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MUST READ:Reptilian Bases Reported Under Most Hospitals

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Reptilian Bases Reported Under Most Hospitals

[Editor's Note: Stephanie Relfe is a highly competent Australian kinesiologist who was able to help Michael Relfe recover suppressed memories of being under mind control while an enlisted man in the US Navy using techniques called "clearing" and gleaned from the research of L. Ron Hubbard. 'Clearing' sessions are conducted in a normal, conscious state with the clearing practitioner asking questions and monitoring the needle of a detection instrument called the "clearing biofeedback meter", while the client holds electrodes in his hands. The meter is capable of detecting changes in the emotional 'charge' of the human aura. The body and the subconscious mind retain memories of all things experienced, even those events which occurred under mind control. By monitoring the biofeedback meter's response to her questions, the skilled clearing practitioner can probe those areas of inquiry which elicit the greatest effect and will thus allow the client to consciously recall suppressed memories. This process is time consuming and gradual, but it is an effective technique for deprogramming a mind controlled individual. Stephanie and Michael compiled their clearing sessions-and the startling information they revealed- into on-line, downloadable books called "The Mars”

Record, Books 1 & 2" which are linked below.

Stephanie and Michael also helped a woman named "Pat" recover her suppressed memories while she was a member of a military cadet training program and titled her story "The Mars Force, Pat's Story", now in book 2. The quality and quantity of information revealed in The Mars Record and The Mars Force, Pat's Story, are simply astounding and can be read on-line or downloaded from the links below. Take advantage of the tremendous selfless efforts which the Relfes have invested to help humanity understand the true story of the demonic evil and brutal crimes being committed by the reptilian-controlled government and our military. Be sure to visit the Relfe's three web sites listed at the bottom of this page; great stuff there...Ken Adachi]

From Michael & Stephanie Relfe
August 19, 2004

STOP PRESS. JUST RELEASED! Free to download.

The Mars Force - Pat's Story - Book 2

This is the continuing story of how Pat's membership in a military cadet program led to Military Abductions and the suppressing of her Psychic Abilities.

The Mars Force - Pat's Story - Book 2 is over 2 years in the making.



Book 2 includes terrifying information that reptilians have a base or link under nearly every hospital for the purpose of harvesting hormones from patients and dead bodies and that reptilian infiltrationof this planet is much larger than previously thought (see

It also illustrates how negative hallucinations work, point to point resonance teleportation, and how psychic spies can alter buildings to create new doorways (and much more).

Also discovered is startling evidence that mind control alters can be accessed by different patterns of breathing. This may be THE key many therapists have been searching for.
Do not read this book if you are easily offended or have a weak stomach, as some of the reports of what Pat suffered when being subjected to rape and torture in order to suppress her psychic abilities are rather graphic.
These revealing sessions are contained in "The Mars Force - Pat's Story, Book Two" which is free to download from (140 pages) [or click the links located above..Ken].
If you are not already familiar with The Mars Records, please download The Mars Records Book 1 & 2, as well as The Mars Force - Pat's Story : Book 1 from [ or click the links below].
The Mars Record, Book 1
The Mars Record, Book 2
The Mars Force - Pat's Story - Book 1
We invite you to copy and mirror our website in case anything ever happens to it.
Michael Relfe
Download an entire web site with this free software
The Fourth Reich in American Hospitals (Dec. 9, 2004)
Reptilians, Hospitals, & The Red Cross in Australia, More Disturbing Revelations (Oct. 21, 2004)

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