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December horoscopes 2012

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1 December horoscopes 2012 on Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:31 pm


December horoscopes 2012

Aries – Mar 21 – Apr 20

Steady goes it Rambo. With the energy shift of the
solstice, you get thrust into the limelight along with your professional
reputation. Ambitious and hungry for success you’ll be ready to fight
for your right to be independent and in control. But with your usual
“take no prisoners” attitude you could inadvertently stir up a whole lot
of aggression in those who have authority over you. Parents, the boss
or perhaps government officials will be the target of this attitude so
chill it… or you may just spoil all the hard work and progress you’ve
recently made. Don’t make it hard for yourself and be prepared that a
young aggressive male will test you.

Taurus – Apr 21 – May 21

Restless to the point of distraction, the solstice shift
will push you to expand and experiment like you’ve never done before.
The familiar will be of no interest as this energy brings the foreign
and exotic to your doorstep. You’ll be hungry for new experiences and
will settle for nothing less than mind-blowing. If you could jump on a
plane and disappear you would… just like that (click). At another
level, you may find that you have to deal with legal matters or (gulp)
in-laws in order to push forward. Just stubbornly stick to yer guns
(shouldn’t be a problem for you) and enjoy the intimate company of a
talkative and optimistic female.

Gemini – May 22 – June 21

Bondage anyone? How about just a little discipline
then? Yes indeed the solstice shift will sock you right in the jaw,
jolting and revealing the subtle aspects of your psyche which are so
desperately in need of illumination. A strong sexual vibe swirls around
you as you yearn to connect at a deep and very meaningful level with
what you desire… a soul-mate of course. Guessing that the rest of
humanity won’t see much of you and yer bedroom eyes as you secretly
begin a process of death and renewal. Powerful changes are afoot as the
psyches of you and your “better half” interweave and intermesh. At a
mundane level, joint finances and taxes will take some of your attention

Cancer – Jun 22 – July 23

Having packed on a few kilos lately (literally or
figuratively) and possibly dealing with stomach troubles thanks to all
the good times, you now need to cleanse in the familiar and purifying
energy of the ocean in preparation for the solstice shift. You will need
to be ready for all manner of confrontation, both positive and
negative, as you will be forced into co-operation with both friends and
foes in order to accomplish your objectives. Balance is the key here so
if you can keep your unstable emotions in check and work with, rather
than against others, then success is almost guaranteed. Fisherman’s
basket anyone?

Leo – July 24 – Aug 23

Surprise surprise Kitty… the solstice shift is all about
you!! Of course it is… after all, where would lesser mortals be
without you and your bright light of enthusiasm and delight. Make hay
while the sun shines is currently your motto because with the solstice
shift, so comes the responsibilities and (eek) hard labour associated
with materialising your creative genius. Your health (physical, mental
and spiritual) will be the focus as you deal with the consequences of a
few weeks of recreation and light-hearted pleasure-mongering. Young
people, especially females (or those with a strong feminine energy) will
ease the pain.

Virgo – Aug 24 – Sept 23

You gotta fight… fight for your right… to P-A-R-T-Y!
Come on, loosen up and have some fun because all work and no play
etcetera etcetera. It’s difficult for you to relax and let go but this
is what the solstice shift will encourage you to do. Pleasure rules OK
and there should be plenty in the offing. A romantic fling with a
hottie is highly possible as is starting a new creative project. Just
make sure that the creative project doesn’t end up an unplanned
pregnancy because you will be highly fertile and ready to incubate.
Plant a tree instead.

Libra – Sept 24 – Oct 23

Memories light the corners of your mind as the solstice
shift shines a bright light into your deep dark past. No it wasn’t all
fun in those days and you’ve got stacks of repressed emotions that you
will be dealing with. In particular your passive/aggressive tendencies,
finely honed when you were a wee one, are probably not entirely
relevant or useful in your life any more. Much time will be spent at
home and in your own private Idaho as you deal with old, out-dated
habits. But old habits die hard, so you’ve got a lot of work ahead…
pruning the deadwood. Cut away the obsolete and then you will
experience an emotional rebirth and renewal. Nice.

Scorpio – Oct 24 – Nov 22

With the shift of energy at the solstice, your
penetrating insight will be put to good use as you dig deep into mind
control. Deeper and deeper… about the way you think and how you express
yourself. Mundane, everyday interactions will reveal the unseen and
controlling factors in your immediate environment. Who would have
thought that a mere trip to your local shop, or a conversation with a
neighbour or sibling would reveal so much. How you deal with this
information and power will directly affect the outcome. This will
depend on whether you manifest the deadly scorpion, the protective eagle
or the spiritual dove. Manipulate others at your own peril. Happy

Sagittarius – Nov 23 – Dec 22

Happy Birthday… it’s show time! And time to overhaul
that tired old image (new shoes perhaps?) so that you look and feel your
best for the solstice shift which will focus on your physical needs and
desires. There will be a tendency to overspend on “must have” objects
to reflect the new up-dated version of you, but this is simply a
reflection of a deeper psychological change to what is valuable to
you.. Just remember that your value system ain’t necessarily the same
as everyone else’s, so if you’re tempted to shove it down a throat or
two, expect it to be spat right back in your face… with bells on.

Capricorn – Dec 23 – Jan 20

Emerging like a butterfly from a cocoon, the solstice
energy will encourage you to express yourself. Too long have you hidden
behind the closeted doors of self-denial, letting others take all the
credit for your hard work. Soon it will be your duty and your right to
assert your very own ego drives… honestly and without restraint. Be
true to yourself. After all, what use are you to anyone or anything if
you don’t fulfil your own needs first? Ego, in your case and at this
time, will not a dirty word. Don’t bother trying to work with others
(you sweet loner) work on the wonderful world of you. Time for a

Aquarius – Jan 21 – Feb 19

Take a deep breath… and get ready to dive down and
disappear into the swirling miasma of the collective unconscious. After
weeks of hard-core social intercourse, the solstice energy wraps itself
like a misty veil around you… and you will begin to sense and identify
the hidden forces that control your every move. Sweet dreams are made
of this so try and keep a grip on reality (huh?) and be aware that there
will be a tendency to broadcast conflicting signals to others. This
could defeat your objectives so don’t let old patterns of behaviour get
in the way. Get rid of them because a shiny new set are waiting to
replace the old. Don’t let your ego get in the way of resolving

Pisces – Feb 20 – Mar 20

After spending a few weeks making a splash in your career and
improving your reputation, the energy of the solstice shift will push
you straight into the waters of the group dynamic. Friendships with
like-minded individuals, as well as organisations (humanitarian of
course) will be scrutinised closely to ensure that they flow with your
own unique set of values and ideals. Remember that the peeps around you
at this time are a reflection of yourself so if there are any problems
in this area you need to look at your own individual contribution. The
challenge is to exert yourself as an individual without attempting to
domineer the group.

Crystal Gaze

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