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Randy Maugans - Shane The Ruiner: Weaponized Sexuality

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Randy Maugans - Shane The Ruiner: Weaponized Sexuality Internetradio

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OffPlanet Media
Published on Feb 23, 2019

This is the first segment of a +2 hour presentation. For full episodes and exclusive features, become a patron for as little as $3/month at: Rarely, if ever, seriously discussed in alternative media; the subjects of sexual rituals, the LGBTQ movement, transgenderism, and authentic sexuality is not only hot topical matter, but critica, and usually  loaded with biases, half-baked opinions, and deep religious dogma. Shane Bales joins us to open up these subjects with Randy and Emily. Each of us speaks from a place of experience, non-bias, and the goal of discussing this without creating divisions and more false narratives. Shane's blog on the Illuminati, which sparked huge controversy when it was made public in 2015, is a primer on the order of control from the viewpoint of a kid who was inside it http://the




Desmond is Amazing
Published on Feb 23, 2019
Desmond is Amazing performing in Brooklyn as Gwen Stefani. Song is "Just a Girl" by No Doubt. Here it is! The performance that broke the internet in December 2018! This is THE infamous BROOKLYN performance. Why the scandal? Well, shortly after this performance, the Conservative media went on a bender, claiming that Desmond was stripping, dancing on a pole, moving in a sexual manner, seducing pedophiles, hanging out in a bar around alcohol, was half naked, and gyrating for money. He was coined the Bacha Bazi of Brooklyn. So, let's take a look at this performance, shall we? First of all, stripping is the act of making bare. There is NO clothing removed in this performance. The only thing that was removed was a Barbie's head, which was thrown into the audience. Second, I don't see a stripper pole, do you? Next, if you look at this and see a child moving in a sexual manner, you might have issues. Seriously. Desmond is clearly enjoying his performance and is jumping around like any 11-year old on stage. Desmond obviously loves what he does and is proud of his impersonations. He is a professional, licensed child performer. Pedophiles? I think you'd have better luck finding them in your churches, sports leagues, and summer camps. The venue where Desmond performed did have a bar in a separate room. However, Desmond was only allowed back stage in his private dressing room and on stage. He never entered the bar area. It is not illegal for minors in New York City to be in or perform in venues that serve alcohol if they are with a guardian over 21 years old. Mom and Dad were both there to supervise. Half-naked? Desmond is fully clothed and wearing more clothes than boys allowed to run around shirtless at the beach or even girls at a gymnastics or dance performance. Get over your hypocrisy. Yes, the audience is giving Desmond money. This is customary for drag performances and some performers make a living on tips alone. It has nothing to do with the way you move your body. Lastly, it was reported that there was a "no cell phone policy". False. Clearly, this video was recorded on a cell phone. Hope you enjoy, despite the audio quality!

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