cabal Human Trafficking

On 11/14/17, #Qanon gave 1 of the reasons @realDonaldTrump ran for President: “Perhaps he could not stomach the thought of mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch, and the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged and raped while leaders/law enforcement turned a blind eye“.

Satisfy Moloch

In December, Q informed us that due to the help of the white hats and our National Guard, 3,000 trafficking victims were rescued in SA; this was just tip of the iceberg and evidence would later show the level of trafficking of children out of Haiti via the Red Cross;

3,000 Trafficking Victims Were Rescued In SA

Haiti is a “playground” for pedophiles, and #Qanon exposed the real motives behind the Red Cross operations in Haiti during the aftermath of the earthquake…we do not know the full picture of the trafficking involving the Clinton Foundation and the Red Cross.

Haiti Is A “Playground” For Pedophiles

Haiti is a “playground” for pedophiles, and #Qanon exposed the real motives behind the Red Cross operations in Haiti during the aftermath of the earthquake…we do not know the full picture of the trafficking involving the Clinton Foundation and the Red Cross.

Haiti Is A “Playground” For Pedophiles

In January, #Qanon fired a shot across the bow of the cabal’s sinking ship… “We haven’t started the drops re: human trafficking/sacrifices [yet] [worst]… nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil out there…those you trust are the most guilty of sin…

Nobody Can Possibly Imagine The Pure Evil Out There

#Qanon has shown us the tip of the iceberg as relates to the evidence implicating the US and global deep state in pedophilia and human trafficking, but the worst has not yet dropped…Q connects the Podestas to human trafficking out of Saudi Arabia in a 11/6/17 post…Traduci il Tweet

It is hard to comprehend the enormity of the human trafficking network operated by the Deep State, but #Qanon told us to think of the movie “Taken”..FB and IG social media apps are used by the elite to target their victims…SA/Podestas acted as a financial “broker” and many of the elites’ non-profit foundations served as money laundering avenues to hide the exchange of money and children… think of the Clinton Foundation as an example…#Qanon pointed out that the Podestas were neck deep in this “business“.

What Who Why

We know one of the sealed indictments pertains to John Podesta… We all know his connection to #pizzagate via the Wikileaks drops… we also know his connection to “spirit cooking”… this truly is a tangled and perverse web of evil connecting many on a worldwide level.


#Qanon gives us a “Map” to follow showing evidence of the deep state crimes committed and the connections to other evil figures involved in those crimes… the same applies to Qs posts re the cabal’s trafficking and pedophilia… they’re all connected in the same circles.

One of those connecting pieces #Qanon exposed is Ray Chandler… In April, Q helped the anons track down Chandler’s human trafficking ring being operated on a public page on Instagram.

Chandler’s human trafficking ring

Chandler was connected to Epstein, and Chandler is pictured with Bill Clinton and Eminem as a minor… the photo of her with Clinton was taken on Epstein’s private plane to “Lolita Island“…Chandler appears to have been used by the elite as a sex slave as a minor (even though she’s from a wealthy Hollywood family)… I think #Qanon was showing us how the “Clowns” use girls like Chandler as “assets” to blackmail others in positions of influence and power with evidence of pedophilia and trafficking…they are given access to all the children they want as long as they “play the game“.

Lolita Island

To demonstrate how tangled the web is, #Qanon posted to a link on Chandler’s IG page which posted a photo of screenshots from surveillance cams on Epstein’s “Lolita Island“; presumably the footage was taken underneath the temple to Moloch, and the footage appears to show individuals engaging in what appears to be cannibalism while they are naked; If you have not seen this post, though it is not clear, it is disturbing to say the least… Epstein was used by the Clowns to record this damning evidence, and Chandler was a “honeypot“.

Lolita Island

QAnon – Cabal Human Trafficking

#Qanon has not given names, but with Chandler being pictured next to Eminem, Bill Clinton, and others, it’s not rocket science… As Q posted on 4/3, three of the rooms are named “H” “R” “C”, which gives us a hint who else frequented the island (also “prince” = UK royals).

