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#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more

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QAnon Update February 9 – Time To Return Publicly ~ February 10, 2019

Posted on February 10, 2019 by cindyloucbp  
#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more Qanon-update-february-9-time-to-return-publicly-cover
QAnon Update February 9 – Time To Return Publicly. By Interstellar . Source 8ChanUpdated 23:59 UTC


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4662eb No.5094276 Feb 9 2019 20:48:12 (UTC)

Optics are important.
Stealth bombers silent?
Re_read Mueller re: ‘designed to’ drops.
Probe conclusion coming?
Coincidence ‘conclusion’ occurring as new AG installed?
What is the purpose of WHITAKER?
Re_read drops re: ‘Scaramucci’ model.
Who did Scaramucci remove?
Optics important?
What occurs post installed ‘BLOCKADE’ removal?
[RR] ‘complete’ removal?
OIG release of findings?
How are they preparing to combat [narrative = vital]?
House intel launch of more ‘FAKE’ investigations in attempt to retain ‘FALSE NARRATIVE’ and claim ‘POLITICAL ATTACK(S)’ if investigated/prosecuted themselves?
Attempts to retain ‘BLOCKADE’?
Attempts to prevent public release of the TRUTH?
ZERO leaks re: HUBER?
Do not mistake ‘public’ silence for inaction.
“This is not another 4-year election.”
Mueller designed as “blockade” for Dems. This is why they defend him. Barr confirmed next wk > Mueller SC end > RR out, DECLAS, IG rpt. Whitaker ID’ed leaker(s)? Scaramucci > Priebus & Spicer out. Schiff & SDNY-AG (former AG Bharara?) will try to stall final Mueller rpt.
Couple older drops re: Mueller ‘BLOCKADE’.
#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more Dy_tXqEXcAAMsuA
#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more Dy_tYYpXcAEih3o
Reminder about The ‘Scaramucci’ Play. He was a temp hire to out ‘untrustworthy’ staffers. Not sure yet who Whitaker’s DOJ/FBI targets were/are.
#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more Dy_331sWoAEMeyM
QAnon Update February 9 – Time To Return Publicly
Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62
#QAnon post No. 2676…
Work re: #ThePlan continues behind the scenes.
#Mueller “designed to” drop 2397 list some reasons, all of which add to an #Obstructionist agenda. This is why they defend him. With #Barr set to enter on 14th Feb an end to the #MuellerProbe is close. When done there will be no need for #RR & there’s hoping #Whitaker takes his place. He served well, having gotten the #Ds so worked up they felt they had to question him, & for what.
#Scaramucci removed #Spicer & #Preibus.
When the #RussiaProbe ends, the #Ds will begin their investigations on #POTUS. The #DECLAS would act as a stopgate.
#Projection, will continue as a tact, by both the #HouseDems & #HouseCommittees. The #OIG will continue to release updated reports. The exposure of truth will become indisputable & undeniable. #Whitaker has investigated leaker(s).
#Schiff & #AGLetitiaTishJames, a life long #DemActivist, will work to continue a blockade opposing #POTUS’ efforts. #Huber’s team doesn’t suffer from leaks.
#Q notes our silence doesn’t prove inaction.QAnon Update February 9 – Time To Return Publicly
ExtrovertCovert, @ExtrovertCovert
QAnon breaks the silence. Optics are important because Q preparing to take the message Public. Q says he has been operating in stealth mode. We’ve seen a lot of action the past couple of weeks while q has been silent (think “practice raids” by army, unexplained explosions).
Qanon points us back to 11/3 drop re Mueller’s purpose. Im attaching below. Mueller investigation will be ending in less than 30 days. Mueller was to be used by deep state to prevent @potus from investigating deep state. @potus turned it around on deep state. #wwg1wga
Mueller was to stall all investigations into deep state actors by House and Senate until Demonazis took back congress. They failed to take senate otherwise what is happening in house would be happening in senate (shut down of all investigations into FISA abuse).
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@potus pulled carpet out from under Dems by using threat of FISA declass and other docs to hold Mueller at bay and force him to work for @potus. I do not believe there was just one stealth bomber at work but several. Mueller is a stealth bomber working for @potus.
AG Whitaker was a stealth bomber working behind the scenes as well. AG Whitaker is the hatchet man…he is being used in same way @potus used Scarramucci. Comes in, cleans house, leaves. Does the dirty work and outs any addtnl leakers and brings Mueller investigation to a close.
Does not matter if AG Whitaker viewed by public as being partisan. His job is to make sure Mueller wraps things up and then close it down. Whitaker was not recused from oversight of Mueller so he has authority to fire him if need be. No need since mueller fighting to stay out of prison. The Mooch removed Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer. Once Mueller is out of way, declass of FISA warrants (Carter Page, George Papadop, @GenFlynn ) will occur. FISA brings down House. Rosenstein will be terminated or step down. OIG report will finally be declassified.

@RepAdamSchiff annoucned this past week more investigations would be underway related to everything Trump. Dems in House will of course say @potus declass of FISA is political attack because of investigations launched against @realDonaldTrump by House. They will try to change narrative to take public’s attention off their own corruption and crimes. Exhibit Alook at a clip of the FakeNews reporting on the upcoming investigations. Attempt to prepare the narrative. Adam Schiff investigations and Assis Atty Gen of Southern Dist of NY is all that is left in the cabal’s arsenal. Again, look at the FakeNews clips from past couple of days. Predictable. But , #qanon knew. Q tells us to compare Mueller investigation, Schiff’s investigations, and SDNY investigation to that of Huber. No leaks from Huber. There is action though.
Reminder that action is coming from Huber. Many things happening behind scenes. #wwg1wga #qanon. Get your memes ready and get your points ready to explain to your friends and family why you were right about Q. It’s about to hit the fan.QAnon Update February 9 – Time To Return Publicly
ThePainHasArrived, @Sun_Q_Tzu
A nice preview from Q of what’s coming down the line for the Swamp and why things had to roll the way they did. This is not just another 4 year election. Uh uh.
Q just said Huber had ZERO leaks. This confirms that Q’s pretend freakout over the leak of Huber’s #D5 appearance was a ruse to lure out and expend [their] HW card. All this desperate confusion proves they had absolutely NO IDEA #TheStorm was about to hit. Fools.QAnon Update November 7
Joe M


Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4662eb No.5094337 Feb 9 2019 20:52:03 (UTC)

Anonymous ID: 8ef084 No.5094289 Feb 9 2019 20:49:07 (UTC)

Welcome Back
We never left.
It’s time to return publicly.
Great timing too…so many people get worked up when Q isn’t posting. Not sure who they are referring to when they say “It’s time to return publicly.” I know who I’d LOVE to see return to Twitter publicly, though.
Anon shares another possible meaning for Q saying “We never left.”
#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more Dy_2ngvXcAAvOrV
QAnon Update February 9 – Time To Return Publicly
Lisa Mei Crowley, @LisaMei62
#QTardigans Drama Theater: Narrative Fight plus more This-is-not-a-r-vs-d-battle-qanon

QAnon Achive

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