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How to make "luck" work for you and get what you ask for.

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The following is strictly my opinion and may not provide you with the same results. My philosophy is that if it's true FOR YOU it's true and only then it's true.
Never accept anything others say, just because they say so.

How to make "luck" work for you and get what you ask for.
We see life as an illusion, or as Richard Bach says in his book Illusions, if you were to cut up a movie and splice it back together at random, you would have a whole different story with exactly the same pieces and people. It can be anything you want it to be.
My wife & I are retired and since I'm disabled I have a lot of spare time to concentrate on the spiritual aspects of life. We have little money, a small pension is our main income, yet we feel richer then most people. What most people call “luck” seems to favour us frequently. Our motto is: Never despair, the “Universe” is there.....
For many years, I had the feeling that a dark cloud was manipulating our daily life. However, I finally came to the conclusion that dark entities have no power of their own and solely depend on other peoples power, YOURS.
By putting attention on the negative, you're providing them with their needed power.
Do a search for "energy vampires"..

My wife & I have several family members who are energy vampires.

Especially for those who are quite new to meditation, may I suggest the following step first to help with clearing the mind clutter.
I suggest to do a walk in a low stress environment such as a park or around the neighbourhood and take it all in. Especially where there are living things such as trees, birds, etc. I find that it helps (while walking around) to look at things further away like light posts, fences, buildings etc. and then to walk over and touch them. Absorb the energy from the living things and “give away” your stress to things like vehicles, buildings etc. Unless your area is quite polluted, take deep breaths to fully absorb the energy. Once you feel relaxed, then it is time to meditate and ask for what you want.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is also extremely important in this, or to put it in simple terms since emotion is a lower vibration, it would or could block you from easier contact with the universe. Lots of info about EFT and meditation is on the internet.

What we consider the “universe”.
My wife & I believe that the positive “universe” includes the combined unity of ALL spirituality such God, your guardian angels, your spirit guides, your family members who passed over and all the animals you cared for in your life and who since died.
Logic therefore tells you, that this universe would have your best interest at heart.
However, a certain percentage of the population does not. Even in our own family, some can't stand that my wife & I are happy and are doing well spiritually, so they constantly try to drive a wedge between us. Again, some people do not know how to do well in life themselves and to "prove" themselves as being right, they will manipulate the happiness of others around them. And some of them are pure evil.
If you feed a positive outlook, it will grow and so will a negative outlook when you feed it enough. Whatever YOU feed will flourish.
The common expression is; what goes around – comes around, for that reason the Law of Attraction works both ways, good or bad.

Some examples of how this all works for us;
Most people figure that life is a two way street, you do something good for "Joe" and he will do something good for you. Many years ago, I discovered that doing something good for "Joe" may have Mary do something good in return. In other words, it normally would NOT come from the same direction.
Some examples of how "luck" works for us are;
We were living in this huge house and spent all of our time working to pay the bills. As time went on, the bills were getting higher while our income steadily went down. Even while we owned this big house, a new mini-van, an almost new truck, we became quite unhappy and stressed. It was time for a change.
My wife and I discussed it and she told me that she wanted to live on an old farm without the stress, but with an assortment of animals, such as dogs, cats and chickens. She felt that she needed peace and quiet, while living close to nature in Northern Canada. She grew up on a farm and missed the tranquility.

