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Astrology of the Nov 28th Lunar Eclipse

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1 Astrology of the Nov 28th Lunar Eclipse on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:45 am


Why it's NOT just another year…

NOVEMBER 27, 2012
Astrology of the Nov 28th Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a full moon—but also a lunar eclipse! Special energies will shroud the planet. Are you ready to receive?

Astrology of the Nov 28 Lunar Eclipse

from James Tyberonn

The 28 Nov Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs exact at :

14:46 UT London

9:46 am Eastern USA -

8:46 am Central USA -

7:46 am Mountain USA

6:46 am Pacific USA

(Next day) In Australia – Nov 29 at 1:46 am

Although there are still very intense frequencies on the planet just now and challenging astrological aspects around at this ‘Crystalline’ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, it remains an extraordinary opening. It is the portal of the Crystalline Energy and the sacred completion of the Divine Feminine adjustment for the planet.

The Moon is exactly conjunct Jupiter (11:54 Gemini) just hours after the apex of the Full Moon. This is truly a very beneficial sign & alignment and offers the possibility of positive occurrences, important breakthroughs and clearings. It opens an opportunity for rebirth- recreation of a new set of rules, and new directions for each individual. It is an excellent , truly opportune time to focus on what is needed to move forward individually. And for Humanity in mass, this is a spiritual, nurturing shifting, an indication that ‘feminine’ nurturing qualities like compassion and generosity come to the forefront of all human consciousness. There is no better time for meditation and manifesting positive goals and establishing loving intent. This eclipse is truly a catalyst and spring board.

This full ‘Crystal Moon’ Lunar Eclipse completes the incredible influx that began with the Total Solar Eclipse 2 weeks ago. It now opens the gate leading to the Ascension of 12-12-12. The Planetary Ascension occurs on the hallowed 12-12-12 , and is crowned on the New Moon of December 12th by the potent Geminid meteor shower, which brings and influx of extreme power. This energy extends to the re-birth of the New Earth on December 21, 2012. All centers and strata of quartz crystal on the planet, particularly ARKANSAS & BRAZIL will be triggered by this Full-Moon Crystalline Eclipse, which will peak on the 12-12-12. Work with your crystals during this eclipse. All crystals, especially Phi oriented quartz crystals will open to new surges of benevolent energy. Power nodes within the Crystal Vortex will be disseminating energy globally !

The full moon eclipse is the initial opening of the prelude and countdown to the 12-12-12. It brings in the crystalline frequency, and a partial wave-phase of the crystalline dimensions are brought into the Earth plane. This frequency creates an energy for us to organize and align ourselves for what takes place on the 12-12-12, 12-21-12 and for 2013.

The Crystal Full Moon is square Neptune and Chiron just before exact Fullness, indicating influential waves of open-heart and compassion. Succinct opportunities may arise for each soul to assist another within their sphere of influence and connections. It is also a time for prioritizing, ‘getting our ducks in a row’ and formulating the intent and potentials of our lives in the New Earth. But this energy is so incredible potent that it can be ungrounding unless conscious efforts are made to stay centered and keep the auric field stable. This also adds to the need to think carefully before making any decisions, as although Mercury began moving direct yesterday, the after effects of the Mercury retrograde are hanging around for 5 or 6 more days, so avoid impulsive or rash decisions. This same energy can bring in delusional thinking, and so avoid drifting into extreme emotions and distorted flights of imagination. But again these same energies, consciously employed can indeed offer incredible periods for mediation and manifestation – just keep centered with the auric field intact.

The trine between Venus/Saturn and Neptune/Chiron that has been operating for the past week is highlighted here, offering the possibility of a breakthrough in the world stage regarding care of the planet and for each other.

On the other hand, Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn: a potentially violent and destructive combination. But they do make a mini grand trine by sextiling both ends of the Saturn/Neptune trine, so globally something amazing is opening possibilities here, a new perspective around creating a harmony that could displace , at least for a while, global violence and discord. This also is true for harmony in each persons life individually. Some relationships may be purposefully re aligned, others will be released. Others may find it is time to let go of certain missions, and take a new path, a more relaxed inner journey, having completed one phase and taking on a different mission more related to self expansion and expression than service.

Enjoy the Crystal Moon Eclipse. It is a sublime energy of the Mystic, of the seeker, one of nurturing self and others.

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