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James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas

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James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   Gilliland

Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas

We find it odd that people who attack ECETI when called to task shift from predator to victims. They can’t handle someone standing up to them. Literally, tens of thousands of people who have come to ECETI and had their own experiences do not take it well when they are dismissed as mentally ill along with a plethora of other slanderous accusations as done in Cliff’s Realty Check interview. This includes dismissing Kenneth Arnold publicly and other investigators in the past like Dr. J Allen Hynek, David Acres, Greg Long and a host of others who have all researched the phenomena on MT Adams. Triple PHD Boeing Engineers and Lockheed Skunk Work engineers along with Air Force base commanders and Air Traffic controllers all went on Art Bell, Coast to Coast and testified that what they saw were not satellites, space stations, meteors, or any known objects. The interview is on the site   These are scientists who have access to NASA, some in NASA using J Tracker and Heavens Above government satellite tracking applications which we also use during our skywatches.  

These are not arm chair investigators such as Cliff High who have never been to ECETI and have no knowledge of what goes on at ECETI, “No first-hand knowledge”.  I wonder if he is a Democrat?   Or even a Deep State asset?   Cliff High’s attacks are like an “impeach ECETI” campaign – completely baseless and without any supporting evidence or merit.  We have top scientists - the best in their fields – personally witnessing and researching the ongoing paranormal and UFO activity here at ECETI Ranch. This includes remote viewers once employed by the government. So, we have to dismiss all this - 33 years of service and documentation - to accept Cliffs analogy that this mountain of evidence is just bugs so we can all follow Cliff as our wise self-proclaimed sensei and become cyborgs?   Who does Cliff High really work for?  What are they paying him to try to convince anyone who will listen that UFOs and ETs aren’t real, and therefore everyone should just go back to sleep?

James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   B0513d3cd1eb492194b9c30ae9cba609
Epic July UFO below half tree level Video

We have boxes filled with video after video of ships flying below tree top level, making sharp turns, powering up and phasing out that are not on the government satellite trackers. Yet Cliff High – who has never been to ECETI Ranch, says they are bugs in one case, satellites in another? By the way Cliff you might want to apologize to the Yakima Nation and the other Native Americans who have come to the Ranch with a long history of Star Nations in their culture who live nearby and have come to ECETI to hold their sacred ceremonies.  All Cliff has are malicious stories and gossip without merit, and he makes all kinds of assumptions and claims them to be facts.  He sounds like a CNN reporter – a disinformation agent for the Deep State.

We have been a staunch supporter of women, and have empowered many women by giving them a platform at conferences.  In fact, in many cases, we have had more women than men as presenters.  We’ve offered women’s workshops, events, and featured many women on the radio show  and ECETI Stargate The Official Channel on YouTube.  We have asked the question redundantly - why are women being pushed out of UFOlogy and other venues as documented in our video,“The Uncontrolled Narrative.”


James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   783bc4c04fe6dd6c4c948f109eda3843
The Uncontrolled Narrative

I am sure Cliff may get some emails from these women disagreeing with his assumptions. If anyone is degrading or disempowering women, it is Cliff who has been dismissing their experiences and trying to close down their platform for telling their stories and sharing their wisdom. Why is allowing these amazing women to share their wisdom and experiences such a threat to Cliff or his handlers? Who is Cliff to tell women or anyone else they are not intelligent enough to have a legitimate opinion on what they personally witnessed?

We are not a rainbow drugged out hippie cult. In fact, ECETI expressly prohibits drugs or alcohol of any kind (other than prescription medication) here at the Ranch.  These allegations are what Cliff and his Deep State handlers want you to believe so you will go back to sleep and not come to ECETI to see the UFOs for yourself.  Cliff’s actions are also akin to tortious interference with ECETI’s business activities – Cliff maliciously intended to damage our business by scaring people away.  

The visitors who come to ECETI are free-thinking people who want to investigate and have their own experience.  Why is first-hand experience so threatening?  Because disinformation agents like Cliff can no longer convince these people otherwise, once they have seen the UFOs for themselves.  Ironically, Cliff High promoted the use of White Lotus Heroine as a guest on Reality Check.  Cliff High himself disclosed on Reality Check that he is a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and touted himself a “trouble maker.”  This is not slander - these are Cliff’s own words captured in YouTube videos for all to see.  Yet Cliff claims that ECETI, and the good people who come to our Ranch to see UFOs are drugged out, unstable, and should be dismissed?

