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Debanking: The Ultimate Form of Demonetization

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Debanking: The Ultimate Form of Demonetization C2c49d2e-9bcc-4ea4-badb-55e83d8996b3

Debanking: The Ultimate Form of Demonetization
April 17, 2019

Imagine being a non-violent, law-abiding person and receiving a notification letter out of nowhere from your bank, that they are ending their relationship with you, as did Enrique Tarrio , the Afro-Cuban-American Chairman of the Proud Boys and its online T-shirt store, .
The Proud Boys are a group that actively pushes back against the victim culture that is so pervasively marshaled by the Socialist Globalists to fascistically infringe on Free Speech as to enact the ultimate form of de-monetization that is the de-platforming by banks and payment processors. As one wag commented on YouTube, “Property confiscation is next.”
Over the past year, de-banking has been done to Alex Jones , Laura Loomer , Martina Markota , Jordan Peterson , Sargon of Akkad and to the Gab social media platform by financial entities including Chase Bank , VISA , PayPal and Patreon .
For its part, Chase Bank has refused give their reasons for their de-banking of Tarrio, stating that it’s their prerogative as a private corporation to choose to terminate their client relationships for no reason whatsoever. Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe agrees that Chase does have this prerogative but he’d rather that they own up to their actions.

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