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MUST READ:Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross - "ABSOLUTE DISGRACE"

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Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross - "ABSOLUTE DISGRACE"
Posted By: Nemesis [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 1-Nov-2012 16:50:09

Borough President James Molinaro, ... called the Red Cross an “absolute disgrace” and even urged the public to cease giving them contributions.

My Father Said the Same Thing 55 years ago!!

Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 1-Nov-2012 19:13:34

In Response To: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross - "ABSOLUTE DISGRACE" (Nemesis)

I lived in an area of California that floods every 10 years or so. In the mid 50s we faced our first flood in that area. Our house was built on a hill and we were never flooded out. Sometimes all roads to our house were flooded and the fear that the water would get higher and take the house off its foundation was always in our minds.

The first year we lived there I had friends from school who lost everything. On top of it, their family were farmers who had a very large migrant worker population complete with their wives and children.

All of them... the owner of the property and the migrant workers lived in the same compound... the main house, the foreman's house and all the smaller houses where the migrant worker families lived. Most of these workers stayed year round because it was also a dairy and a chicken ranch. There must have been over a hundred people, including the children.

After the flood no one had a place to stay or food or dry clothes.

My father put together boxes of food and clothes, and believe me, we didn't have a lot to spare in those days. We drove over to the ranch. When we drove up we saw the Red Cross tent. I started walking, with my bags of clothing, towards their tent.

My father said, "No, all they do is sit around and drink coffee and eat donuts. We don't give these things to them."

I looked into the tent and sure enough, they were all sitting around a table drinking coffee and eating donuts.

I followed my father until he found an old car with the doors and trunk open. People were handing out clothes and food. It was the man from the Salvation Army. I had seen him many times before at our church.

My father handed the bags of food and clothes to him and asked him what more we could do. We were told that people needed a place to stay until permanent housing could be found.

We had an extra bedroom at that time, and my friend's family was one of the families that was without a place to stay. We took her and her and her parents home with us. I am not sure where her brothers stayed. I remember that her mother did all of the cooking while they were there. I think that is how I came to love Mexican food.

Her father was a gardener. He trimmed my mother's roses better than they had ever been trimmed. Even after they found a house to live in, they would come back to visit and trim the roses.

As the years have gone by, I have discovered if you want help in an emergency, you should contact the Salvation Army first. They send real people to help. I am sure that the Red Cross has some good chapters that really do good work. I was living in Santa Cruz when the earthquake struck and I know that the Red Cross handled that emergency quite well.

But when you discover that for every dollar you give them, half of it goes to pay the executives' salaries, you suddenly lose the desire to give them money.

My husband, Gunther was the first one to clue me in to how much money Red Cross executives were paid. The highest paid, at the time, was Elizabeth Dole.

If you have to donate, then do as I do, donate locally. I donate first to my church because it runs a food kitchen. Then if I have anything left over, I give it to the Salvation Army. If you keep your money local, you can see the good that it does. Every town I have ever lived in has had a local Salvation Army where they feed people and pass out clothing to them.

When you donate, always see it as "Seed Money" and know that you are planting and will reap a ten-fold harvest from the Seeds you plant.

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