Lolita Island – Rooms named “H” “R” “C”

#Qanon showed us that HRC and the Clinton Foundation (“CF”) is engaged in human trafficking… Q gave clues to anons to dig into the CF purpose in Haiti and asked “how many kids disappeared” during the earthquake aftermath… Q flat out said “these people worship Satan“.

These People Worship Satan

In early March, #Qanon told us that children in Haiti were in high demand and were smuggled out through the “adoption process“… Think Laura Silsby who was a “missionary” arrested at border trying to sneak several orphans out of Haiti… HRC intervened to “rescue” her.

Missionary” arrested and saved by HRC

On March 6, #Qanon dropped one of the most talked about posts… “Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++ (raw vid 5:5)…” Many have speculated this is a video showing HRC engaging in criminal activity with a minor which will be the nail in the coffin for liberals.

Dark to LIGHT

#Qanon posted photos of John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen and showed their connection to Haiti and HRC to show that this evil is widespread… I pray to God for their poor child.

John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen

Another bombshell re the Clinton Foundation was dropped on 6/15 when #Qanon posted about the IG redacted report’s mention of “CF crimes against children” Q points out this was the first “official doc statement” where evidence involving the CF/child crimes is public record.

CF Crimes Against Children

#Qanon also posted a series of posts re Bill Clinton and how the deep state set up shop in North Korea to basically use their people and children as labor and sex slaves; Q showed evidence that Eric Schmidt of Google set up a secret server in NK to hide the cabals’ crimes.

The people of NK are being used as a “crop” similar to the theme of the movie, Matrix. The photos of Clinton and the NK leader show them sitting on top of a flower mural which #Qanon indicated that it showed their intent to deflower the children of NK… sick.

Bill Clinton & NK

And of course, where would a human trafficking ring be without the Red Cross to secretly coordinate and funnel children and money as #Qanon posted on April 23. Hard to believe how sick these people are, but Q showed us how the RC operated in Iran, Pakistan and NK.

Red Cross

#Qanon posted about Adam Shifty Schift’s connections to the human trafficking world as well… I won’t go into this in detail, but AS is also neck deep in trying to cover up evidence of his involvement with child victims as relates to the helicopter crash at the Standard Hotel.

Pedo Ring

QAnon – Cabal Human Trafficking

Most remember Potus tweet where he referred to AS as “Liddle Adam“… #Qanon had posted the “Liddle Kidz” symbol which is an organization that teaches adults how to massage kids, and gives them hands on experience… what could possibly be wrong about that? Is Adam connected?

Liddle Adam & Liddle Kidz

I saved the best for last… #Qanon posted a series of posts showing Hussein’s connection to potential involvement with trafficking/pedophilia… Look who’s picture Q posted immediately after Hussein and “Maggie Nix”… Ms Spirit Cooker herself…

Hussein, “Maggie Nix” and Ms Spirit Cooker

Hussein was pictured with “Maggie Nix”… his “pet” name for her was Wendy… Maggie is the granddaughter of Hollywood Soap Opera start Agnes Nixon, and Maggie’s mom was photographed with James Alefantis (Mr Pizzagate himself)… owner of Comet Pizza.

#Qanon says “you can’t imagine the size of this”… Anons basically pointed out that Hussein was “diddling” this little girl at the age of 10, and Q simply said “open source”… In the 4/20 post, Q mentions “Allison Mack”… Maggie may have been part of NXIVM sex cult as a child.

You Can’t Imagine The Size Of This

In that same series, #Qanon posts an article re the helicopter crash which killed Instagram star Maria Sunshine Coogan; Q says the choice to know will be yours…the door will be opened later… It is hard to fathom the web of evil that abuses so many children.

Maria Sunshine Coogan

QAnon Achive

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