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Aug Tellez - A World Awakening plus more

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1 Aug Tellez - A World Awakening plus more on Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:44 am



A World Awakening

 omnipulse  February 12, 2019 wrote:By Danijel Valković
Emotional awareness ( heart-based ) unlocks informational awareness ( mind-based ) .
Emotional and informational awareness unlocks the mentality change .
The mentality change unlocks the capability to become a crucial catalyst in the society and compatibility with the more empowering systems .

The mentality change unlocks the true currency within the people – which initiates the change in shallow false currencies , the financial system .
The change in financial system echoes back onto the individual and collective mentality – achieving critical point by dropping the excuses and distractions within many individuals .
Simultaneously , the mentality change exposes the truth/s behind falsified history , religious and ideological manipulations and blood sacrifices , various organizations and corporations greed and hidden agenda … and much worse . Shocks serve as catalysts – or finalization points , depending on the individual . Collective reaches the critical point .
The change in financial system bridges the gap between old unsustainable ( already collapsing ) system into a system fully supported ( but not fully depended on ) by released / unsupressed advanced technologies .
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The full technological disclosure also begins parallely with financial reset , and is also enabled by mentality change .
The true currency mentality ( self-appreciation , true unity within and true independence ) backs up both financial and technological changes . Much less dependent – seeing an elevated higher purpose clearly .
An elevated higher purpose overrides any abuses both within and “outside” the individuals – true currency compliments the elevated higher purpose , and elevated higher purpose compliments the true currency . Individual becomes empowered in means beyond the current limitations . Transhumanist agenda fails immediately .
At one point , Unveiling is finalized – and old artificial reality becomes uncomprehensible by the new , authentic one . Essentially , the old one is dissolved ( together with all those who have chosen it ) .
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The technological pillars serve a temporary bridge gap ( in similar way like a financial one , altough on bigger level ) towards “organic technology” . Human capabilities overgrow that of technological , and technology becomes obsolete and pointless at one point .
An individual becomes everyone , realizing fully he and she is a focal point of creation and becomes fully unbound to time and space – a living starship , a living multiverse on its own . A creation uncomprehensible by words .

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2 Re: Aug Tellez - A World Awakening plus more on Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:45 am


Complicated Consciousness

 omnipulse   February 12, 2019 

If you can’t comprehend it, you can’t comprehend it.
If you can’t ask questions, you won’t know.
If you can’t accept that your mere presence in unawareness could destroy the universe. Then you’re either going to be extracted and put into a drone that will maintain your consciousness or you won’t.
You can get out of the drone, but not if you have to be put in as a result of your unawareness of the way life and reality functions and your ability to destroy the universe with thoughts.

They tell us they will extract you. They come and give you gifts that distract you.
They leave you behind and tell you stories of a better place. All the while, behind the scenes, they’re going into space and using your souls as the means.
You are told to stay and wait, and your temporal anchor is used as a relative sync to function as a quantum dynamic gear interaction.
They age 1000 years for every one life you live on Earth, as they use your genetic signature as an anchor while they create spacetime fields in eternity, over and over again.
Every time you live, under the old world technocracy, you are here to produce a temporal anchor that allows them to live 10 to 1000 times the measure of years (time).
Every glitch, scheme and trick in the book has been used against you. To the point where you are entirely incapable of comprehending your self, your own power, or the nature of reality.
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As result, there pedophiles, hybrid entities, demons, soldiers, and abused children in “Heaven”.

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3 Re: Aug Tellez - A World Awakening plus more on Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:46 am


Either Or When

 omnipulse  February 12, 2019 

p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }The programs

The programs are installed through fractal based, symbolic arrangement, psychologically customized delusional schizophrenic parasitic paralysis phobia of self based traumatic programmable altered awareness. These are then fed through the manipulated society with triggers and implementations of that false consciousness, all throughout.
Society was inundated with this technology, with alterations that modified the human mind and collective history through mental field.
It is my observation that the human race has been destroyed by this.
There is only one way out and that is through a galactic gate opening that has been created by a rescue team that was the only one to arrive on this planet and quickly be torn to pieces and fed to lions in favor of raping, killing, and eating children.
The longer this goes while the people of the programs are still being tortured to death on a mass scale, I still have memories of faces who are burned into my mind who I will not see again unless the population wakes up and they are freed from the program before there is no reason to.
If they are not freed from the program, then this means the true intention of what is happening to buy enough time talking about stuff that all the true witnesses are no longer capable of providing their assistance.
If you just have our memories, but nor our living souls, then you will not have pathway out.
How would you?
Are you going to join a secret space program and devote 20 years to intergalactic war and research?
So then what are you doing to do? Jump? That’s not going to work.
Unless every time there is any hint of any kind of information related to this, the subconscious, the truth, self awareness, compassion, knowledge, liberation and the secrecy behind the control of humanity, it means:

In the after life where all human souls, the entire collective of humanity is eternal, those who rejected the truth and turned away from the opportunity to expose it, can never go beyond this age in history, in any way, shape or form.

If their minds see anything from beyond this age in history, unless they fought for the truth, they will reject it in favor of the illusion.

These became the ‘lulus’ the slaves of the next world. This is the program.

The only solution is to wake up before the time limit, when one can no longer ‘prove themselves’ through this, they will not gain access to the levels of history and humanity that go beyond this point.

The direct explanation is that this point was designed as a ‘booster’ for people to wake up and take control. It was too imbalanced and that was in turn just used as a disguise for debauchery. As a result, this point becomes the end of humanity forever, unless we mentally undo that.

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4 Re: Aug Tellez - A World Awakening plus more on Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:47 am


True Collor Reality

 omnipulse  February 12, 2019 

What if everyone makes it.
In this day and age, our minds are far beyond appearances.
People can appear to behave the same and function the same, can be entirely different mentally and spiritually.
What if the big ‘awakening’ was not necessarily about an unstoppable assault or breakdown of community but the idea that the human mind will be able to access what the body is only showing a small portion of through the visible light spectrum.
And if you could see, all at once, everything as it really is, this would be a shocker without preparation.
Maybe this simply happened every so many years in a falsely inserted holographic memory matrix collective reality and as a result of indoctrination, people don’t know how to understand what they see, feel mentally and emotionally traumatized and this is used to catch people off guard and then get the jump on the way things work.
What if that is the situation and the reset is simply when everything goes back to full potential.
What if some people look like demons, some like angels and some look more or less the same? What if that was the big idea and over time we always develop tech and culture and society that separates ways and then we forget.
What if we didn’t allow ourselves to be shocked and scared off of the big island this time?

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