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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » KESHE FOUNDATION - SPACESHIP INSTITUTE » Keshe Foundation – USA The Latest Nation To Receive Spaceship Program – 16 November 2012

Keshe Foundation – USA The Latest Nation To Receive Spaceship Program – 16 November 2012

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Keshe Foundation – USA The Latest Nation To Receive Spaceship Program – 16 November 2012

Posted on November 16, 2012 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

are proud to announce that today 15.11.2012 the Nation of United States
of America has received the USB stick containing all patents and
blueprints of nuclear reactor plasma spaceship technology of the Keshe

We welcome our American brothers in the family of the Keshe
Foundations’ spaceship program and surely we will reach new horizons
with the addition of American government and NASA to our family.

Following My letter offering as a gift the spaceship program to the
ambassador of USA in Belgium in late October, on the 6.11.2012 at 3.45
pm I was in receipt of an e-mail in response to this friendly offer from
the USA embassy in Brussels.

The content of the e-mail from the embassy confirmed that USA is
ready to accept the gift of the nuclear reactor plasma spaceship
technology of the Keshe Foundation and in return e-mails immediately the
date was agreed as was suggested by the embassy.

Today 15.11.2012 at 3pm at the appointed place the director of the
Keshe Foundation and the senior officer of the US embassy met in a
friendly and cordially manner and the spaceship technology USB stick was
handed over to the government of United States of America.

We have offered the US and NASA our full support for their development and deployment of this technology.

With this meeting and exchange of nuclear technology we hope to bring
to an end the lasting apparent animosity between the two nations.

We shall build on this progress to bring peace into space for all nations.

I as the director of the Keshe Foundation and an Iranian nuclear
scientist, I thank His Excellency president Obama for ordering such a
move by his embassy.

In our meeting we have reached and extended the hand of peace from
our side to His nation and I hope this will be reciprocated the same by
his Excellency president Obama, now that borders have become meaningless
with deployment of this new spaceship program and technology.

I thank the American ambassador His Excellency Mr. Gutman for this
most gracious move and I am sure the first steps towards peace between
two nations as is the wish of Iran has come to take shape.

With Kindest regards to all men of peace

M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation link to original article
Thanks to:



I am pleased to see that the USA has agreed to receive the technology.

I just hope that they use the technoligy for GOOD in the Service of Man and not adapt the technology for nefarious purposes






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