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 James Gilliland ~ A Pleiadian Understanding In Infiltration, Censorship And Control Of Ufology

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PostSubject: James Gilliland ~ A Pleiadian Understanding In Infiltration, Censorship And Control Of Ufology   Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:22 pm

James Gilliland ~ A Pleiadian Understanding In Infiltration, Censorship And Control Of Ufology

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Gillian

ECETI | October 31 2012

has been one of the most infiltrated, controlled and censored field of
study to this day. It has become so convoluted finding truth in a myriad
of lies, disinformation and over active imaginations is somewhat of a
miracle. Having been in the field for all my life and actively speaking
publicly for over 30 years I am speaking from experience. Having dealt
with scientism, religion, psychotronics, mind control, disinformation
and even censorship with deadly force I am not a newbie in the field. Many
of your major talk show hosts have been misinformed or are part of the
censorship and cover-up with agendas to paint a dark and foreboding
picture. It is a mountain of manure and made to be so to keep the truth

There are nuggets of gold if you dig with a discerning mind knowing
the agendas of the dark hearts. When a major event happens concerning
UFOs you will see the dark hearts swing into action. They will flood the
net with misinformation, discredit those around the event or create
another false event even more outrageous to divert attention. The
created misinformation or event will go out through the disinformation
network leaving the truth around an event little or no press. This
includes many major talk show hosts’ even TV specials. The
disinformation folks will give out false inside information, even debunk
their own false events to further discredit the field or any previous
events. When you know how the system works you can use your own
discernment and inner sensitivity to find the truth. I had to learn from
experience going into the field with trust, honesty and integrity only
to have some real hard lessons in who are who in ufology and their true

ECETI is a prime example of this kind of
censorship. There have been hundreds of years of documentation of UFO
activity around Trout Lake, WA and Mt Adams home of ECETI; which is
ongoing to this day. Native Americans, Fire tower operators, tribal
police, sheriffs, forest rangers, Kenneth Arnold who coined the word
flying saucers lost sight of the UFOs after landing on the western
slopes of Mt Adams, Dr J. Allen Hynek, Greg Long and a myriad of others
have all witnessed and documented the ongoing UFO activity. There have
been triple PhD Boeing engineers, Lockheed engineers, Air Force base
commanders, pilots, air traffic controllers all testifying concerning
the ongoing UFO activity. Yet when one calls a sighting in to Peter
Davenport with NUFORC who has never personally investigated despite
numerous invitations near ECETI they are ridiculed, ignored and met with
a few choice words trying to assassinate anyone’s character connected
to or having a sighting near ECETI.

In the past investigators even engineers were sent by NUFORC to
investigate and when they saw undeniable UFO activity their reports were
censored or changed altogether to meet NUFORC’s assumption that all
that is happening in the area are meteors and satellites. The MUFON
group once headed by NUFORC came to the ECETI Ranch to witness
personally up to 50 UFOs a night as per their own investigation
reporting back to NUFORC only to be met with rude and angry opposition.
How can NUFORC have any credibility? Their files are corrupt. An agenda
has been redundantly exposed yet major talk show hosts rely on them for
UFO updates?

Many updates are obviously known aircraft later to be debunked. The
Elk abduction with over twelve tree planters by a UFO was moved over to
MT Rainier which happened on the back side of MT Adams in a desperate
attempt to keep it away from ECETI. MT Adams is our front yard.
Statements like tell me when the little green men step out to legitimate
professional people calling in reports in the area show a clear agenda
to censor and at least a lack of professionalism. People at the ECETI
Ranch called in incredible sightings only to be ignored, hung up on and
no report. Again I have to ask why is NUFORC the main channel for
information concerning UFO activity and why do the major talk shows
count on him to advise them or be the spokesman for UFO activity? Could
the fact that the director of NUFORC was a Russian Translator for NSA
have anything to do with his agenda?

The next question is why are the major talk shows completely ignoring
the ongoing activity at ECETI Ranch while fully supporting others who
are seriously credibility and integrity challenged? We also have to ask
why the major UFO conferences are also ignoring the ongoing UFO activity
and information gleaned from the, “redundantly proven activity and
contact,” fully sponsoring known disinformation agents? There are other
major UFO conduits on the internet which are also guilty of sanitizing
and ignoring evidence such as Above Top Secret.

Having witnessed a myriad of craft, orbs video tapped in real time.
Robby Williams incredible sightings and a healing experienced by their
own Johnny Anonymous where the sound of the ships were recorded seemed
to miss the report. Having ignored much of the evidence I have to look
at them with a discerning eye as well. We cannot ignore the
investigation by Paranormal State where Jtracker, JPLs satellite
tracking program and Heavens-Above another satellite tracking program
showed clearly these objects are not known objects.

We cannot ignore the exact time and location of a ship appearing
which was given in advance by James Gilliland (founder of ECETI) and
Chip Coffee (their psychic) and aired in the show. We cannot ignore
Robby Williams sightings or the Danny Dyer BBC special where he traveled
the world to see a UFO coming up empty yet when coming to the ECETI
Ranch in his own words he said he was on UFO overload having seen so
many. Did the talk show hosts and UFO community miss these specials?
ABC, FOX news, The History Channel have all covered the ongoing UFO
contacts and sightings at ECETI did they miss those as well?

All the Exopolitics people have visited as well as well known people
in the field of higher learning, healing and cutting edge science yet
this seems to go unseen and ignored. There have been over 200 people at a
time engaged in intention experiments with luminous craft appearing
immediately afterward, witnessed and filmed. It is time to ask the hard
question, WHY is this being ignored?

