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What you resist persist, but what you admire goes away

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What you resist persist, but what you admire goes away Luck

What you resist persist, but what you admire goes away.

The following is a true story.

I'm a licensed hamradio operator and a number of years ago I needed some antenna poles. The usual price was about $85 per dozen, so I got all excited when I came across an ebay listing in which the US seller offered them for $9.99 a dozen, rather than EACH pole.
I immediately bought them and asked him to ship them to my address in Canada.
Then I bragged to all my ham friends about the good deal I found.
.....what you admire goes away.

When I looked at the tracking a week later, I noticed that they had been delivered to an address in Florida. Well, I instantly contacted the seller and made him aware of the mistake. Reluctantly he promised to ship me a new set of antenna poles, he mentioned that there was an error in the listing. He seemed quite unhappy with me.
Again, I admired and told my friends how well I had handled this disaster.
Again, soliciting THEIR admiration.

The seller gave me a FedEx tracking number and when I followed the tracking, I noticed that they were delivered to a Canadian post office about 300 miles from where I live.
So I phoned this post office, but they already had returned it to the sender, since my name was unknown to them. NOTE: A one digit error in the ZIP or Postal code had caused this, which may have been ebay's fault.

Next I phoned FedEx and tried to stop them from returning it to the sender, especially since I expected this seller now to be even more annoyed with the whole situation.
The FedEx lady was very nice and helpful and she promised to locate my antenna poles. She phoned me a few hours later and told me that "it was in the system and could not be stopped", she made the suggestion to contact the shipper and ask him to resend them ! By this time I didn't think that this was a good idea.

Then I remembered:
What you resist persist, but what you admire goes away.
And In  order to have, one must be willing NOT to have.
Then I consciously decided, I didn't have them before, I don't have them now, so nothing changed.

At that exact moments I bursted out laughing and realized how ridiculous this all was, hours of work to salvage a set of poles....
Another error I had made was, I had violated the golden rule: NEVER admire and share your intentions with others, keep one's own counsel. 

What you resist persist, but what you admire goes away Counsel

And here I was, gloating about my "good luck". So I changed my attitude and admired how well I had screwed up this simple transaction.

And then the impossible happened. The very next day my local post office phoned and said: Could you PLEASE pick up these long poles, we keep tripping over them, they're in our way.
And this is how I still got my antenna poles.

Although all of this was unintentional, I do like to play with this when I am in a gamely mood.

What you resist persist, but what you admire goes away Having

USE YOUR DISCERNMENT; This post contains my personal opinion and it is totally acceptable that you see things differently. Please feel free to disagree with me !
It is not up to me to change YOUR mind ! 

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