Once we made that decision, I did a search on the internet and found a private listing for an old farm in the exact location where she wanted to live. The lady who owned it told us that she had posted the advertisement only the day before. However, the big problem was that we couldn't pay for it until we sold our current home first. The lady then agreed that we could pay rent for one year while we sold the house and that all of the rent would be applied to the purchase price. We thought that angels were helping us.
From the day that we moved here many years ago, we felt safe and this is where we belong. Since the farm was old and in need of repairs, we knew that we needed more money.
We wanted to have our newly acquired 161 acres of wilderness fenced in to protect our dogs, but the cost was quite high to do this since that is 2 miles (3.2KM) of fence.
As luck would have it, coincidentally out of the blue one of our neighbours contacted us and asked, if he could pasture his cows on our land for 4 years and in turn he would fence it all in at no cost to us.
While living at the farm, I was trying to sell a trailer with an antenna tower but had no luck, not even inquiries. Then my wife and I decided to install a new septic system and the cost would be about $6500 to do so, which we didn't have. We invited quotes and totally figured out HOW the septic system would be done. Yet although we didn't have the money, our planning went ahead as if we did have the money. Luck was soon to come our way !
And while we hadn't advertised the trailer for many years, it was still shown on the internet. To my big surprise, out of the blue a total stranger phoned and asked whether we still had the trailer and whether he could pick it up if he brought cash money. A week later we had the money to pay for our new septic system.
Or when our waterheater broke down several years later, we went to the local dump (which offers recycling) to look for repair parts. As luck would have it, somebody had dropped off an almost new waterheater because they had switched from electric to gas and no longer needed it. It had been there for less then 10 minutes and we got it for free.
Or the time that I needed a bunch of 2by4 lumber to build a woodshed. I went to our local dump and guess what? Here were the exact number of 2by4's I needed and they were already painted brown. It turned out that someone had torn up a deck to expand their house. Talking about "luck".....

Another more recent example was, when our furnace failed and we had to pay $3600 to have it replaced, as luck would have it, we discovered that our government has a program for low income seniors, which reimbursed most (90%) of that money, we only had to pay 10% of the the total cost.
Well, the list of our "luck" goes on & on.....
By asking the universe, we frequently have “lucky” coincidences like that. Although some people would call it luck, my sweet wife and I see this quite differently since it has happened too many times. And it always happens at the right time !
Please believe me when I say that the “universe” truly wants to help us.
Our “How To”;
Most people when they meditate ask for money or ask for what they don't want, such as "please no more problems". The universe does not seem to understand such negative requests that involve the words no, not, no more, don't want, etc. Since this has become very important in our lives, we want you to really understand it.
For us, the proper way to do this is, picture or visualize the results in your mind and ask for what you're seeing. And I have learned that the best way to formulate your request is as follows; I'm grateful for having our new septic system and this is how I would like it to be, play it like a video, over & over again until it is completely clear in YOUR mind, what it is you want and how you want it, then leave it up to the creator.
And please realize, that anything you must have - you cannot have. Your attitude has to be that one way or another it doesn't matter. Here is where the EFT comes into play.
May I suggest to learn how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) could help you.

When you struggle financially, rather then "please no more money problems", which puts the emphasis on more money problems, the best approach is to ask for abundance in your life and to picture yourself with that abundance. It is my opinion that the universe does not understand the concept of money, only what you can do with it.

Instead of asking for money, see yourself living in that cute little house in the country or driving that new car. Well, I'm sure you get the picture and so does the universe !

We strongly believe that there are certain rules for “asking what you want”.
Most people think that asking the Universe is like making a shopping list or the list you give to Santa. In other words, you tell "the Big Guy" in the sky what you want and he should deliver your "order" by UPS in three days or less, just like Amazon......
Since this is quite important, please allow me to repeat what my wife & I have learned;

