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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » How and Why would Obama Turn to Support the Republic? Commentary on Recent Ben Fulford and Drake Bailey Interviews

How and Why would Obama Turn to Support the Republic? Commentary on Recent Ben Fulford and Drake Bailey Interviews

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How and Why would Obama Turn to Support the Republic? Commentary on Recent Ben Fulford and Drake Bailey Interviews

Expositions of Forgiveness

For all of these self-evident offenses against the Almighty Creator and his children declared herein, we the People respecting the unalienable rights of all men and women, are required by our status and do hereby forgive all men and women who have planned, executed and profited from these self-evident sins and crimes against mankind, upon such men and women repenting all of the foregoing, and do hereby share and declare the unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the united States of America to restore and reinhabit the free American republics. The people have spoken, and it is so.

Excerpt from; "The unanimous Declaration of the Sovereign People of the united States of America 2010" Otherwise know as The Restore America Plan

The above paragraph is a the last detail and exposition of the Declaration of the Sovereign People 2010 that was submitted to our United States Military, Federal Government, and Supreme Court. The Restore America Plan was indeed a plan that was conceived by our United States Military as part of a greater venture that Drake calls "The Plan". We are now hearing reports from Benjamin Fulford and Drake that Obama has kicked out the Cabalist in his cabinet and has begin in Drakes words "Support the Freedom Movement"

We were informed in the early days of the Restore America Plan back in 2010 the "Principle of Forgiveness" would be
the transformative element or X Factor that would help restore the Republic, end the Federal Reserve fraud perpetrated upon the People and set us back on the course to Freedom by granting amnesty to those who actually worked to permanently distinguish the Republic that was founded some 232 years ago, by simply taking the necessary steps in their particular and specific office within the United States

Government to uphold the Constitution In a nut shell if those in high office will basically flip the switch, and help to limit chaos and destruction in the inevitable resurfacing of our great Republic, in the wake of that long train of usurpations that are described in the Declaration of Independence, that We the People, will not forget this act of honor to help restore what could not be accomplished without great bloodshed and hardship. Drake spoke on his show today about the Apostle Paul, who persecuted the early Christians and was an outright tyrant of the People turned to be one Christianity's main Patriarchs when he underwent his own personal transformation.

The fact of the matter is only Obama, who is a natural born US citizen, now that we know that Frank Marshall Davis has been unequivocally proven to be his father, despite his crimes against the people, is in a position to facilitate certain Executive acts that would end the tyrannical grip of the British Crown on America.

Look at what John Kennedy tried to accomplish completely on his own. End the Fed, stop world wars, and free the people. All doing this in direct opposition to a very organized, highly intricate and fortified government that was hell bent on keeping the Status Quo in place. Kennedy's heart was in the right place and his actions showed that.

Obama's presidency is different, that highly organized, intricate, well fortified network of people working throughout the vast network of Government now have turned all their power, expertise, and oath of office to defend the Constitution against all enemies Foreign and Domestic, on his ass. No matter where his heart is, whether he is a Patriotic American or not, Obama, due to his genetics and upbringing is Muslim, and is antithetically opposed by mere nature to the Zionist/Nazi Regime which is a proxy of the British Crown/MI6 Gestapo wreaking havoc in America since 1812. Obama was always meant to be a one term president. If you haven't notice one simple thing about Obama, he did not start war with Iran via proxy for Israel this year, and Romney was on schedule to do so.

The old adage "My Enemy's Enemy is My Friend" is exactly what seems to be the case with Obama. According to the most recent interview by Ben Fulford Obama for what ever reason has betrayed Wall Street and the Neo Conservatives Zionist and has emboldened and empowered the Muslim Brotherhood possibly beyond the point, to where
their Sovereignty has superseded their capacity to be mind controlled and thus kept in check, helping to destabilize the Middle East and foment WWIII. For this disobedience, although he has not necessarily done this to fortify America, has created enemies that he possibly would be in a better position to defend against by not stepping down from the Presidency and coming under what could be considered protective custody of the Positive Military working to free the
People, end the Federal Reserve, and Restore the Republic.

Now that the Nation States Project has been completed for almost a year now, the Military through various actionable and non actionable operations seem to have completed everything that would be needed to intercede in a most certain global economic collapse that would end National Sovereignty worldwide and lead to the cabal creating their New World Order. It is impossible to predict what Obama will do, in lieu of all that he is done, but those of us who keep our sniffers out their for new information and to interpretable events as they unfold might wonder, if it is a possibility that Obama might help bring all this to a close and help bring about a true victory for the Republic. For no other reason to save his own ass and in my book it makes no difference. If the man is willing to step up and fulfill his oath of office to the Constitution,and do his part to Restore the Republic, than I say let the man do his job and God Bless him. I guess we will all wait and see.


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