The promotion of drugs, attacks on ECETI, and those speaking here having workshops etc. earned Cliff High the title of persona non gratis. This is why Cliff has been barred from our, Private - not public - Ranch.  All the statutes Cliff quoted as proof that ECETI was violating the law do not apply to ECETI Ranch.  To the best of our knowledge, Cliff High is not a licensed attorney, and therefore should not be interpreting statutes or rendering legal opinions to the public as to what their rights are regarding our Private Property. Telling people they have a right to be here and advising them to push their way in because ECETI is a public venue (in Cliff High’s unlicensed legal opinion) was an unlawful and malicious attempt to create a breach of the peace and anarchy on our Private Property.   Cliff’s “legal opinion” put innocent people in harm’s way – and put at risk the people who listened to him as they could have been arrested for trespassing on Private Property.  Who would have paid those people’s legal fees?  Cliff High?   The Deep State?    These were Cliff High’s own words - and we have the corresponding threatening emails to prove it.

I am not an old fat man; I am 5’11”, 184 lbs., and full of joyful, vibrant energy the majority of the time. These low-blow, ad hominem attacks are what people like Cliff always resort to when they can’t win an argument on the merits.   It is the kind of low-vibrational energy that is the tell-tale mark of the dark forces desperately gasping for their last breath as they are being defeated.  

There is no cult – not here at ECETI Ranch, not with Corey Goode, and not with David Wilcock.  There is nothing to join here - other than our free newsletter.  

James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   88209f5a5eea1c97a0b484fa13d47592
Bulls Eye

I find it odd that Cliff thinks he can accurately describe the Ranch and everything going on here without ever having personally been here. It is like the woman on Coast to Coast who said we were all drugged, helicopters came, men in black suits repelled down herded all the kids and women into the basement, raped them, blew up the buildings followed by the ground opening and swallowing everyone else resulting in the buildings totally being destroyed and massive holes left over. Anyone with critical thinking would say, “wait wouldn’t there be an investigation if 300 people were killed and went missing? How come the buildings are still there? How can this all go on for 33 years, who was harmed, where are the massive craters?”  Seriously, don’t radio show hosts have a responsibility to ask the basic obvious questions, rather than spewing lies based on never-investigated and totally bogus hearsay? Suggesting that people should not come to our events due to some future catastrophic event is malicious tortious interference with our business.  That said, it is true that we are regularly visited by black helicopters.  If there were “nothing to see” here, then I wonder what they’re looking for?   James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   1f609

Cliff’s show title suggests he is “Applying critical thinking.” Sounds more like someone with an obvious agenda and wholly-lacking in reason or critical thinking, and suffering from cognitive dissonance. The vast mountain of evidence is there for anyone to see who actually does non-bias research.  

My energies do get depleted from dealing with people such as Cliff. Taking truth and light right into the heart of the beast necessitates constant clearing on a mass scale.  I always bounce back due to divine intervention. Cliff claims he talked to the Sheriffs in the area, yet the local Sheriff is a friend of the family, comes to ECETI events, and even drives my 90+ year old mother to our events. If it were not for ECETI Trout Lake would be a ghost town, businesses thrive where many were once on the edge of bankruptcy.

Many people within the agencies have a strong interest in UFOs and bring their families. We have had the FBI come investigate and question all 6 people in our crew (you know, the “massive cult” we have here) possibly thanks to Cliff’s efforts to harass us.  The FBI found that all 6 people reported that they were treated very well, could leave any time, and there was no pressure whatsoever to stay. This totally dispels Cliff’s malicious accusations and assumptions. He has tried everything he can to shut down ECETI - in his own words “to no avail” - knowing nothing of who we are and what we do here.  Again, I have to ask the question, who does Cliff High really work for?   And why don’t they want any of you to come to ECETI? 

Yes, we do have “volunteers” à because we pay for everything here - room, utilities, food and other expenses through my book sales, counseling, and workshops - which doesn’t leave much left over. They also have access to counseling, the events and workshops, and extensive training in Self Mastery. I built two centers, a Yoga studio, and assisted with building a “TIC” center (Teachings of the Inner Christ). I also dedicated 7 years as a volunteer to help get super-oxygenated healing water out to the public. It would take a book to write about all the things I have done and given freely to assist in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. I actually planted 7,000 trees on this property alone. Yes, Cliff, some people get behind things they believe in.  

We are not sponsored by big corporations, Luciferians, backed by illuminati puppets or pedophiles - as some others in ufology. In fact, we have nothing to do with any of them and never will.  People reading this may want to look into the Rockefeller Initiative list, John Podesta, and a few others, as well as who is funding them and what they do in their private time.

