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Mercury Retrograde & Spring Equinox: Intense Energies Are Coming Our Way, So Stay Calm

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Mercury Retrograde & Spring Equinox: Intense Energies Are Coming Our Way, So Stay Calm

A lot of people are still not aware that the Spring Equinox is right in front of them, and it is what actually marks the astrological New Year.

There will be massive energies coming on our way, which we should already feel because of the retrograde of the planet Mercury.
The so-called Spring Equinox starts on March the 20th, which is also the International Astrology Day and it is going to come quickly because the time passes really fast. In fact, on the day of the equinox, the daylight and the darkness amounts will be almost equal.
After that, with every new day, the sunlight hours are going to increase, while the dark hours are going to decrease. The spring season is actually an incredible period of the year during which everything becomes completely new once again.
The spring is also our reminder about everything that our life may come from simply nothing, and also that even in bad moments, there will always be something special that will come.
Every year during this month, a lot of people do their best in order to think about where they want their life to continue from here.
They think about themselves, and where they are going as just like the astrological New Year, they have the ability to be born once again if their energy chooses actually to be reborn.

The retrograde of the planet Mercury:

You are not supposed to stick yourself in anything, you may always change your own situation when you are prepared, and you want to do that.

Although this equinox is going to bring intense energies on your way, first you have to feel the energies now, coming from the retrograde of the planet Mercury, and which you will feel until March 28th.
This actually means that you are going to be forced to keep looking back a little bit longer, not just like you expected. The planet Mercury is one powerful body which pushes out the thing you have to face. It even brings you within and will force you to release the problems from your past.
However, another significant thing you should note is that at this period, Mercury is going to be in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is going to lead you to specific things as the planet Mercury forces you within.
The combination of these two is going to make you address certain quite serious situations in your life. But, you don’t have to be afraid, as this is going to bring something unusual for you until the end of this year.
There is nothing that can hold you away from this. The single way you can keep going forward will be letting the powers do their work for you.

We really hope that the retrograde and the equinox are going to do wonders for every one of you and also bring you right where you believe you have to be in your life.

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