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Can your dreams predict a person's death ?

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1Can your dreams predict a person's death ? Empty Can your dreams predict a person's death ? on Fri Dec 06, 2019 12:00 pm


Can your dreams predict a person's death ?

Posted on Thursday, 5 December, 2019

Can your dreams predict a person's death ? News-soul-spirit

Do our dreams warn us about future events ? Image Credit: Louis Janmot
A 25-year study has looked into the correlation between precognitive death dreams and a person actually dying.
While there has never been any conclusive evidence to suggest that our dreams are capable of predicting future events, there are some who remain adamant that the idea does have merit.

One notable case, which occurred back in 1975, involved a woman who awoke from a terrible nightmare in which she had seen herself die while trying to rescue her daughter from a train track.

A mere two weeks later, both were killed by a train under the exact same circumstances.

But could this have just been a coincidence or was there more to it than that ?

Enter Dr. Andrew Paquette - a dream researcher who, skeptical of such claims, has conducted his own extensive study by recording his own dreams over a period of 25 years in an effort to prove that precognitive dreams are simply a case of random chance and selective memory.

In 2015 he carried out an analysis of his dream records by first looking for any dreams that related to the deaths of people he knew but that he had experienced before that person's actual death.
He ended up with twelve names, which he then cross-referenced against all his dreams.

His findings indicated that for those twelve people, his dreams about their deaths had been experienced much closer to their time of death than his dreams that were not about their deaths.

While this isn't that significant on its own (especially given that there was often a gap of up to six years between such dreams and the person's death), in one particular case he discovered that he had dreamed about a person's death on the very same day that they had actually died.

On that morning he had even awoken and told his wife that he was certain that the person was dead.

Could this have just been a coincidence or did he really foresee the death in his dream ?

As things stand, it's impossible to know for sure.

Source: Psychology Today

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Thanks Purpz for this article.
Here's 3 examples of this and I know of many, many more.
1)When my grandmother would dream of her deceased husband soon after that a friend or family member would pass, as if he were coming to help her through this.
2)I was away at school and drifting into the hypnagogic state and saw myself at my fathers funeral as a pallbearer. That night he had his first heart attack which he survived.
3)I recently gave a talk about afterlife communication and heard some amazing stories from people there.  A man  had a relative in Italy who he dreamt fell down her stairs and died.  Shortly after her village in Italy had an earthquake and her stairs collapsed and crushed her. 
I believe


Interesting subject, I've often wondered whether "souls" can time travel while we sleep, it is said Souls return to "source" (whatever that is eg the Creator) during sleep.   Never experienced dreams myself.  What is strange that three times in my life people who meant me harm died shortly afterwards.  I was stunned the second time, never happened again.  I also experienced people, with whom I had no contact for a long time, contacting me shortly before they died.   Gave me the shivers...

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