I have my suspicions about why Cliff and company are so obsessed with ECETI, Jordan Sather, Edge of Wonder Boys, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and a host of others – including anyone who has come to the Ranch and had their own experience. Trust me - if you are famous or well known, come to ECETI and have your own experience, and then go public (as many have), people like Cliff and his crew will come after you.  Again - WHY?   It is a multilevel answer all of which is not in alignment with the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Forget about all the gossip and rumors.  As yourself - why are people who are authentic, dedicated to Universal Law, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love/ Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, those ushering in free energy, functional and energetic medicine, alternative natural cures such a threat?  Who would be threatened by this? Therein “lies” the answer.

There are seen and unseen forces doing their best to suppress the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. There are those who are willing (and some in ignorance) doing their bidding. There are ulterior motives as well, those who want to keep everyone entertained, keep the questions unanswered, control the narrative and capitalize on continuing with the recycled ignorance. Ever wonder why disclosure has stalled, not gone past trying to prove the ships are real?  Who are on the ships, could they be nonphysical, could there be worlds within worlds existing right beside us? According to self-admitted schizophrenic Cliff High, and quite a few other “experts,” anyone who can provide evidence or who has knowledge beyond the physical must have serious mental issues or are fakes and charlatans.

People like Cliff don’t like the reflection of those who live in integrity and are aligned with freeing the minds of the masses and just might have more knowledge of the multidimensional world we live in.  Sometimes it is just a matter of jealousy and competition - both of which are unbecoming to self-mastery and real science.  Even amateur physicists agree there are at least 11 dimensions.  Poor Cliff says I proclaim to be a master - yet I say continuously I am nobody - my work speaks for itself. Where have I ever claimed to be a master? Nowhere, nada, zip never said, never happened.  I also ponder why an enlightened martial art master (as Cliff professes to be) would constantly brag about his abilities, threaten physical violence, and challenge everyone he disagrees with to a fight? Fists fly when reason fails. Every master I know or have trained with never brags, never attacks, especially concerning matters such as these. They have mastered their ego and dismiss any need to prove themselves.  

Cliff’s armchair “research” is so inaccurate it can all be easily dismissed. Witnesses of the highest caliber, authenticated pictures, and videos supported by multiple eye witnesses all obliterate Cliff’s claims that they’re all fake.

Some of our photos were even taken by Taoist Monks in the presence of serious investigators who checked the camera and the time stamp. Most of the photos were taken by guests and researchers - something Cliff fails to mention - and have been authenticated by Royal Airforce scientists and people like Jason Gleaves - experts in debunking fakes. They are not even my photos, the Mary photo is one such photo taken in the presence of 60 witnesses by a Taoist Monk during a Self-Mastery class where I said the divine feminine just entered the room, women were crying, it was a powerful healing experience. Yet Cliff wants to take that away from them and dismiss their experience.  

Second Jimmy Church did not film what he calls the falcon video. Ryan Weiner filmed it - another inaccuracy of Cliff’s - and Jimmy even had Weiner on his show. Under the video it even says “filmed by Ryan Weiner.”  I also said there was no way of telling how large the ship was and it was most likely an unmanned drone due to its size, I never said it was massive as Cliff proclaims.   
Now to set the record straight the ship was filmed in slow motion. Let me repeat that for Cliff, Sloooooooow Motiooon.  When you measure the distance it traveled, the time frame of Sloooooow Moooootion, the scientist at the Ranch at the time (who also took incredible drone footage of ships, light spheres etc.) estimated the ship was traveling at a minimum of 18,030 to 18,040 miles per hour. Now if Cliff can show me a falcon that can travel at even 300 miles an hour in a steep dive, I will be extremely impressed. He can’t. Cliff should just let this one go to avoid further embarrassment.   Also, if you watch the entire video, the object in the sky never flaps its wings for over 3 miles then returns on the left side of the video – still no flapping and no wings. It is a frictionless bird, super bird, according to Cliff with antigravity abilities, wait more like counter gravity. We can further explain the difference to Cliff, if necessary.

James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   6de2b72c3d6f1bfa74535f078345f416
Eceti Saucer Ryan Wehner 9 29 2017

Jimmy did witness many UFOs along with those attending the conference, Billy Carson was at his side along with many other top researchers in the field and yes some were women like Mary Rodwell. Jimmy saw what he calls a coke can ship vibrating in front of the mountain as did others with him at the time. The door in the middle of the mountain we have always alluded to has been witnessed, filmed upon opening with ships coming out of it, as well as a very large cave which we also have ships exiting on film on the right (or east side) of the mountain. This is and has always been available on the  site and the ECETI Stargate YouTube channel.  The door on the top left or west side of the mountain Jimmy speaks of is not a door. It could be easily mistaken for a door due to a large overhang and appearing overnight due to a glacier slip. We personally investigated this “door” after the conference (as most intelligent people would who seek the truth). 

