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Maya White: New Moon Solar Eclipse

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1 Maya White: New Moon Solar Eclipse on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:18 pm


Maya White: New Moon Solar Eclipse
Posted by admin on November 14, 2012
By Maya White | Maya White Astrology

Tuesday, November 13
“Your reputation precedes you, Madam”

The Scorpio New Moon of November 13, 2012 comes to us during a time of Mercury retrograde, and with Mars aligned with the degree of the Galactic Center at 26 degrees of Sagittarius.

Mercury, through retrograde or backwards motion, leaves Sagittarius and enters the last degree of Scorpio – through he back door, so to speak. The final degree of any sign is considered an anorectic or critical placement, so Mercury also imparts a critical message for this Solar Eclipse; having the courage to speak your mind – uncensored.

Scorpio is about intensity, depth and mystery. As the namesake sign of the 8th house of astrology, it’s also about what we cannot do alone. The 8th house represents shared resources and the joining of energies to impact something larger than what one can reach when flying solo. The 8th house also represents our core life energy and the process of creation and transmutation.

As a house of shared resources, one of the big secrets to launching the phoenix side of Scorpio is selection of the right partners. Neptune, finally moving ahead in direct motion, assists us in making the partnerships work out right. The retrograde karmic phase of Neptunian obligation (or payback) is even for now, and we are free to fly. And it’s time to get real about what is going on in the recesses of our inner worlds.

“Honey, do you like my dress?”

Don’t ask that question unless you really want to know the answer because Mars in Sagittarius is compelled to speak the truth. In fiery Sag, the warrior planet Mars is much too busy exploring new horizons to waste time pretending to care about something he has no interest in. Mars in Sag is busy living his truth!

Although the verity of Sagittarius becomes tempered by age and wisdom, one of the core values of Sagittarius is frank speech, and this drive adds a double edge sword to the Scorpio New Moon. We can be truthful without being destructive. Sometimes it’s difficult – but not impossible.

“I never met an eclipse I didn’t like.” Really

Solar Eclipses are good because they trigger events. Think of the eclipse like a reboot to your computer; sometimes it just gets funky, and needs a fresh start. Sometimes it’s inconvenient, other times it hurts, but, always as participants in the life school of planet earth, we must trust that there IS a rhyme or reason to all that we experience in this lifetime.

Scorpio and the 8th house represent the currency of our lives; the value of our efforts and how we change and transform in response to challenges. If we think of our life force as a gift of energy and breath, we come to a place of ‘getting right’ inside of ourselves. This in turn leads us to ‘getting right’ with our spiritual core, whatever that may be for you.

This is the phoenix’s song for today – rise up, speak out, and sing your truth.

Sending wishes of love, peace, and understanding as we join the earth in her shift to a new way of being.


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