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Apocalypse(s), Anyone?

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1Apocalypse(s), Anyone? Empty Apocalypse(s), Anyone? on Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:18 pm


Apocalypse(s), Anyone?

Posted on 2012/10/24

Apocalypse(s), Anyone? Apocalypses_redI’m
putting up a few items today that have to do with what appears (to me,
at least) to be examples of Apocalypse. No, that’s not about what some
“very religious and other doom and gloom” type people might say it is.
It does NOT mean that the planet is going to explode, or implode, or get
hit by meteors, Planet X, Nibiru, or a planet-sized sumo wrestler
created from stray irradiation at Fukushima.

So I’m first just posting what the derivation of “apocalypse” is.

a·poc·a·lypse [uh-pok-uh-lips]
1125–75; ME < LL apocalypsis < Gk apokálypsis revelation, equiv. to apokalýp ( tein ) to uncover, reveal (apo- apo- + kalýptein to cover, conceal) + -sis -sis [from]
I guess my favorite term to use is “unveiling”. You may have your own, but no matter how you call it, that’s what it is.
Thanks to:


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