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NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Report

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1NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Report  Empty NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Report on Thu May 09, 2019 2:17 pm


NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Report  Planet-x-the-9th-planet-in-the-solar-system-image10

NIBIRU News ~ Black Star Report  AGF-l79VzAowTP77gxUVteVUy8EbK1npGKLYmkX74w=s88-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no
Terral BlackStar
Published on May 9, 2019

Please Like, Subscribe, ring the Bell for updates and share this video report link with others. Seismic event indicators say Earth is moving through the first Earth-change Uptick Period for the 2019 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation relative to the Sun. Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 11 show three of the 7+ magnitude earthquake events for the last five years (2015 and 2016) with two of the 6-magnitude earthquake events being less than half the year-over-year-weekly-event-total average (4.4). Twenty-three of the 5-magnitude earthquake events is also well below the weekly year-over-year average (36.6), as Earth continues moving through the current earth-change mini-lull period. Two hundred fifty-three of the 2.5-to-4 mag quake events is only a few events above the weekly-year-over-year-event average (248) once we toss out the 644 value for 2018, when the Hawaii mantle plume connection was made to the Deep Magma Plume Formation. The 7.2 New Guinea Quake (USGS) from May 06, 2019 will be included in the Week 12 seismic-chart data striking after May 04, 2019 that ended Week 11 on Saturday night at midnight UTC time. Three deep-quake harmonic tremors struck on the Fiji-side (like last week: lower left) of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone (eight the previous week and two the previous week before that) reducing deep-magma-plume-wave action along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 2 and producing quiet-seismic areas in Cascadia and along the Mexico West Coast. The three earthquake events you see circled at the lower right (above “Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 2” notation) were triggered by magma-plume-wave action associated with deep-quake activity and magma-wave energy returning to the Origination Zone from the elbow-position of Corridor 2 that also triggered the 7.2 Papua Quake. The 4.4 and 4.8 Kali Quakes (USGS and USGS) struck on the Indonesia-side of the Origination Zone in a week that shows below-average-deep-quake activity moving through the mini-lull period within the first earth-change uptick period for the 2019 Earth orbit cycle. While the 4.1 Japan Quake (USGS) struck above Earth mantle transition zone (Wiki), and not inside the Deep-magma-plume Formation, this quake has sufficient depth to generate magma-upwelling scenarios that trigger new-volcanic eruption and related earthquake tremor events in the region along Corridor 1. The Oklahoma-Kansas Quake Swarm Area has seen just one earthquake event (2.9-mag USGS) in the last seven that is unprecedented since the Project Black Star Investigation began in 2011. Seismic activity has diminished to almost nothing along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 3 (top arrow) compared to last week, when the quake-swarm area was forming between Greece and Iraq with just one quake event (3.3 Greece: USGS) for the entire week between Italy and the Nepal region. In the upper left, we can see no quake activity along the northern regions of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge representing a sign that magma-wave energy has returned to the Origination Zone (Indonesia-Fiji), as evidenced by the 7.2 Papua Quake that struck much-later than projected using the 2016-2017 seismic data. Seismic activity is also greatly diminished along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor 4 at the bottom left of the diagram where we see no seismic activity at all in the Sandwich Islands region (lower left). While seismic activity in the Origination Zone has increased over the last seven days due to the magma-wave-convergence event triggering the 7.2 Papua Quake, one look at this side of the planet explains why the weekly-seismic-event-total values have dropped for Week 11 of the 2019 Earth-orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned between the Sun and left side of the Libra Constellation from our northern hemisphere perspective. Project supporters for Week 18 of 2019 include Gary and Trevor subscribing to the Newsletter-Survival Group Programs at the website. Peter, Ron-Janet, Anders, Rikki, Denis, Lyman, George, Natalie, Jodi, Christina, Tessa, and Marilyn made their 2019 subscription payments as longtime supporters of the research. Denis joined the USA Survival Group Program. Read the Full Report and related articles, by subscribing to Terral’s 2019 Newsletter Program at for 25 dollars per year. Subscribe to the Newsletter-Survival Group Program for 50 dollars per year at the website. Subscribe today and get the eBook-version of The Mystery Explained with 80 color-coded diagrams helping you see God’s wisdom hidden in plain sight for free. Watch the Subscriber Benefits Video for more information. Get additional information at


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