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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » Mercury Retrograde Graphs from Alpha Life Trends – by Karyl Jackson, October 21, 2012

Mercury Retrograde Graphs from Alpha Life Trends – by Karyl Jackson, October 21, 2012

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Mercury Retrograde Graphs from Alpha Life Trends – by Karyl Jackson, October 21, 2012

Posted on October 21, 2012

The Mercury Retrograde phenomena consists of three phases. Each phase is geared
to provide a distinct and specific purpose. Mercury Retrograde
provides a cosmic course correction by bringing in different information
that we have had available before now. With this new information a
revision process occurs to adjust our focus, direction and purpose. To
assist understanding this process, Mercury Retrograde Phenomena Graphs
are provided for your download. To find the influence within your
chart manifesting in your life, a guide and example is also given.
Alpha Life Trends provides this as a free download. For more details,
the Mercury Retrograde OnLine News is
available for purchase, providing an 18-page detailed approach to
understanding the influence of Mercury Retrograde in your life according
to your birth chart. A complimentary chart is available with a
subscription to Mercury Retrograde OnLine News.Phase I – 18 Scorpio – 4 Sagittarius
On October 18th Mercury reaches 18 Scorpio and begins to bring
forward the current situations that are subject to the changes slated
for this time. Mercury continues on a path that seems to become
questionable and in need of adjustments as the alignment of our inner
motives and our outer goals seem to be getting wider. On November 6th,
Mercury reaches 4 Sagittarius, emphasizing our goals and directions that
must be changed to match-up more with our inner motives, ethics and

Phase II – 4 Sagittarius – 18 Scorpio

On November 6th, Mercury reaches 4 Sagittarius and we begin to see
that the goals and directions we have previously chosen now don’t match
our motives, ethics and values. We will go back over the Phase I process
of events to see the changes and turns we need to make. Once Mercury
passes the Sun on its way back through the review, on November 17th at
25 Scorpio, we begin to see more chaotic situations appear as Mercury
will bring more information to the surface that magnifies the widening
gap between our motives and our goals. The inner motives are being
discovered as Mercury continues to dig through the values and choices
made from November 17th through November 26th when Mercury reaches 18

Phase III – 18 Scorpio – 5 Sagittarius

On November 26th Mercury will be back at 18 Scorpio with the
spotlight on our true inner motives, ethics and values. This inner
status will determine the appropriate goals and directions that are
prompted by this inner essence. The corrected version will become the
new projectile of our values and will move along the goals, not as
chosen, but as goals chosen by our inner motives. This Phase III of the
Mercury retrograde paves the way for some major adjustments in our outer
world. The directions for many will be changing as the inner aspects
begin to be more visible, especially as Saturn plays a key part to the
new sense of responsibilities that are emerging.

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