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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » The Media Turns A Blind Eye As The GOP Rigs Maine For Mitt Romney

The Media Turns A Blind Eye As The GOP Rigs Maine For Mitt Romney

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If you heard that Romney won Maine, don't believe it.. it's all a Bullsh*t charade perpetuated by the GOP. All the votes haven't been counted for every part of Maine and some of the voters haven't caucused yet, but they are saying that when they do, their votes won't count......DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU ALL BUT I'M FED UP WITH THIS CRAPOLLA......

The Media Turns A Blind Eye As The GOP Rigs Maine For Mitt Romney

RON PAUL Won Maine, no matter how they try to flip it.. plus, Ron won all of the delegates there too..

Here's some not counted yet and a WHOLE county was cancelled where the Doc was way ahead....the weather was said to be inclement but they never got any snow....just a slight dusting.....other things in the county were NOT cancelled.....WAKE UP AMERICA.....

Some, like Washington County, haven't voted yet, but it seems like many of these towns' votes should have been reported yesterday and included in the total. Would be nice to have an explanation for the missing towns' votes:
County (number of towns/precincts reporting "zero" votes)

Cumberland (6)
Franklin (10)
Hancock (19)
Kennebec (5)
Knox (2)
Lincoln (4)
Oxford (13)
Penobscot (26)
Piscataquis (7)
Somerset (17)
Waldo (20)



Voter fraud is rampant EVERYWHERE, and you know it. I would suggest that you stop blaming the GOP and try to figure out how to stop the fraud. Period..


FoxyRoxy wrote:Voter fraud is rampant EVERYWHERE, and you know it. I would suggest that you stop blaming the GOP and try to figure out how to stop the fraud. Period..

Like I would take any suggestion you say seriously...why don't you try to STOP the FRAUD.....the GOP is made up of a bunch of THUGS...they all need to be locked up and the key thrown's time you wise up and start being a REAL AMERICAN instead of playing PARTY POLITICS.....NO ONE WILL BEAT BO EXCEPT DR. PAUL...all the others are OBAMA LIGHTS and MORE OF THE SAME CORRUPTION......time you get past the "R" vs. "D" mind control games!


Kudos, my friend for this find! Awesome, awesome post, just whatever you do keep 'em coming, Shakes!

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