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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » The GET Team Roundtable CC Replay Info & Transcript

The GET Team Roundtable CC Replay Info & Transcript

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The GET Team Roundtable CC Replay Info & Transcript

The GET Team Roundtable Conf Call recording 10/24/12

Welcome to The Get Team Conference Call ~ We Appreciate The Loyalty of Our Members ~ We Thank You (Transcript Notes By kktwahoo & tina)


[kktwahoo] Sam here? Historian here Frank blake here Mac here terryk here Sam is here
[kktwahoo] Michangander not here Bluedog not yet Rodney not yet Dwight not here yet

[kktwahoo] TERRYK Things are going on Historian has some things to discuss Rodney not here yet - may need a nudge Interesting things happen We have many members out there now

[kktwahoo] Tina is THE woman on the calls

[kktwahoo] There is a major bank that is claiming that there some action or movement in currencies on Friday of this week - did NOT say which currencies Expect it on friday afternoon Tied to major bank - heavily investing in IQD...
Read More Link On Right

[tina] there is a major bank that is getting notification that there is going to be some foriegn currency movement didn't say which ones they lead him to beleive the dinar was part of it treat as rumor

[kktwahoo] Another source - shot me email tonight - tied to some of IMF activity that is going on She is extremely well poised for something to happen - Thursday or Friday Indicators out there that I cannot get into - was told NOT to talk about itvery very good for us may be a chance

[tina] source has shot him an email the last 3 nights the IMF is set for some action there are some indicators out there that may put this in the works AL is going to put the black SUV up to tell TK to stop

[kktwahoo] Don't want to be part of anything until China pulls away from their operations Wants to get Viet Nam's reserves - horizontal drilling - been out there for about a week

[tina] there are some conficts going on out there what may happen in the dong may not be in the basket so if the dinar RV before you may be able to pick up some dong

[kktwahoo] I have been told that VND won't be in basket - may be able to pick up dong with RV IF IT HAPPENS - treat as rumor May be opportunity - heard dong MAY go LATER

[kktwahoo] 193 countries that have signed onto this - 2 have not signed - France and Viet Nam Total is 195 countries Hearing from other sources too Lots think we may get our blessing this weekend
[kktwahoo] Mac is here tonight - welcome back Mac

[kktwahoo] MAC Wal-Mart schedule is conflicting with these calls - glad to be back

[kktwahoo] Developments over the past week or so have left me (MAC) with more questions

[tina] quick recap If you live under a rock or not time on computer

[kktwahoo] Shabibi went to mtg in Japan and then to Switzerland - has dual citizenship in Switzerland now they say and Iraq

[kktwahoo] Does not talk much Truth will come out and he will be exonerated plus has document in his possession to prove his own innocence ] Maliki charged 16 people with ?

[kktwahoo] Trying to get Mac - skype callers got dropped Short intermission

[tina] Mac is back on call Al is done

[kktwahoo] Maliki surrounded CBI and arrested 36 peeps in CBI

[kktwahoo] TK says for sure that he (M) is NOT holding up RV year ago - a lot of stories about this Anyway - don't have a theory on how it is playing out- S is non-plussed sitting up in Switzerland nobody is taking proactive role to stop M

[tina] The IMF is objecting to M move. but no one is stopping him

[kktwahoo] Mac dropped - hang on it is LONG drop

[kktwahoo] PQ - numbers by Al - Al and Leo worked on site - a while back

[kktwahoo] Our site is the reason it is up in numbers - contribution of Historian and her little corner where she hides out

[kktwahoo] Mac is back for 3rd time now

[kktwahoo] Mac will get through this whether or not anybody hears it lol

[kktwahoo] M cannot shoe in his own appointee legally M cannot take command of CBI because it is independent agency M cannot do anything directly - cannot march in with bunch of guys Overt attempt to take over CBI surprised most peeps

[tina] It will be interesting how this plays out and how it inlaces with the RV happens T is still holding meetins with Blocks

[kktwahoo] Amongst other players - T still having meetings with blocks and saying things Barzani agreed to Nat Mtg implement immediately if not sooner theories or hypotheses tend to take you off the main point - which is the RV I have more questions than answers Nothing in concrete saying it is or is NOT going to affect the RV in any way

[kktwahoo] Mac is on via skype unless there are questions

[tina] Mac is looking to Rod or anyone else for a differnt perpective on what is going on

[kktwahoo] Current action eclipses anything M has done in past Netherlands is one of most visiting countries Reader Vlasser is writing a lot about IQD - left Netherlands to go to London and USA now

[kktwahoo] Secret police make their presence known to him and then leave him I found it interesting that they are so tenacious with him and the country is one of top viewers on web site

[tina] As things unfold Mac will be making notes

[kktwahoo] Rodney - are you still here?

[tina] Rod asked Historian what she is going to talk about

[tina] Historian said Libor and she is going to answer the question How do we know if something is not a scam if it is taking a long time

[Historian] Reuters | Wednesday, October 24, 2012 | Barclay faces Libor claim in landmark U.K. court case http://www.theglobeandma ··· e4644208 Barclays Bank PLC will on Monday face the first claim for damages stemming from manipulation of the Libor interest rate in a landmark case before Britain’s High Court that could have major implications for all U.K. banks.

Guardian Care Homes =, a residential long-term-care home operator based in Wolverhampton, central England, is suing Barclays over the alleged mis-selling of interest rate hedging products known as swaps on which it has lost £12-million.

