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Posted on November 30, 2012 by Nancy B. Detweiler



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

You and I are presently spinning around on one of the billions of
planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. Gaia—the Soul of the Great Being whose
physical body is Earth—graciously agreed eons ago to be a prison planet
within our galaxy. Earth humans have been too violent to be permitted
the freedom to move around our solar system and galaxy. We have been
quarantined and denied knowledge of our galactic brothers and sisters.
Naively, we have believed Earth humans to be the only intelligent beings
in the magnificent cosmos in which we live. We rejoiced over the first
human landing on the Moon, while in reality our galactic brothers and
sisters were speeding effortlessly hither and yon from one planet to

There is no ignorance as deeply entrenched as the ignorance that
possesses no idea how much it does not know. We have continued in our
violent ways even in the face of mountains of evidence that violence
begets violence … while deep within all we want is peace.

Our sacred texts and music uses metaphors of violence. The Source of
our Being is personified as a God who is angry, vengeful, participates
in battle, and requires blood sacrifices as a means of appeasement.
Earth humans have developed religions centered on this violent God. We
created a codified set of beliefs and dare anyone to differ from them.
Some form of violence remains the punishment for heretical thought.

Curiously, Earth humans can be loving beings. We accept the fact
that we can exhibit love while appearing not to question the violent God
we continue to propagate. Even more curious is that we call God a
loving God while, in the same moment, teaching His violent ways of
dealing with humanity.

For thousands of years,[i] creation of
fear has been the
acceptable method for maintaining control over humanity. It is used by
every facet of our planetary society—bar none. Religions have done such
a thorough job of creating fear of burning in hell that even those who
have never participated in a religious ceremony are not free from the
subliminal energetic messages floating within the environment in which
we live. Political rulers, enamored with their power and seduced by
greed, create fear in the people via numerous demonstrations of their
capacity to demand taxes, control employment opportunities, deny
healthcare … on and on ad infinitum. Economic systems create fear by
enforcing numerous penalties, seizing homes, repossessing items. No
mercy is shown when an individual comes upon hard times. Education
systems create fear by requiring robotic learning, then inflicting a
grading system carrying a possible penalty of failure to graduate.

Humanity has never experienced life free of fear.

Now, with only a few weeks before Gaia’s ascension in December 2012,
this fact becomes extremely important. Gaia has invited all of her
inhabitants to ascend with her to the 5th dimensional plane
of Unconditional Love, Peace, and Abundance. Sadly, humanity has been
so saturated with fear, lies, and false teachings that many continue—at
this late date—to cling to old beliefs, to justify the fear tactics as that’s life, and to close their minds to anything with the slightest hint of New Age.
This refusal to wake up and to seek Truth, to give up the old,
crumbling belief systems means many remain unaware of the vicious role
fear plays in their lives.

Why does this state of affairs matter?

The prerequisite for ascending to the 5th dimension is the transmutation of all fear within our energy fields into a positive energy, such as love.
Although many fears manifest in obvious ways—like a fear of heights or
of water; other fears can be extremely subtle in their covert influences
on our lives. It is these hidden fears about which we need to be concerned.

In the counseling profession, we call many of these fears broken records that
play repeatedly in our subconscious mind. I’ll share an example from
my own life. In 1995, I embarked once more on establishing my own
private practice. Finances were scarce. One day, while sitting at my
computer, my broken record played loud enough for me to consciously hear it: “If I had plenty of money, I would not complete this life’s mission.”

Startled, I went into meditation and asked for understanding. I was
shown a lifetime in ancient Egypt when I had been a wealthy woman.
Instead of using my wealth wisely, I chose to play and forgot about my
Soul mission.[ii] Thousands of years later, this soul memory was impacting me like a broken record, playing over and over in my subconscious mind.

In this present incarnation, I have always felt a strong sense of
mission—a drive to accomplish what I incarnated to do. As a result of
viewing this Egyptian lifetime, I realized that I was afraid to
be successful. My subconscious mind was repeatedly telling me that if I
earned an abundance of money, I would once more forget about my Soul
mission. Becoming conscious of that fear allowed me to release it

The most important insight here is that my soul memory waited
thousands of years to impact a physical incarnation because I am now
spiritually mature enough to recognize it as the broken record it is and to release the hold it had over me. Now, money is not a “motivator” for me to work, but 3rd
dimensional life requires that we pay the bills. I will complete my
Soul mission for this lifetime whether or not money is present in
abundance. My broken record could show up in this incarnation
because I could now be objective about money and no longer allow this
soul memory to impact adversely my life.

We are never allowed to take on a soul lesson until we are spiritually mature enough to deal with it successfully.
Our spiritual guides supervise the planning of our Soul contract for
each incarnation and make sure that we have developed the skills needed
to be successful.


There may be broken records impacting your life, manifesting as fear. Are there areas in your life in which you appear to be blocked? … Where you limit yourself?

Are you afraid to really get to know yourself? …To be yourself?

Whatever the blockage you feel, you may rest assured that you are now spiritually mature enough to simply recognize your broken record and release it.

It is essential that you be honest with yourself. There is no longer time to repress your broken record
for a while longer … no longer time to go into denial about it. There
is only time enough to make an honest evaluation of yourself and to
release all that is of a fearful nature.


Ascended Master St. Germain’s Purple Transmuting Flame and/or
Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame can be of great assistance in purifying
your energy field in preparation for ascension to the 5th dimension. You may call to both for help.

A meditation for using the Purple Transmuting Flame may be found at:






Thanks to:


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