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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » 10/23/2012 — Fukushima Reactor #4 fire HOAX — Cybertribenetwork the source / Propheticseer responsible for major panic

10/23/2012 — Fukushima Reactor #4 fire HOAX — Cybertribenetwork the source / Propheticseer responsible for major panic

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10/23/2012 — Fukushima Reactor #4 fire HOAX — Cybertribenetwork the source / Propheticseer responsible for major panic

Posted on October 23, 2012

Source: DutchsinseBlog
October 23, 2012

HOAX-Busters ! Fukushima false reactor fire story …. caused major panic … all traced back to one source!


Im not doing this to be mean.. but blame MUST be put at the feet of
those who made the hoax, caused false alarm, and duress to thousands.


The whole cybertribenetwork Fukushima Reactor Fire HOAX started
yesterday — Oct 21 going into Oct 22 2012 — cybertribenetwork started
the whole thing by taking (and misrepresenting) an interview with Arnie
Gunderson (recorded on Oct 21, talking about events from the WEEK
BEFORE, where Gunderson was talking about a SMALL fire that happened
outside of Fukushima).

A small fire occurred last week outside the fukushima plant — no
radiation was released , and the fire was put out within the hour it
started in the grass around the facility.

Full Arnie Gunderson interview is here:

Cybertribenetwork (robert propheticseer) then took the above
interview.. spliced a few seconds out of it where Gunderson was talking
about the small fire that was put out days earlier… and then
cybertribenetwork PUT OUT THIS FALSE PICTURE of an oil refinery burning
while passing it off to godlikeproductions, youtube, etc.. as being
FUKUSHIMA REACTOR 4 burning currently !!!!! totally false!

link to that bogus cybertribe video here:

Click Here to continue reading.

Thanks to:


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