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OK, Let’s Talk Immunity

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OK, Let’s Talk Immunity
Posted on February 18, 2019

OK, Let’s Talk Immunity Immune-System1-1024x768By Peter Tocci

Human immune function is awe-inspiring – so complex and anatomically dispersed, yet wholly integrated operationally, that any implication of full understanding is mere posture. But there seem to be physiological and philosophical questions underlying a common, but controversial, immune-related medical Rx.
Anatomically speaking, there is no “immune system” as with the digestive system, for example, or respiratory. Several anatomical systems possess immune function. Of these, the digestive, especially the intestines and their bacterial population, are key. The “system” exists only in the wondrous cross-communication and coordination among immunity components of the various anatomical systems.

“Alternative” health practitioners have long known what conventional medical science has finally acknowledged (and is taking credit for discovering). The bacteria native to our intestines are foundational to health. This includes immune coordination and modulation. “The human gut plays a huge role in immune function … This is little appreciated by people who think its only role is digestion.”
There should be 3-4 pounds of ‘friendly’ bacteria populating a healthy adult gut—10 times more individuals than the body has cells. The colony behaves so intelligently, some call it our “second brain.” Probably 75% of Americans have 25% or less. This is called dysbiosis.
In a money-power coup more than a century ago, JD Rockefeller gained control of conventional (“science-based”) medical education and practice. The problem wasn’t science per se, but ‘political’ science managed for profit. In short, medicine became symptom oriented, ignoring underlying disease conditions, such as toxicity, acid/base (pH) imbalance and dysbiosis. Symptoms and sets of symptoms, which could have various causes, became regarded as specific diseases.
Conventional medicine (CM) education and practice has since paid no significant attention to maintaining gut integrity or to restoring it as treatment for illness. To the contrary, it has, as if deliberately, disrupted and destroyed that integrity by favoring toxic products from the FDA-coddled ‘Pharmanopoly,’ especially including antibiotics (which it now admits). Someday, it may be forced (kicking and screaming) to admit to vaccines.
There are two major divisions of immune function: 1) “Innate,” and 2) “Humoral.” Innate immune function consists of two “layers” considered to be the First and Second lines of defense. One key function is identifying what is benign or harmful (often described  as recognizing “self” from “non-self”). It’s also an elegant janitorial and recycling service.
The second line of defense is called cell-mediated or non-specific resistance. Cells in the intestinal wall (protected by bacteria) thwart germs by signaling to innate cells, leading to the activation of white blood cells and release of protective chemicals.
Humoral immunity (antibody-mediated), also called specific resistance and “acquired immunity,” is the third line of defense (vaccine doctrine says it’s first). Specific proteins called antigens exist on the membranes of germs. Once the antigen/organism is identified as foreign, plasma cells make antigen-specific proteins called antibodies that attach to and deactivate them.
Vaccines target antibody function. However, the first time immune function sees an antigen/pathogen, antibody response is comparatively mild. Amazingly, however, a memory of the antigen is created in special cells, and upon the next appearance, response is massive. This is called the anamnestic response—acquired immunity. Natural resistance.

It appears that “science” concluded in the 19th century, when not even the term “immune system” existed, that Nature had failed in its organization of bodily defenses, so needed help from arrogant minds of the type that prompted Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein.
19th century chemist Louis Pasteur is credited with the Germ Theory of Disease, upon which vaccination is predicated. His contemporary, Antoine Béchamp, brilliant biology/life-science researcher and college professor, who actually discovered the germs of the air, warned against the poison needle, emphasizing the condition of our inner ecology, or “terrain,” over mere presence of the pathogen.
Holistically speaking, a body well nourished and hydrated, pH balanced, with low toxicity and a strong gut population, and having developed immunity naturally, presents a terrain in which pathogens are discouraged, even ‘uninterested’ – before anything more than routine innate immune function (‘janitorial’) becomes necessary.
Moreover, even if vaccination were safe and effective as claimed (but never proven scientifically), it could not confer health, which is much more than the absence of symptoms – a popular confusion CM relies on. It can’t rebalance a poor terrain. But since Pasteur’s Germ Theory, a dangerous half truth, seemed entirely true superficially, and since he had friends in the aristocracy, wherein the potential for vaccine profit was most appealing…well, the rest is history.

In re terrain, Béchamp spoke of a “…dirty or clean condition.” Speaking to the superficiality of Pasteur’s Germ Theory, he said wryly, in effect: ‘It is all the more dangerous because it can be demonstrated scientifically.’
1) Since initial antibody response is mild and can’t fully protect, did Nature intend it to be primary, as CM claims and artificial stimulation implies? Or is it a backup system designed to prepare for the future, should we neglect to ensure harmony and balance in our terrain and innate defense?
2) If immunity is harmonized by inter-communication, does it make sense to introduce chaos with toxins injected directly into the blood, bypassing the first line of defense? Are we compromising immune function instead of improving it? Is it possible that, with its assault on infectious symptoms with vaccines and fungal toxins (antibiotics), CM has facilitated the onslaught of chronic degenerative disease? How much research money has Pharma/Government provided to settle this?
3) The deficiency of artificial immune stimulation is further highlighted by the need in some cases for booster shots, for which natural immunity has no need.
For access to a large volume of biological/medical science mostly not granted admittance to conventional education by Pharma, and to medical practice by Pharma-controlled “FDA approval,” see

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression. He can be reached at
©️ 2019, Peter G Tocci
All Rights Reserved

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