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Gobekli Tepe Sister Site: Excavations Begin at Karahan Tepe

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As reported earlier this month, archaeological excavations have begun in the southeastern province of Sanhurfa’s Karahan Tepe, another ancient site that is home to more than 250 Neolithic-era T-shaped pillars, which bear a striking resemblance to the more famous ones at Gobekli Tepe, which is 23 miles away from this sister site. These pillars of Karahan Tepe were discovered in 1997, but were surveyed in 2000, in 2011 and again two years ago, surveys that were initiated by Istanbul University and headed by Professor Necmi Karul. The surveys showed more that 250 T-shaped pillars and experts are almost certain they date back to the same period of Gobekli Tepe, some time between the 10th and 7th millennium’s BC. In fact, Karahan Tepe is just one of 12 more locations in the region that may have Gobekli Tepe-like structures hidden below the surface. Watch this video to learn more about Karahan Tepe and please subscribe, like the video and please leave a comment below. Thank you to Hugh Newman and Megalithomania for allowing me to use his images in this video. Watch the two videos on Hugh's channel to learn more about this enigmatic site: Video 1: Video 2:


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