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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES » Australia Gets Ready for November 13/14 Total Solar Eclipse

Australia Gets Ready for November 13/14 Total Solar Eclipse

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Why it's NOT just another year…

November 9, 2012
Australia Gets Ready for November 13/14 Total Solar Eclipse

13th/14th is a particularly powerful time of the month with not only a
total solar eclipse but a new moon. It’s time to set our intentions for
the future we desire for ourselves, Humanity and Gaia.

This is a VERY big deal and not to be sneered at. The closer we get
to December 21st and our Ascension next year, the more vigourous and
transformative the energies showered on us through celestial events such
as these, and the more potent our thoughts, so dream BIG!

If you’ll be in Australia for this, lucky you! Sounds like a blast.

Apart from today’s Melbourne Cup, another reason for jetsetters,
kibitzers, stargazers and what-nots to pack their bags and travel to
Australia is the highly anticipated total solar eclipse on November 14,
an hour after sunrise (afternoon of Tuesday, November 13, in the United

Apart from today’s Melbourne Cup, another reason for jetsetters,
kibitzers, stargazers and what-nots to pack their bags and travel to
Australia is the highly-anticipated total solar eclipse on November 14,
an hour after sunrise (afternoon of Tuesday, November 13, in the United

The country’s tourism sector is agog with preparations as more than
50,000 tourists, over half of which are foreigners, will fly into
Australia to witness the celestial phenomenon. Most will likely book in
accommodations located in the Cairns-Port Douglas area in Queensland,
where the view, expected to last just over two minutes, will be most

Some hotels have been reported heavily booked in as early as three
years ago just for November 14 spectacle. About 5,000 tourists are
expected to stay in campers.

The visual treat, where the Moon conceals the Sun, and day turns to
night, will be viewed from boats, trains, land and even from hot air

The huge event has likewise perked up NASA scientists to facilitate a
live-streaming that will be fed to an estimated 20 million to 300
million viewers around the world.

A huge musical lineup of the world’s leading musicians and DJs,
outstanding artists and decor crews has likewise been organised by The
Eclipse 2012 -Total Solar Eclipse Festival, along with dedicated
workshops and intentional healing space, extensive food and market

After the actual event, the tourists are expected to expand their
itinerary while in Australia, possibly going to other tourist
destinations such as the Kakadu National Park, Yellow Water Billabong,
Nourlangie Rock and ancient rock sites in Uluru, or even to the Great
Barrier Reef, which is near the region of Cairns.

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