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The Crystal Eyed People

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1 The Crystal Eyed People Empty The Crystal Eyed People on Thu May 30, 2019 2:04 am



The Crystal Eyed People

 The Crystal Eyed People Crystaleyedpeople
by Soren Dreier
I have crossed paths with some very interesting people who bear some very interesting similarities.
I had the idea of writing about them for about half a year, but decided to wait until I was absolutely sure and that I had enough experience so I could describe them. I don’t know if they are described elsewhere.
I have touched on non-biological beings before, in the astral and more lighter realms (devas), whom we share this planet with, us being in the physical body.
The Crystal-Eyed People are in the physical body and they have such rich deva-like features that —it is my understanding—that at some point in their evolution, they made a crossover and incarnated as human beings in the physical form.
Seen from a metaphysical perspective, that makes sense since there are sober non-religious ancient scriptures describing that Angels are able to make that crossover and humans also can make that crossover and pursue their evolution either as Angels going Human or Humans going Angel. It’s embedded in many song lyrics, poems, and literature, so maybe we know it, but don’t really know that we know it.
I also take into account that The Crystal-Eyed People sometimes lose their composure and suddenly, for some seconds, shapeshift into their deva-like state. They have Deva DNA imbedded in their human DNA.
This shapeshifting isn’t spooky or dark in any way like the reptilians. Being beside a Crystal Eyed person, when they do will most likely strike you with awe. They become more ethereal, the flesh of their human body can’t coat the high frequency they have. When that hits you out of the blue, you will know that you’re with one.
The first encounter I had with The Crystal-Eyed People was about five years ago.
I met some more briefly in the following years and last summer, they seemed to present themselves in numbers. As I got used to the whole concept of them, I started seeing them in the photos people send me if they need a healing or a reading. It’s in their eyes. The people I met was between 21 – 33 years of age.
Their Eyes
On occasion, I would sit across a table from, or go for a walk with, a Crystal-Eyed person. I learned that if the sun hits their face sideways, then the sunlight would go into their eyes from the side.
The sight of that simply makes me go Wow! inside.
They have layers of colors in their eyes. Many of us do, but this is different.
As an example, if one has blue eyes, there would be a range of blue colors in the iris of both the deepest almost amethyst purple/blue and out towards the very light white/blue in the frequencies of the blue scale. Some of us have that too.
But a sure sign is that the colors move like tiny plates of thin fragments of crystals embedded in and moving around in the fluid of the eye. It is such a dazzling sight to see.
We can spot reptilians often by their reptilian eyes. That also happens when they lose their composure. The advice here, as you know, is: Run.
The difference is that the dance of crystals like elements in The Crystal-Eyed People’s eyes is permanent. It is always there, but it takes some sharp light coming in sideways to spot it.
That is the primary way to spot them.
There are other shared traits and it is a fixed list, since I only have taken the main characteristics, because on the not-so-important scale they are very individual. Just like the rest of us: We can make a list to spot Humans and it would be infinite. But we share characteristics that defines us from other species that we share the planet with.

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2 The Crystal Eyed People Empty Re: The Crystal Eyed People on Thu May 30, 2019 1:48 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
HMMMM, I think it is interesting that people make shit up about us crystal-eyed people, star people, star seeds. I wonder if they will ever actually listen to us and actually bring information to the public that is much more accurate, instead of making shit up about us.

Just saying...

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