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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2/9/12

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 2/9/12

As Channeled through Greg Giles.

Telepathy is the means in which the ascending members of humanity will communicate in the future. You have the choice whether you wish to communicate verbally or telepathically dependent on whom you are communicating with, but we tell you that you will be speaking with many different types of beings and not all beings are able to verbally communicate with you, and also there are the severe limitations of language barriers. When one communicates by means of telepathy, he or she is able to take advantage of a built-in translator technology wherein you will be able to easily interpret any language in this universe, just as if someone is communicating with you in your native language. Not all human types of beings will speak your native language either of course, as there are also many different languages throughout their worlds as well.

Throughout your many incarnations you have learned many different languages, and this knowledge has been safely preserved in your memory banks and will be returned to you at the appropriate time. You will have the choice to communicate by way of any of these languages, as the being you are communicating with will also receive your thoughts translated into the language of their choice. This is the preferred method of the Galactic Federation of Light, and you will find this is the preferred method throughout much of the cosmos. Can you imagine how so many barriers that have been built here on Earth will easily be taken down once you are able to easily and effectively communicate with each other? This is one of the many changes in store for humanity in the days ahead and we look forward to teaching you this improved method of communication. Lack of communication has been the cause of so much conflict and strife here in your 3D world, and we have carefully studied the problems derived from this lack to efficiently communicate. We see your new tools of communication as a wonderful improvement that will benefit greatly your new society.

Moving on to matters concerning your current affairs, as we have said, we have arranged for the arrests of the leading members of the dark cabal who have plotted and schemed against the people of Earth for many centuries. This event will proceed according to schedule, and we see matters moving ahead quickly and efficiently with no delays. Again, we tell you these events will be globally televised, as we feel it is a very important step for humanity to see that they are finally free from the clutches of the dark rulers who have effectively conspired to keep humanity repressed for many ages. With these obstacles removed, you will be free to experience a boom in your advancement, and this is just what you will experience. Many new technologies will be introduced to you, and we feel many of you will marvel at what is in store for you. We will share with you devices that will improve virtually every aspect of your current lives and allow you so much more time and freedom to pursue any and all of your creative, as well as pleasurable desires.

We will introduce to you new ways to prepare your food, and in this way your food will be safe and healthy while feeding your vessel the proper energy and nutrients you are starved of today. The food many of you eat today has been purposely seeded with chemicals and other additives to repress your growth and to stunt your mental capabilities. You may call this food anti-ascension food, for indeed this has been the main focus of these dark ones. Your bodies will also enjoy a renaissance of sorts, as they will be free to rejuvenate to their natural states which are far more healthy and powerful than they are today, and coupled with advanced healing technologies, will return to their optimal abilities. What a joy this will be for you all as your bodies will become incredibly strong and healthy, and will operate as perfectly functioning machines that will allow you the freedom to enjoy your new lives the way you were intended to.

This is one of the many projects that will get underway when the paths are finally cleared for our reunion. We today, along with our Earth allies, are currently seeing to this task and we will have very exciting news to report to you very shortly in the days ahead. This day is inevitable and is fastly approaching. Be prepared for changes to begin immediately upon the news of the arrests of those who have kept you from experiencing your journey as has been available to you for many years. You have been kept prisoners of time, if you will, and you are currently experiencing lives that are not equal to the length of your journey. It is as if someone was grasping tightly the hands of a clock that govern your journey, but no longer, and you will see the hands of this clock spin freely and rapidly, propelling your civilization into the future.

These changes will come quickly and these changes will continue swiftly in rapid succession. You will marvel at how quickly and efficiently real change can occur as you have all been so lulled to sleep as changes in your world have come so slow, creeping for many years, going almost completely unnoticed by you. This was the modus operandi of the dark ones, as they for years have feared rocking the boat as their biggest concern was waking you up from your slumber and consciously recognizing what they have been up to for so many years right under your noses. Their agenda is over, their plans now have been stopped as you the people of Earth have awakened, and now so many of you see what they have been plotting and you are also taking part in the most important action that you can do right now, and that is to share this information with your brothers and sisters. In information there is power, and this is why the dark has for eons engaged in a conspiracy to withhold from you as much information as they could and divide as many of your world as they could.

The days of your strict limitations on travel are also nearing their end, and we see many men and women from all over your beautiful planet coming together as one in the days ahead when it will be as easy to travel to the far reaches of your planet as walking to the local store for bread. This is one of the gifts we have in store for you dear ones, and each and every one of you will be free to enjoy this gift and travel to any part of your world that you have ever dreamed of and spend time with any of your friends or loved ones you have missed or have recently met in your online social networks, as the friends you are making today will not be for long out of the reach of your arms. We see so many of you taking part in these joyous meetings, and we also see many of you enjoying your reunions with your Star Families who have missed you so greatly throughout the many years you have been away. Some of you have been away for many lifetimes, and this reunion will be a very joyous one indeed for you and your star brothers and sisters. This day is now only moments away. Keep up the wonderful work you are all doing, as it is you that are clearing the path for this reunion.

It all begins with you, as all proceeds according to your schedule, no one else’s. We cannot stress this point enough. It is your readiness to accept and experience these changes, it is not our preparedness you are waiting on. We are prepared to do our parts and have been for quite some time. We cannot, however, force ourselves on your society if your society is not adequately prepared to accept us. We see our Lightworkers making great strides in this regard, and it is due to your hard work and determination that all these wonderful changes for your world will be possible. For this, your tremendous efforts are greatly appreciated by us, and all your brothers and sisters who today know not of what you do will learn of what all of you have done and have made possible. For this, you should be proud of yourselves, and you can preserve the memories of your hard work and what you have accomplished here for many years to come. We say to you all, job well done. None of this could be made possible without you, and we commend you for your tremendous efforts.

This first stage of your missions are nearing completion and soon you will begin the next phase of your assignments, and we assure you that you will enjoy your new assignments greatly, as the most difficult stages of your mission will now be behind you. Many of you will be working more personally with us, and no matter what your new assignments will be your lives will be greatly improved from what they are today, and this should make for a far greater working environment and a far more enjoyable overall experience for you all. Be well my dear friends. We will be with you again soon.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles.

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