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DEATH OF A VAMPIRE November 17, 2012

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DEATH OF A VAMPIRE November 17, 2012

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DEATH OF A VAMPIRE November 17, 2012 Nosferatu_uk2

For far too long we have lived under the rule of the Parasite.
For too long the Parasite has dictated to us who we are and what we are capable of.
For too long the Parasite has ruled over a mental wasteland of his own creating.

And in order to make us subservient to his twisted aims of total
spectrum dominance the parasite has poisoned the waters, infected our
minds with his own perversities and denied the existence of anything
beyond the corporeal body-state, whilst simultaneously launching a never
ending vicious and ruthless war against the human soul he repeatedly
informs us does not exist.
He has, bit-by-bit removed the free-thinker, the philosopher, the wise
man from centre-stage; replaced him with a gibbering, fame-obsessed body
fixated retard, and held this idiot up as a role-model. And many have
aped the self-concerned moron, even tried to outdo him on the
stupidity-stakes, hoping that by simply being more stupid, more vain,
more sexually-deviant, they will rise to the same stage as their
parasitically-created hero. And yet -

‘Imagination is a glimpse of the divine’
William Blake

-These insipid mimics fail to realise that fame is not democratic. It
is an orchestrated spell intended to take us away from our own
potentialities. It is a closed-club, existing only to offer us a
ready-made escape mechanism, its ultimate aim is to restrict our innate
desire to self-create, and utilise the endless possibilities of our
potentially-boundless imaginations.
We are prisoners of the limitations set for us by our parasitical, self-appointed master.
In order to transcend our limitations all we have to do is realise that
our master is not like us, despite the illusion of superiority, he is,
by definition a ridiculous inferior.
His only strength is his psychotically-relentless pursuit of
self-advancement. Having sapped our desires to self-advance is it any
wonder that he has the power to dominate us?
It is merely our surrender that makes us slaves.

‘The greedy, ugly people are not like us,
They don’t feel the love,
That she and I would die without’

And as for those life-affirming sensations of intense bliss and
contentment – the sense of ‘outrageous good-fortune’ that breaks through
our lives oh too rarely, and yet when it does, whispers to us of a
divine truth long-forgotten – well, once we come to the realisation that
the Parasite is incapable of such life-affirming feelings, that he is
in fact completely devoid of empathy and contentment, then we realise
the tragedy of his existence – the sheer, hollow ringing emptiness of a
man who denies the existence of the human soul, chiefly because it is
absent in himself.

Suddenly, upon this realisation, we begin to see the man behind the
curtain. A man who best befits the old saying: ‘The small man cuts off
the heads of others, in order to make himself seem taller’.
-Then, if we have any autonomy left at all, we refuse to stand in line
for the chopping-block. Or to revert to an earlier metaphor, we refuse
to continue offering our necks to the vampire.
And there is a reason that myth says that a vampire has to be willingly
invited into your home in order to drain your energies and feed off of
your life-force: we must first acquiesce to our own surrender. In order
for the vampire/parasite to hold dominion over our souls, we must first
give our permission.

But here’s the good part—-in the last years, months, weeks, days…the
Parasite has been exposed on so many fronts for the vile predator that
he is. Each day brings another revelation. And with each revelation a
thousand more souls reawaken from the drugged slumber he has held them
under. We are in the middle of the much-anticipated ‘acceleration’ that
Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson and countless others had
predicted and expected. It is happening right now.
The masks are falling to the floor, the internet is uniting like-minded
souls across the globe, and in doing so is de-facto releasing the souls
themselves, and the internet is merely the forerunner, moving us toward
an understanding of our true oneness. It is an important step towards
the soon-to-occur Unification of the Cosmic Mind, which will open the
way for a telepathic-interconnectedness that will ultimately shrug the
vampire from our necks, and reduce the parasite to dust.
You can feel it now.
Among the debris of a tumbling, crumbling Empire of Lies, you can feel it.
Despite the day-to-day sordid revelations and exposes of the Predator’s
vile and endlessly deceitful practices, you inwardly know that these are
merely the death throes, the dying gasps of the Vampire Parasite whose
long-held claims to immortality are being exposed for the lie they
always were.
There is another myth about the Vampire; he withers and dies when exposed to the full glare of sunlight.
Well, an awakened populace will burn with the strength of a thousand suns.
So you better look out Parasite —
Coz we are the light.

DEATH OF A VAMPIRE November 17, 2012 Nosferatu_sunlight

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