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Open Heart Tingling

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1 Open Heart Tingling on Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:08 am


Open Heart Tingling

October 22, 2012

Virgin Moss

Sobbing, confronting creative innocence
holds my hands up to my heart and face while scintillating reverie
surrounds delightful Grace so full of colors that sweet nectar takes my
breath away. Energy now tingles memories on the key’s of God’s piano,
while words turn to lyrics from my heart in melodies of sweet, sweet
love. Heart and hands mingle together with no interference from either
half of both Worlds, and how beautiful a mind it is to remain this empty
that any open heart tingles within finger’s creatives.

Five couples cast shadows on the ceiling
of this dance floor while ten little magicians take over where creation
becomes lost. Sing sweet beloved, for this timeless is for you, and we
will not suffer together from this letting go loose. Who says we need to
control what we are, and who started this idea that no one will know
what to do? When we let go and forget all the rules our innocence
reunites us into ONENESS, no blues.

Swaying along with more energy to spare
takes toe stepping to a new level when we dance with our fingers. So
close to our heart, hands hold onto us tight, while tears of delight
wash away shame for joy, to coalesce anew, with forever harmony inside.
Whatever we do when we can feel what is new, we can create new energy
with love of the very thing we can do. Bubbles float by for opening up
phrases until they’re all gone so we can see where we’re singing
innocence as if love were a song.

I feel the heart of Dolphin, whales, and
Elephants singing in clean oceans and far away jungle prairies. Is it
just me, or is the Earth cleansing for each other when love flows blue
hue-ing back though all of us together breathing? Precious creativity
always coming of age inside a gentle and kind heart with healing hands
from compassion, makes my day and makes believe tingling is a good
energy sign of loving. Everything can see me now, as I can see
everything with a trill of forgiveness in the Spirit of ONENESS.

Thanks to:

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