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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Sartre – Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts – 6 November 2012

Sartre – Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts – 6 November 2012

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Sartre – Constitution Replaced By Fiat Edicts – 6 November 2012

Posted on November 6, 2012 by lucas2012infos | The
rule of law is an empty memory of the past. The powers that rule are
globalists that control governments and use their media outlets to write
the first version of history. They pull the strings of the intelligence
agencies that function as overthrowers of non-compliant regimes.
Constitutional restrictions that limit impulsive or capricious dictates
formerly protected citizens. With the utter eradication of separations
of power and the “Federalist”, form of distinct roles and authority of
independent States, the core legitimacy of the United States vanished.As
central ascendancy consolidates, the tyranny of the majority becomes
obvious to even the most vocal Statist proponent. The reason for this
development is well defined. The most wicked and corrupt criminals have
hijacked the system and dismantled the checks and balances, placed into
the constitutional framework.
However, let us be crystal clear. The original formation of a supreme
central government doomed the infant republic to the same fate of all
other countries. Most Americans are so deep in denial that they are
unable to confront the truth of this conclusion. The legislative, legal
and judicial systems are all complicit in the destruction of the
independence of individual states. States’ rights are essential and are
the original jurisdiction authority that formed a purported limited role
for the federal government.

The hedonistic hordes that extend their consent to the dictatorial governance keep voting for more oppression.

A nation of free people endowed in Liberty has become a cesspool of
cretins begging for more social welfare benefits and cradle-to-grave
guarantees.The reliance of executive orders to circumvent, “The People’s House“, has relegated Congress to a homeless child in a globalist orphanage.

The internationalists, who unremittingly sought the dismantling of
the principles and goals of the American Revolution, have commandeered
the compromised institutions of power. Their handpicked candidates and
administrators are mere tools for the banksters and corporatists in
their long quest to subjugate the public under fiat edicts that only
benefit the oligarchy elites. With the passage of the Patriot Act and the NDAA, you have two dreadful examples of the extent of the authoritarianism that rules this country.

Where is the national outrage? What happened to the spirit of the
populace that once fought tyranny, but now accepts the boot of a despot
on the genitals of a neutered stud? Macho-men, now relegated to video
games, act as wimps and yes-men to threats from the federal government

The military-industrial-security complex wages uninterrupted warfare
without any declaration of war or real national threat. The homeland is
euphemism for the police state. The domestic drone deployment shreds the
Bill of Rights that presupposes the criminalization of ordinary
citizens. Who really cares, when the public continues to accept the
dictates of the ruling class?

Preppers, labeled as internal terrorists, are slated for FEMA
re-education camps; while bleeding heart collectivists point to the
recent east coast storm as justification for more big government.

Soon the call for more federal powers will be posted all over the
sick social networks by the halfwits that solicit an upgrade to the
newest Obamaphone.

The causes for the disintegration of commonly shared traditional culture are part of a master plan to destroy our country.

Unless people overcome their fear of being ostracized by
establishment apologists and discover a backbone, the obligatory pattern
of propaganda indoctrination will remain.

As the country is coerced into greater compliance, resistance to
illegitimate orders is the crucial element needed to foster a needed
confrontation with federal thugs. The visual images and verbal sucking
up by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to the dictator in chief,
Barack Hussein Obama is symptomatic of the national malaise that
worships at the throne of the “Dear Leader”.

Those confused that Christie disrespected the GOP campaign, fail to
appreciate that loyalty to the political system requires homage to the
dictatorship, before your next gratuitous photo op. A toady in fine
standing is a necessary requirement to get your own party’s nomination
in the next presidential cycle.

Even at a time of national distress and regional emergency,
Washington bureaucrats should not decide the tasks of rebuilding. Yet,
the strings attached for federal aid, always requires a pound of flesh
to be paid. Could compliance with Agenda 21 be in the fine print for
FEMA claims?

Such edicts poison the good will from constructive relief. However,
the largesse out of the deficit coffers of the federal treasury
necessitates states succumb to political blackmail. This is not a new
trend, only the acceleration, frequency and audaciousness as the
intimidation increases. Conditions for assistance are dandy
opportunities to keep the heel on the throat of the petitioning states.

