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No Physical Solution

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1No Physical Solution Empty No Physical Solution on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:00 am


No Physical Solution

November 11, 2012


Cellular fear recreating physical
anxiety cells of more fear by dividing is how all multiplicity gets its
names, and likewise, does all imagination co-create itself in some new
physicality over and over again. Frozen fearsicle Duality problems
require ONENESS in the Spirit of love solutions without anything else
physical getting in the way of total surrender to any more dreams within
a dream phantom phantasies. To be the be, and be the double bee honey
energy, is to surrender all physicality to ONENESS in the Spirit of
invisible Love.

When cells are getting ready to divide,
tension sort of vibrates just like we do when we do it, as if creation
aligning itself creates the illusion of fear remaining two fears or fear
of the unknown anxiety that just becomes another dream within a dream. I
used to think that when two cells divide that whatever physical item
was being created was capable of doing it out of love as long as the
genesis cell wasn’t coming from fear already. If any cell, I imagined
before today, was coming from fear, not love, only anxiety would further
in more double fear co-creation.

Frightened cells, of let’s say a
toenail, that divide when their host is carrying fear of two things or
one big fear of the unknown, don’t just create a toenail cell, but the
essence of anxiety in the mistaken form of a frightened toenail. Now I
can see that there are no physical solutions re-creating more solutions,
but all physical really is, is fear phantasies and all solutions to
physicality can only only surrender to ONENESS in the Spirit of
invisible Love. Physicality is Duality, is fear and guilt of separation,
and all cells are fear incarnate, just dividing more co-creations in
the opposing clamor for more multiplicity anxiety just for the sake of
its own surmised survival phantasy.

“When the phantom speaks, we listen” is
all bullshit its, thats, and theses without Jesus invisible energy of
ONENESS in the Spirit of Lovesis. I used to say that we have all been
kidnapped right out of bed before we remember to pray in all the
excitement, but today I can see the double ‘bee’ meaning in that, sexual
phantasies just are more imaginings of phantoms, already just a figment
of more Duality unreality. Fear parents don’t create more kids;
anxiety kids create more fear parent mirrors. We all act like we own our
kids, but no one in Duality ever owns their fear, or their projected
fear kid anxieties.

Now we are using imagination together
like it was meant “To be the bee and be the honey”, not limited to more
birds and the bees just doing it in fear, creating more anxiety.
Imagination usually is misused to create more Duality stories by making
up more physical ideas by seeing what’s not already really here,
somewhere in linear time limits. We can use imagination better in-kind,
if we imagine together that inquiry always creates only fascination, not
more phantasies that kidnap us right out of bed before we get to pray
in all its own Duality devoted fear excitement.

Drama creates more drama and there is no
tragedy in the illusion of only dreams within a dream phantasies, only
beguiling comedies from Love’s perception of all our imagined sexual
adventures of gender self-bigotry, projected. “We will know them by the
fruits of their labor” can begin to approach a hint of Spirit humor if
we would just look in back of us and see all our processed daily bread
lined up in sausage links following us like some rebirthing fruit in
linear time. Kids dare to say “We are the shit” and high five in Duality
reverie to celebrate some victory over parent difficulty, but it’s only
kids that remain teasing us initiates in the chain of fools, because
they can afford to play us in all their innate innocent tellings of what
we parents already lost.

Now, for some ‘concrete’ dream telling
and today’s double bee experience from teasing physicality, comes a
little story about phantasy phantom pantomiming. After decades of
continual forgiveness prayers, meditation, chanting, and contemplations
like this one herein, I was waking up again with such difficult
Spiritual growing pains that everything seemed to increase more
phantasies about all the ways any human can ever really just
do-it-sneakers right out of bed before I remembered to pray in all the
excitement. I prayed for help from ONENESS in the Spirit of love,
relaxed, and felt the Peace that came, instead, with the idea that there
really is no physical solution but to just surrender and forgive IT

I admit that even after imagining every
possible situation and every possible Duality positioning, of either or
both gender her or his-tory fear illusion cell splitting possibility, I
remembered to pray from think, think, thinking it through enough to see
that fear and shame based behavior just creates increasing fear and
shame base physical, not Spiritual spinning direction-ing. It’s like we
say, not just kids of innocence, that “Either you is, or you isn’t just a
‘little bit’ pregnant”, and so too “Either we is, or we isn’t just a
‘little bit’ afraid in physicality”.