There are also those who channel messages mixing with their own
desires who actually believe they are serving the higher good. Yet when
events do not transpire rather than taking a long hard look at their own
information and clarity excuses are given for the gullible who continue
to follow them. When making radical claims I would love to see a
picture of the ships which are contacting them. ECETI has boxes of video
and pictures. I do dismiss the higher dimensional contact when times
and events are given such as mass contact and landings – which do not

I find those who are realists as well who say this is not science
amusing dismissing anything other than nuts and bolts when their own
science has accepted at least 11 other dimensions teaming with life,
even more life than this third dimension. They admit they can measure
less than 1% of the universe in which we live yet demand physical proof,
physical objects as to validate the existence of UFOs. What about the
other 99%, higher dimensional beings and their technology? I hope by now
I have made my point as to why getting to the truth concerning UFOs is
not easy and depending on many talk show hosts, reporting centers, the
UFO community, government agencies, a controlled media including
alternative or those with overactive imaginations and agendas often is
hard to find the golden nuggets.

Those with the golden nuggets of truth are those most censored. The
only advice I can give is use your own inner guidance, use discernment,
and do your own investigation. In many cases we are dealing with
extremely spiritually and technologically advanced beings operating
under universal law. Knowing the rules by which they operate helps one
to discern what is credible concerning off world contact.

They are not here to interfere in your evolution or divine right to
free will. They are not here to do everything for you or clean up your
messes and support messiah complexes. The second coming is from within
and they support personal responsibility, evolution on the upward spiral
not expecting others to do it all for you.

They are here to inspire and empower those with pure intentions,
open minds and loving hearts to awaken and heal themselves and the

When one has risen to the occasion and chosen unity consciousness and
to operate in alignment with universal law they can assist because it
is in alignment with free will.
They are not here to force their will or beliefs on others which is why
so many are in the dark and out of the loop, their will, intentions and
integrity have not risen to the occasion.
There are regenerate ETS very few in the grand scheme who work with
regenerate humans. They have self-serving methods just as many humans
are self serving.
The best way to deal with them is to align with the benevolent, service
oriented, spiritually advanced off worlders. The regenerate ETs are no
match for them or standing in the self-authority of your own Godself.

Beware of those pushing the negative ET agenda as the only reality
unfolding, those who keep contact in the past or far away, ambiguous or
any false flag ET invasions.
Fleets of Earth Ships sea going and space going with back-engineered
weaponry are no match for those hundreds, millions even billions of
years ahead in evolution. Use common sense.

In the interest of national security and international security it is
wise to rise to the occasion and align with the spiritually and
technologically advanced ETs especially with what is fast approaching in
our future.

The spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders are your
ancestors and they are returning to fulfill a prophecy. They are the
Star Nations returning to assist in times of great change. Those who
continue to muddy the waters, confuse and divide are not in alignment
with what is unfolding. The ninth wave of unity consciousness is
exponentially increasing, those out of alignment with it will find it
more and more difficult to maintain their kingdoms, their mental
stability, and their bodies.

Time to get grounded in common sense, your own Godself and develop
your own inner sensitivity. Unity consciousness is oneness, the
separation game is fast coming to a close and the truth will come forth
leaving many I might say assassinating their own character revealing
their true nature. Become the observer. Move out of reactionary mind
into creationary mind. Listen to your own inner guidance and act on it.

Those of lesser integrity cringe at this message yet this is not my
intent. They too can choose a higher path yet with some the egos need to
be right and other agendas will not allow it. I have no attachment to
even this message for it will inspire and inflame depending on each
individual and their walk on this Earth.

This message is not copywritten and can be distributed far and wide.

James Gilliland
ECETI | BBS Radio | World Puja

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PostSubject: Re: James Gilliland ~ A Pleiadian Understanding In Infiltration, Censorship And Control Of Ufology   Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:24 pm

James Gilliland ~ Poly Tics

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Gillian

ECETI | October 31 2012

Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. This pretty much sums up modern politics.

Poly=Many Tics=Blood sucking parasites.

Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. Some say it is a choice of a lesser of two evils. This still gives the illusion you have a choice. The two evils are both under the control of the NWO puppet masters. We have a one party system – republicrats
– and no matter what they promise they cannot deliver if it is not part
of the plan of the aristocracy, banksters and corporations. Just ask yourself what happened to all the third party candidates?

The very few people of integrity left in politics are just a voice in the wind unless the people wake up and get behind them. Yet
most are hypnotized by the corporate sponsored media backing these
unethical people. What you have is a corporate
sponsored dictatorial democracy. Lack is manufactured. Most of your ills
and disease originate with these corporations due to toxic chemicals,
bioengineered virus and bacteria, and the poisoning of the food, air,
water and land.

The war and disease profiteers who care
nothing for humanity and the Earth are in control “for now”. This will
continue as long as politicians owe their allegiance to the corporations
in their lust for power and wealth and the people remain asleep playing
the game. The game is someone out there is going to step up and
do it all for you rather than the God within coming forward and saying
enough, “It is finished.”

With all the games and corruption there is one card most seem to
forget. Nature. She has had enough and the higher powers have chosen to
assist in a grand awakening and healing. Some call it a cleansing. Time
to awaken, make your own personal God connection, listen to Nature she
is on the move and act with the wisdom of loving detachment.

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises
in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral
justification for selfishness.” ~John Kenneth Galbraith

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James Gilliland ~ A Pleiadian Understanding In Infiltration, Censorship And Control Of Ufology
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