The Constitution is used as wrapping paper, when it comes to the
prescription plan used by agencies like FEMA. Carving up the remnants of
the prophetic wisdom from separations of power is now the new national

Allowing federal power grabs has left a legacy of tyranny that
touches every level of government. Yet, the apathetic public refuses to
fight this absolutism. The globalists have succeeded in their scheme to
brainwash the servile populace into accepting that there is no way to
alter the supremacy of the beast. Since most voters reflect that
conclusion in their balloting practices, the technocrats keep skimming
off local home rule with every regulation or decree.

Community ordinances best serve the populist interest. For this very
reason, globalists are relentless in their hatred of individual
independence. Arbitrary decisions are a way of life for the enablers of
the potentates. The elites that write legislative policy also dominate
the selection and composition of the administrative bureaus that control
much of the political process.

However, accepting that the political process is relegated to feeble
attempts to elect new representatives misses the practical reality. The
imbalance in the Federalist model of government is a root cause that
allows elites to destroy society.

What is lacking in the hearts and spirit of our fellow neighbors is the courage to accept Patrick Henry’s proclamation: “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!
This country was born by revolution, but is dying under the fright that
the federal government may target you as a dissenter. A national revolt
is imperative, fought not with weapons, but with the bravery of
trusting in the salvation of your immortal soul.Your own self-respect
demands action. Indifference is no longer an option. Without political
involvement and vocal pressure, the forces of dictatorial edicts will
intensify. The constitutional right to assemble and petition your government is now criminalized.

The US House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of ‘The
Federal Restricted Buildings And Grounds Improvement Act of 2011′. The
bill will allow the government to bring charges against Americans
exercising their rights as protesters, demonstrators and activists at
political events and other outings across America. So not only can you
be subjected to the indignity of being labeled a low-level terrorist for
daring to petition your government for grievances, but protest itself,
and other ‘disruptive activity’ in the presence or vicinity of
government officials, buildings, & ‘official functions’ is being
deemed illegal.

Political officials fear the public because the enforcement arm of
the evil empire is disposable. The goons that obey orders are beginning
an awareness of their expendability. How long will they protect the mad
emperor or another tyrannical successor, when the outpour of the masses
finally realizes that the police state is designed to prey on your own

Careerist political sycophants and big government lackeys enable the
globalists. They are the adversary of the public. The deception of a
beneficial federal government is manifestly absurd. Discretionary crony
favoritism is a result of this corrupt political culture.

The beltway disease infects even the sturdiest of public servants.

The depravity virus is more acute in the federal syndrome because the
central government perfects deficit spending as a high art form.
Wasting money is rewarded in its extreme. Issuing favors or buying votes
qualifies for a vested pension. Pursuing foes with harsh regulations,
stipulates your allegiance for advancement.

The bludgeon club used to impose federal dictates grows longer and
weighs heavier with each year. Wishful thinking that elections will
place honest representatives into seats of power is often pointless.
However, for those so inclined to register disapproval in the upcoming
presidential election, you might want to consider some alternative

Read their stand on the issues. The power elites will not quietly
relinquish their stranglehold of their perverted and repressive
government. The fundamental failure of citizens rests with their
reluctance to confront evil. The federal government is despotism on
steroids. Until the public accepts this assessment and commits
themselves to replace the tyrannical monster with a limited
constitutional republic, the fate of the nation will continue to
deteriorate. A fiat presidency is pure treason.

Woefully, how many folks are willing to manifest the moral fiber of Patrick Henry?

Original article archived here

SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. link to original article / link to original article
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Though I don't believe that our individual votes count for as much as most still want to believe, I still vote. My parameters for choosing a candidate have become much simpler though. If the candidate is running under the Democratic or Republican Parties, I will not vote for them, period. The above post is conformation of why. But since our vote is not enough any longer to correct the problems we have allowed, Resistance/Civil Disobedience has become mandatory. I pray there are still those with the courage to stand and be counted as self reliant, not slaves any longer...
I could go on and on about this, but I think you get my point.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


Indeed- NBC, and CBS have already designated 'Obummer' as winning the election- So, in essence, what to hell is the sense in voting- They want you to feel important, even though they don't give a 'rat's ass'- Our vote has NEVER counted, no matter how anyone looks at it-It is ALL talked over and paid for, Looooong b 4 it ever happens- It's a waste of time-For them, it's just 'go through the motions,'to make it look good- Until we get those slipshod M' fer's out of OUR house, this will continue to happen-They all need a 'firing squad', and then we can get our house in order, plain and simple- Cripes, 'Sesame Street' is a better fit than those puppets- :cheers:


Ohoooo come on terbo, don't hold back, tell us what you really think... ;)

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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