My core issue this life time is to
experience how parents use kids to only increase their pretending love,
only to harm the other parent into “Love triangles”. When the motive of a
parent comes from lack of ONENESS in the Spirit of love-fear, not only
do they hurt the child by fooling them as part of love triangle
conspiracy, but the partner left out has to swallow their anger or lose
the whole family in this ridiculing blackmail. Narcissists like this
come from self hate and self doubt victimhood that commit this continual
family genocide, and it all begins with parents mistakenly thinking
they can really own children, when nothing can be further from divine
Sovereign truth.

When parents fight over children
ownership the whole family becomes a debt owned by the elite agendas,
and while they are fighting their own fear of love, the elite really own
all of us. Imagine that when a kid is born to a couple of so called
loving fear driven physical parents, and some puppeteer gets $300,000
more credit from some foreign country/company or other. Now who has the
upper hand really, one of the parent puppets, or the bankster country
puppet working for the elite that goes ‘all out’ like this to the
highest bidder.

Even if we Ascend to the 5th dimension
or beyond, without any more elite, all triangle players will not be any
more capable of such treachery and conspiracy, because love triangle
love will never even approach any Universal love. Mothers don’t own
children and ex-fathers are never really any fathers at all, any more
than the similar elite fear treachery and conspiracy mirroring our lack
of ONENESS in the Spirit of love. The continual pouting victim contempt
that really defines the essence of all members of physical human
families co-creates genocidal mutual hate that convinces me that there
will never be any real physical solution to our Duality lack of ONENESS
in the Spirit of invisible Love.

To be the bee and be the honey is to
surrender to Spirit, and to ask for help from Spirit and God to activate
the energy of light within the love of all life in every cell of our
being to help us to Ascend to better learn to live loved. I will
remember after today that children are having parents that think they
own the debt of children, not the other way around, and neither own
either one or both, because Sovereignty begins the freedom toward
unlimited Spiritual possibility abundance of ONENESS in the Spirit of
non-triangle collective compassion and love. Within the invisible Inner
Realm, our Unified Plural Consciousness energy of forgiveness, there are
no physical solutions, only a continual telepathic empathy where
everyone feels everything that happens the same as everyone else.

God only knows what happens to parents
and children families like in linear time generations of fear and guilt
of separation, so maybe there are no triangles possible any more in 5D
love reality? I would like to imagine that I don’t know what Ascension
will bring from my present limited perception right now, and maybe when
we get there, would that we just remain open hearted and kind, we
wouldn’t further limit what happens already from our physical fear
perceptions. I remember a mentor telling me that if I just keep
forgiving all physicality illusions that new ideas will flow within so
much love that nothing will appear in my imagination as anything except
another Holographic tool just to serve with Love energy.

Remaining responsive, and animating
delight energy seems a creative process where the state of being
creative supersedes any value of any creation, and when all creation is
instant easy from Universal love, then maybe that’s when ‘itsoez ta
love’ replaces our fear driven ego systems of limited physical problems,
not ever solutions. If you are a boy, or you are a girl, or you are a
parent, and there is no physical solution, then maybe winning really is
to surrender to Spirit and ask for help to forgive. Even these words
will only remain physical problems unless any within Spirit begin to
sing them more as lyrics from the understanding celestial melody that
only comes from letting go and listening when we want to hear?

Ear, hear, heart hear, listening from
within Spirit, a touch of the divine, and a hint of forgiveness humor
relief can make all the difference in the engendered World seem to
disappear and go away, maybe including either duality children gender,
and their Duality engendered devoted parents. The more Spiritually dead
we are, the more fear of death we become, and the more physical we
become, the more Spiritually undead we seem to dream nightmares. I bet
some parents and children really believe they can ever become a solution
in the Physical, and I further bet that they become the real gamblers
that, at their essence, intend to annihilate themselves and everyone
else around them close enough; boo boo triangle bye bye; hello arrogant
pouting narcissistic victimhood.

Thanks to:


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