  • The "universe" does not seem to understand words like no, not, none, no more and similar. Again, an example would be, asking for "no more money problems" will give you more money problems. I repeat this since it is a tricky one, we're so conditioned to say no more this or no more that and it is my believe that this is the main reason why the LoA doesn't work for most people.
  • The universe does not seem to care about the concept of money much, only what can be done with the money. So asking for money or “to win the lottery” never worked for us, you need to ask for specifics. To clarify this idea further, when you have a $5 bill, you cannot eat it since it offers no nutrition. However, a hamburger with fries will fill you up much better. Putting a $20 bill in your gas tank gets you nowhere, exchanging the $20 for gas will. Making a shelter out of a wheelbarrow full of $1000 bills does nothing in our cold Canadian winters, a house will. We believe that you MUST visualize the end result and see the money as a tool rather then see the money as the end product of your needs.
  • Asking for good health, while you're thinking "that darn flu is going around at our office and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if I will get it" will most certainly get you the flu. Remember, you will get what your attention is on.
  • For that reason, all requests should be worded in a positive way and myself I normally word them as follows; I'm grateful for having abundance in my life or I'm grateful for our family being in good health.
  • Also, do not word the request as something far into the future. Word it like it is already happening; I'm grateful for having my new job and then (in your mind) see yourself having fun at that new job. Visualization is quite important, if you can't see yourself with the results, it probably will not happen.
  • All requests should be very specific, so I would fine tune that further with: I'm grateful for having an abundance of food for our family, including for our dear animals. When we did this at a time when we had little to eat, my wife was having a difficult time finding places to store all the food that was given to us !
  • Fortunately the universe seems to understand the concept of abundance, so we should ask for having an abundant “this or that”. Although there should be no reason for this, in our case we don't like to be greedy, so my wife and I only ask for things which we need rather then for what we want. We prefer the simple life.
  • And here is the tricky one, we should see in our minds that this is happening or better yet ALREADY HAS HAPPENED. In other words, see that new car, see that new friendship or in our case, see that new septic system, in all its glory and detail. See it often, go to the showroom and sit in the new car or take it for a test drive to make it as real as possible. Be excited but do not have emotions (worries) about the outcome. Just leave it up to the universe to make it happen. And when you have no fear or doubt, they usually will.
  • You have to make it totally real in your own mind before it becomes reality in the material world. If this seems like work, well it it is but spiritual work, rather then physical.
  • The wrong approach is, well I would like a new car but since I can't afford it, it probably will never happen. Yes, you most certainly will be right !
  • Start on a small scale and play it as a game, being serious about it is counter productive since it somehow seems to block your intentions. For years, my wife and I played the game of driving through Edmonton (a city of two million) without ever having a red traffic light. Impossible ? We have done it too many times. As you know, most people will be in a hurry and hit every red light on their way instead. If you can have it one way, why not the other ?

Many years ago, when things were going terribly wrong in my life, somebody asked me;
[size=32]what were you doing when you were doing well ? [/size]
 I told him and to my big surprise his only response was: START !
Whatever caused abundance in your life is still capable of causing it.

Here are a couple of additional key pieces of information that are of the utmost importance and have proven to be true for us;

  • That what you resist persist. Since your attention is strongly focused on the negativity, it will hinder you with great force. Have you ever been in a hurry and hit every traffic light red or ran for that elevator and had the door close in your face ? Of course you knew that it would happen, so who do you think caused it.....

  • And for a problem to persist, it MUST contain a lie or a falsehood, since the truth will set you free. Or maybe someone else (loaded with negativity) is standing on YOUR brakes and that's why you're not moving !

  • That which you admire, will go away. The wrong place to try this out is when you finally get the universe to work for you and then brag & boast about it to those who do not have your best interest at heart. The right place to practice is in traffic. I never got stuck in traffic jams while driving in Los Angeles, I just admired all of the traffic and it kept flowing for me. Or we admired how crowded the parking lot is at the mall and instantly a parking spot will open up right close to the building.

  • Outflow equals inflow. Since we live in a two terminal universe, outflow will create a vacuum which needs to be filled again. What this means is, you have to give stuff away or do things for others in order to make room for new experiences and / or material goods. We often donate to ethical causes and recently I gave away a computer & monitor with no regard to what it would bring in return, monetary or otherwise. Yet I know that this will open the door to “inflow”, something else MUST replace it down the road, it always does.

Since the universe is YOUR personal experience, it is NOT up to others to "prove" whether "luck" works or not. It was suggested to me to read a book in which the author explained why the LoA does not work. I declined since all this would do is create the potential of doubt and as soon as one doubts the intended outcome, then it may no longer work since it inserts one's own counter intention into the request.
It is however my believe that the concept of the "luck / the universe" is also being hindered by all the negativity or counter intention that surrounds us in present time, which unfortunately may also feed one's own doubts.
I have learned that a person is always right, if you don't believe that this works, you're right. However if you do believe it works, then you will be right as well.
It is my conclusion that this is how much control we have. I started with saying that this is strictly my opinion and as such may not provide you with the same results. Please feel free to disagree with any or all I have shared in this letter. However, please do approach it with an open mind and you may just surprise yourself.
May you get all you ask for.

NOTE: This will be added as a PDF for easy printing.

USE YOUR DISCERNMENT; This post contains my personal opinion and it is totally acceptable that you see things differently. Please feel free to disagree with me !
It is not up to me to change YOUR mind ! 

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