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HOW 9/11 LAUNCHED A COSMIC WAVE October 25, 2012

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HOW 9/11 LAUNCHED A COSMIC WAVE October 25, 2012

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It seems this was the plan: in one fell swoop, with the President
safely tucked away in Florida – pretending to be charmed by some tiny
school-children – the air-defense system would stand down, thus enabling
devastating attacks upon the financial center, the military heart, and
the seat of government. In effect it was a 3-for-1 situation in which
some form of martial-law-emergency-lockdown would have to then be
introduced by the American Government. But, ultimately it failed. Not
everything went to plan: the bombs planted under the George Washington
bridge were discovered and mistakenly announced on the News; there were
the conspicuously joyful dancing Israeli’s, who in their own words were
‘just there to observe’; building 7 fell, even though it wasn’t hit
(though it did destroy all the evidence of the missing billions from the
Pentagon budget); and seemingly, the plane headed for the White House
was shot out of the sky, thus denying the traitors their biggest scalp:
The White House.

But it failed on another level too; a more fundamental level. They
thought the carefully-orchestrated attacks would immobilize the American
public; send them in to subservient spasms of terror; and subsequently
they would grant their government any powers they so desired in return
for protection: ‘Please protec’ me sah, oh please protec’ me!’. And to a
certain extent, this happened. But I think that something else,
something far more fundamental was destroyed by those planes (or
missiles) that day: —-Faith in the system.

If we understand the term ‘occult mega-ritual’ to mean a global-wide
spell cast upon the unsuspecting public, then the spell backfired. If we
understand the term ‘occult’ to mean hidden, then it had the reverse
effect – they overplayed their hand and in doing so they inadvertently
showed it: On September 11, they crashed the illusion.

The Occult mega-ritual in effect tore through the collective
consciousness; it didn’t so much traumatise as smash a huge gaping hole
through our realities. And through the smoking debris we began to
glimpse the workings of the matrix of illusion that lay behind it.

In retrospect I believe that 12th September 2001 was the day the world began to awaken from its soma-induced sleep.

I, like many others had been searching for something up to this point
– I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I was looking. I had become
tired of Noam Chomsky. Although I couldn’t articulate it back then, I’d
begun to perceive the futility of his very narrow line of attack. I had
come to realise the uselessness of Chomsky and co. merely barking from
the side-lines, especially when they still retained an inter-dependent
relationship with the very establishment they always claimed to despise.

For me, 9/11 tore a great gaping hole in Noam Chomsky’s credibility
when he dismissed out of hand any and all so-called conspiracy-theories.
In fact, thereafter the subject of 9/11 became a handy litmus-test:
basically any pundit, intellectual or commentator who denied even the
possibility of (at the very least) US Government collusion in the
attacks was quite simply not worthy of any attention. Of course this
litmus test resulted in virtually all of them being deemed
untrustworthy. -Whoops! Now millions of people, in one fell-swoop lost
their faith in the messengers as well as their chiefs.

So were I to chart my path of awakening, it would show a sudden spike
on and around 9/11/2001, and a gradual steady upward path ever since,
right up to the present day.

In the wake of 9/11 I began to read a lot of philosophy, and a lot of
deep, reality-challenging stuff, I read and read like I was revising
for an exam that was still a good decade or so off (maybe with the
finals due in late December 2012?) – and funnily enough, only recently
have I allowed myself the luxury of reading novels simply for
entertainment again. My learning’s far from done; my awakening is still
not complete. After all, as the saying goes: ‘the wise man knows that
he knows nothing’ – but the thorough self-taught crash-course doesn’t
feel quite so urgent any more. In a way I think the feeling of urgency
over the past decade was the realisation that I had to retrain my mind –
open it up to new possibilities – dispose of the censor in the head,
and learn to dismiss nothing out of hand – no matter how difficult or

Yet whilst opening the mind, I remained aware that it is also
important not to take anyone else’s word as Gospel Truth (An interesting
phrase ‘Gospel truth’ when you consider the Gospels themselves were
heavily edited and redacted by the Council of Nicea in 315 A.D.).

I’ve found my own truth, but it’s not a fixed thing. It’s a process.
But it’s more than that; it’s also a form of liberation. I wrote a
book about a Cosmic Wave that, as it approached from outer-space began
to cleanse all the poison from the world; celebrity melted down, the
political system collapsed and people feared the worst – but ultimately
the wave was a cleansing; a rebirth. The book is satirical, (hopefully)
funny, but the compulsion I felt to write it was driven by an innate
understanding that it was at the centre of its heart – true. This is
happening now; the wave may not be a physical event, but it’s hitting us
this very moment.

So, I guess the question I should ask myself is: Am I ready yet to surf the cosmic wave?

– Well, at the end of the day, who the hell knows really? -I guess only time will tell.

But you know what they say: it aint about the destination, it’s all
about the journey. And if I were to be asked when exactly my journey
began, it would of course be hard to pinpoint exactly – but due to the
shattering acceleration that took part on 9/11, I think I would have to
— September 12th 2001:
Yes, that was the day of my awakening.

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