The company says it should be fully compensated for its losses because the swap rates were based on Libor. Monday’s hearing will be a test case for thousands of small British firms who believe they were mis-sold such swaps and raises the prospect of other companies linking future claims to interest rate rigging by banks…..

Britain’s financial regulator has estimated that about 44,000 interest rate swaps have been wrongly sold to U.K. companies since 2001.

The swaps were supposed to protect companies against rates going up by making their future repayments more predictable, but many borrowers didn’t realize they would pay far more if lending rates fell significantly and would face substantial fees to get out of the arrangements……

Guardian Care Homes … says it lost £12-million after being sold two swaps in 2007 and 2008 against two loans it held with the bank that were worth a combined £70-million.

The hedging contracts tied in the company for 20 years even though the two loans, of £41-million and £29-million, were taken out for only 10 years and five years, respectively.

To get out of the arrangement, Guardian Care Homes would have to pay break fees of £25-million pounds.

[tina] the article came out today and she going to post it

[kktwahoo] Historian has 2 things to talk about 1. LIBOR; 2. Comment ] Big banks into increasing trouble for LIBOR Article today in Global mail???? SWAP rates - lost $12 m - wants to be compensated

[tina] let me give you an idea of what the swap is sorry all Lots of info to type

[kktwahoo] Discussion of SWAPS Were NOT told that if interest rates moved against them they could lose a lot of money Tied them up for 20 years Will set a precedent for all the banks in the world - see what happens

[tina] What do i say to ppl when they think it is a scam because it taking so long TIme has nothing to do with this investiment The dinar is not only going to RV on its own

[TERRYK] get on the call

[kktwahoo] They can make up whatever they want ] Al Queida - some think they created a monster Created for a reason Allow govts to come to these points Allow rich/elite to control and take advantage of Keep this in mind Owner of a company is a control freak - has to be

[tina] Going back to the dinar it is a huge opportunity it is tied to other things like the GS

[kktwahoo] Historian used to do interesting work tracking stocks in years gone by Finance attracts huge # of sociopaths Don't care about what happens to others - teach them to be better con men No emotions about it at all Part of cleanup - get it out of hands of sociopaths

[kktwahoo] If you think something will go up in one month, two months or up to a year is short term Ten years is long term

[kktwahoo] Rodney - conservative mutual fund?

[kktwahoo] IRAs, stocks, etc. - diversify in everything - you are in same market really If stock market goes down, everything goes in that direction E.g. Microsoft - regardless of how good they are, they will go down in a stock market decline period

[kktwahoo] Look at the financials of the companies - most never do ] If looks good - then suddenly tanks then realize it IS a corrupt system

[kktwahoo] Casino - we have been programmed - one in a gazillion chance of winning but we still do it It's all that we think that we have but is is NOT 5 out of 6 lose

[kktwahoo] Average person who lost 30 to 50% of your portfolio - lost huge chunk of retirement and will take decades to make it back

[tina] this is all fustrating

[kktwahoo] What are you going to do with RV comes in?

[tina] Good think about the dinar you know there is going to be some changes

[kktwahoo] WHEN this change occurs - you know that there will be some very significant changes in people who have the power

[kktwahoo] Reboots, WGS, RV - unless you clean house - will always have evil and corruption but this will be greatly reduced - give yourself two to five years to allow them to get everything in place

[kktwahoo] By 2015 banks must be Basel III compliant I heard ] Nothing is hidden any more - everything can be seen Nobody wants evil eye of govt seeing everything we do - but been this way for awhile already If they do it for a select few, they have to do it for everybody Once RV hits - watch it, be a gradual process - a ton of activity Peeps put in jail, incriminated - stuff you would not expect

[kktwahoo] Give it some time when this happens - a lot of good will come from this

[kktwahoo] Rodney is going to make a buttermilk monoply factory Rodney wants to take over all the dairy farms terryk wants to take over gopher farms and PQ will donate one

[kktwahoo] Historian has heard through her network of plans to interfere with internet - too much information out there Related in some way and organized Too much information being spread

[kktwahoo] Rodney suggests GET Team will be on Wikileaks soon

[kktwahoo] Usage tax for using google - govt wants it User tax on bandwith Just a money grab Nothing new Crazy taxes on cell phones – excessive Taxes in there from years ago They do NOT want to stop the money flow

[tina] Get yourself educated on this investment and how to invest it when it happens lots of stuff to learn Everyone should be working on things while we are waiting don't jump in to anything sit back and watch and see if it operates the same as before don't be in a rush unless you want to get into something like the dong

[kktwahoo] Get rid of debt Establish a paid for residence Secure everything and wait it out Start interviewing professionals - not idiots but those that are very good at what they do Simple conservative approaches You may not want to be a savvy investor person yourself

[tina] Benediction: As we close this day and this conference call. We invite You once again to bless us. Bind every heart that is troubled and strengthen every soul that is beset with trials and difficulties. You are the Only One who can cause this monetary transaction to take place.

Only You can straighten the crooked pathways and cause the desert to bloom with living colors. We long for that day when we can talk to You face to face and reminisce our days on this earth with You.

Come soon Lord Jesus and May You deliver us. Until that glorious day of Your soon return, May the the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His Face to shine upon you and be gracious unto You And may He grant you peace, courage of heart and prosperity. In Jesus Name, Amen!

[tina] Prayers go out to westf and godswarriordan as well. we miss them and wish them a big get well

[LEO] We Appreciate Our Members for Your Loyalty To The Get Team ~ Come To Us RV ~ Good Night


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