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Astro-Climate For December 2012

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1 Astro-Climate For December 2012 on Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:18 pm


Astro-Climate For December 2012

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Sunday, 2-Dec-2012 14:03:36

The astro-climate for December 2012 by Pierre de Châtillon from
The drought, the hurricanes, the floods. We drag behind us the consequences of the past climatic developments and the invoice bill does not stop growing any more. All this on an economy shrinking bit by bit, which does not any more manage to balance itself since already a good while. The last six months were without reservation the heaviest. They were filled with changes. The disarray of the executives of companies, the decrements, the frauds and the conspiracies proliferate and darken the pages of newspapers. The middle east is now a powder keg and the other numerous outbreaks of war were sowed. All the countries of the world are warming up their militaries by practices and the learning of the new toys.

The whole planet is affected. The globalization of the wounds.
The modern global society is an edifice of crystal cups. One, two, several same of these cups can break without the edificie being affected. But there is a threshold beyond of which it will not like any more and this threshold approaches in an infernal speed. 2 weeks? 10? 2013 will be even heavier in all types of events. They do not have a lot of time to act. No change to the schedule. We are at the end of 2012 and we are due. Get ready!
In the next days, we shall cross the Jupiter Sun alignment, while we are still in that of the Pluto-Mars, that of the Saturn-Venus. At the approach of Christmas, the Sun will align itself with Pluto. Its emanations and the excitation from Mercury will be moderated by the presence of Venus and will leave a more quiet period.
A very cold time will reach the height of Quebec in the days preceding Christmas and it will be followed by a period of intense snow brought by South winds going back up along the American coast. A crossing.

On December 24th, Mars will slip away as well to leave only the Sun before the magnificence of the creator. To bathe in the brilliance of the dawn of December 25th should be particularly beneficial and a moment of rich meditation.
Also, without being able to target it than in the neighborhood of the Canado-American border, I anticipate an important period of black ice accompanied with flashes of lightning in a window of about ten days around this date.
Earthquakes are going to continue and to increase, before stopping shortly before Christmas. A window at present on the west coast of America, which should continue by making its way eastward.

All the episodes of animal death, red tide, several events of human madness, as well as certain fog / smogs are the result of the alignments with Hades.
We could all notice it soon, as a flurry of several weeks is emerging head-on and these episodes will increase in December, the next year and for still for a very long time.
Pierre de Châtillon

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