Our close-up video footage from this investigation shows this is not a door, and I have said this on multiple occasions. Seems Cliff mysteriously missed that. It didn’t fit into his disinformation program - nor did any of the other facts outlined above, which he has ignored altogether.  In fact, I have had several major film makers come to the Ranch asking me to talk about the door. I said there is no door on the west side, they offered “how much would it cost to get you to say it is a door.” My answer was we are all about impeccable integrity here, there is no amount of money I would accept to lie, and besides, anyone could climb up there or send a drone and there goes our credibility. This conversation was in front of several witnesses. And these film makers are still begging me to reconsider.

We are not about entertainment, fame and money as so many others are in the field of ufology. Rob Freeman and his weapons of mass detection, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of high-tech camera equipment, military grade thermal, infrared, night vision etc. has proved our point these objects are intelligent, are cold light, there is no heat signature, and they do not fit into any known category. These are not campers, either.  And please explain how a camper can shoot himself from the mountain into space at thousands of miles an hour.  Again…I’ll wait…I’m a patient guy.

James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   52291d80e39cc8bc470f66957ef682b8
CE-5 Expedition - ECETI Ranch - Lights Captured on Mount Adams - by Rob Freeman

The remote viewers have also confirmed contact happening here with detailed information of which I had pre-knowledge. We have given the exact time and place redundantly where ships would appear, it has been filmed along with the prediction beforehand.  But then, there is all-knowing Cliff from his majestic armchair trying to dismiss all of it, and make it evil and nefarious.  (Anything to keep visitors away!)

James Gilliland Goes After Clif High - Cliff Low, Uncritical Thinking, Hidden Agendas   Bc30f8615ff51c5e8ea3d1661a18aca6
Remote Viewing Video on ECETI

Well Cliff, to be totally honest, I do not think A.I. is the way to go as far as telling one how to live their lives. In fact, A.I. in some cases is connected to some very dark forces, and some very wise scientists have warned us repeatedly not to go there. Becoming a cyborg has nothing to do with ascension.  In fact, in the end it will be a detriment and trap you in 3D (but, perhaps that’s what you and your handlers want). You can’t dismiss things of soul and spirit beyond your comprehension as “Wu Wu” and “evil.”  The evil is within your own heart and mind for wanting to stop those who wish to seek the truth and achieve true freedom. Sensei say, “What see I, am I.” Also jealousy of others who can access other dimensions is not becoming of a Sensei.

We are merely responding to the many attacks and slanderous and unfounded accusations made in complete ignorance of what goes on at ECETI.  And we have every right to defend ourselves and set the record straight.  That is not slander or defamation of Cliff High, we’re standing up for the TRUTH and calling it like we see it (don’t get it twisted).   We have the radio shows, the threatening emails, the threats on twitter, all on record – we’ve been capturing this evidence for a long time.  You know those things you say you never said and then went seeking sympathy as though you’re an innocent victim…. They are all on record. 

As far as the threats about suing us for telling the truth and documenting what has transpired - we welcome these lawsuits.  We are hard pressed to imagine that a court would hold us to account for simply telling the truth.  Further, we imagine any such lawsuits would give us some delicious discovery, and we can’t wait to see what we will uncover!  Please feel free to send over your “Complaint” so we can get moving on our counterclaims for defamation, trespassing, breach of the peace, inciting of violence, Tortious Interference…shall we go on?

The real questions that need to be asked are: what is the back story on why Corey and David left Gaia?   What is behind the vitriol and vehement distain for Corey Goode and David Wilcock after they left Gaia?  Who is funding people like Cliff High and those like him?   Are there dots to be connected?   Why were Corey and David totally vetted as “legit” and supported, only to be publicly trashed right after they left Gaia?   And why do these attackers always attack and criticize Corey and David for trying to earn a living, while totally ignoring the fact that Gaia’s CEO is a multi-multi-millionaire making lots and lots of money with shows and products all covering the same topics?  Why do these people never attack the ufologists who still appear on Gaia?   Why are the attackers allowed to use videos owned by Gaia with absolutely no lawsuit for copyright infringement or strikes to their YouTube channels?

We leave you with episode 10 Reality Check with a caution that Cliff rants on and on with slanderous accusations and assumptions with no basis in reality. It is sad and very energetically displeasing. In his attempts to destroy me, other people in the field, and ECETI he has firmly established his own ignorance, character, and spiritual evolution. Reality Check needs to do a fact check on their guests and content. A psychiatric evaluation might also be wise.

The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland

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