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Rh Negative Checklist

 Mike Dammann
January 6, 20200

This post is here to clarify what previously has only been touched up on:
Can our eye colors change?
Yes and no. We have different colors in our eyes. Most of us do. Rh positives seem to have one color or the other. In rh negatives, it is more common that eyes are mixed and central heterochromia appears to be more frequent.
Should we follow the blood type diet?
Following a diet means taking instructions from someone who doesn’t understand your cravings as your own body. My advice is to limit what types of foods you purchase. Stay away from artificial flavors and chemicals period. Don’t listen to hypes. Don’t eat “vegan burgers”.
Rh Negative Checklist 81944559_1025417001124878_7153049546501652480_n Buy fresh and natural. Then follow your cravings under that umbrella.
Should we only date/marry other rh negatives?
No. Follow your heart and intuition. But I believe in giving us the option to look for rh negative partners first.
Can we smoke and drink?
Yes, but it affects us more. We have a harder time ridding our bodies of toxins.
Should we save the world?
Can we? The question is how. We need to wake people up? No. We need to communicate and find the right people to do so with. The rest is not up to us. The outcome is uncertain. All we can do is free ourselves and let our energies travel and exchange information with those who are able and willing to live authentic lives.
Do rh positives who are negative recessive have similar personality traits as us?

Yes. Many are highly intuitive. I have also learned that personal choice can impact genetic predispositions greatly. If you have the traits of both sides, you can switch in and out. Similar to how AB people can do between A and B type personality traits.
Are all rh negatives intuitive?
I believe so. Only one in over 1,000 that I have come across didn’t have the N in the Myers-Briggs personality test.
Do we have more empathy?
This is something hard to measure and prove, but from my own personal experience: 100%.
Is it true that rh negative blood cannot be cloned?
First of all: blood cannot be cloned, so whoever fabricated this claim doesn’t even have the basics in medical or scientific background covered.
Do we come from aliens?
Of course not.
Can rh negatives recognize each other?
Yes. Here is why:

Are we unhealthy?
This question requires much more than the initial study now expanded. When looking for physical and mental health ailments, it is essential to get to the root. That means that we have to examine what people who suffer have in common. What are their lifestyles’ common denominators?
In short:
I have concluded that rh negatives are healthier than rh positives in ideal (natural) environments, but that whatever is bad for everyone, impacts us more.
Some listen to the warning signs and lead healthy lives and understand that whatever symptoms show up need to be treated as just that:
warning signs.
For solutions, follow her:
What are we more sensitive towards?
Everything. Electromagnetic fields for example.
Is there evidence that blood types and personality traits are connected?
Yes and plenty of it. A lot more is completed that will not be published due to editors requesting explanations why, that they can understand and agree with.
Rh Negative Checklist Rh-negative-personality-traits Physical health, mental health and personality traits go hand in hand. Rh negatives are said to be more sensitive. But more than anything, many rh negatives people there is a certain vibe among us which is unique.

Continue here…

Thanks to Mike at:


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