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Caution: Something Very Odd Going on in New York

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Why it's NOT just another year…

November 4, 2012
Caution: Something Very Odd Going on in New York

I will get to the highlights of Drake’s call tomorrow, but I’ve just
seen some info that I want to get out there that corroborates something
discussed on Drake’s show today that is very odd—possibly disturbing—and
check out the New York Post article Kerry links to, below.

There were reports this morning that the ‘uniforms’ in the New York
area were worn by swarthy people who all looked Middle Eastern, not our
U.S. army. Also reports that DHS was there.

A Marine sent a message to Drake during the show and said that if a
Marine Commandant was notified of the situation in New York, it would be
unlawful for him NOT to respond with help of helicopters, etc. to bring
in supplies. Drake is going to contact the Joint Chiefs of Staff and
see what can be done, so we’ll see what happens with that. If they did
offer assistance, it’s sounding like they would also be told to
stand down because whoever is running the show in New York apparently
has an agenda and they don’t want any interference from outsiders.

In some other ways this is sounding similar to the Hurricane Katrina
situation with a completely inadequate handling of the situation to the
point that people in need seem to be completely ignored or abandoned.
The powers that be are more than capable of providing relief but they
aren’t coming through. And not only are official aid organizations not
helping, they are preventing others from helping. Why?

And there is also talk of another storm on Wed. or Thurs.

Kerry Cassidy’s blog expands on some of the above, as follows:


Sunday, 04 November 2012 10:48
Written by Kerry Cassidy

This is from one source and confirmed by another inside source this is the message:

Hundreds of DHS in olive drab uniforms that say military police …are being reported in DC most if not all look Middle Eastern.

Active duty Army from Fort Drum are going to convoy to NY to provide
security for power …That’s right army not National guard …they are
leaving in the morning (this was sent to me last night). These are
active duty Army.

They are not military police….the Army is going to NYC. If DHS has
hundreds of enforcement operators in DC under the guise of military
police. That is a huge problem itself.

From what I am hearing a significant portion of the military is not
with Obama. Benghazi was a hit against Obama. If he wins…word is there
is a group standing by (military).

But this is a distraction I am told. Although real within the ranks.

Both men are backed by Bush.

But Bloomberg said he didn’t want National Guard. Suddenly the
military is moving in. A false flag in NY is a real possibility.

I am told military is setting up voting booths in NYC… so the people
can vote. We are hearing people in Staten Island are wandering around
without food, shelter. Why hasn’t the military moved in with ships

Up to 80 law enforcement deputies from Alabama went to help and were
turned away…. Groups from Georgia came to help and were turned away
because they are not “union”. This according to my source is being


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