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Update on “IT” from Removing the Shackles

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1 Update on “IT” from Removing the Shackles on Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:31 pm


Why it's NOT just another year…

October 23, 2012
Update on “IT” from Removing the Shackles

Updates Oct 23: Gobbly Gook and more egos

Well my friends there is still a whole lot that I can’t talk about,
but I’ll say what little bit I can. Some of this will be cryptic –
sorry, that’s just the way it has to be right now.

First off, the question everyone is asking: The militia alert that was issued Friday. Yes it was real. No, I’m not Drake, lol.

Here is the point that I want everyone to pay attention to. On
Friday a message was relayed- through several avenues and several
messengers- to Alert the militias. Alert. It wasn’t a
call to arms, it wasn’t a “here’s your marching orders son”, it wasn’t a
“the British are coming! The British are coming!!”… it was an alert.

The alert still stands.

I know that people are frustrated. I know that people want to know
what the hell is going on, and that secrecy chafes at the soul. But at
this point all we can do is wait. Wait for the time that the details
become public. I have passed the message forward and up through several
avenues that there are some of us out here that are trying to help and
have proposed that when it’s time, we are allowed to help spread the
news. Until I get word back on what can be released to the public, I’m
limited to almost nothing, and much of that gobbly gook that only
certain people will understand.

Here’s the gobbly gook:

- Everything that needed to be signed, is signed

- All the stuff that needed to be in certain places is where it is suppose to be

- Deliveries were made and the tests went perfectly

- The person who has been driving me and many other people to the
point of having complete bash our heads against the wall temper tantrums
is no longer an issue. (we hope…)

- Those running the scams are going to find out that they’re not so
smart as they thought they were and those in charge know exactly what is
going on. There are a few people who are not going to get a chance to
find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Toosiepop.

One last note that I feel is very important to add. People need to
get their egos in check. This is a time of action and a time of
everyone working together as a unit. This is not a time for having
public tantrums like a bunch of school yard bullies calling names and
picking fights. Drop it! The egos are out of control and they are

Let me explain something. This is not about who calls it first.
This is not about who gets the message first. This is not about being a
big shot. This is not about YOU! All of you people who have
continuously let your ego get in the way of communication and in the way
of DOING YOUR JOB need to take a freakin pill and get over it. You
don’t matter. The only thing that matters is us pulling together,
working together and getting the job done. That’s it. When it’s over
you can brag to your friends and family “Hey! I helped to do this!!”,
but for now, there is no room for ego.

If you want to be an active part of the greatest event in our history
forget about your name in headlines and instead focus on the task at


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