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Gillian Grannum ~ Numerology Fascinates Me

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1 Gillian Grannum ~ Numerology Fascinates Me on Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:07 pm


Gillian Grannum ~ Numerology Fascinates Me
Posted December 3, 2012 by laurabruno in Uncategorized. Tagged: Gillian Grannum, Numerology. Leave a Comment
Sometimes people ask me to go more in-depth with certain topics than I feel professionally qualified to do. Although I know a fair amount about astrology and numerology, I don’t by any means consider myself an expert on either topic. Medical Intuition, Past Lives, Energy Movement, Reiki, Synchronicity, creating new holograms for healing: no problem. … But I would say I dabble in astrology and numerology, rather than having devoted decades to profound study.
I have several professional astrologers as good friends and often feature astrologers on this blog, because I find their insights shine further light on the patterns I notice during sessions, in my own life, or my general “feel” of the global energies at any given time. Whenever someone asks me for a referral, I intuit which expert would best match with my clients, so that they can explore more deeply with someone who resonates with their personality and life path.
I have not published much on numerology, though, so I was happy to find my friend, Gillian, expressing her enthusiasm for just this topic. Unlike me, Gillian has spent decades studying numbers, patterns and numerology. I thought I’d share some of her observations here. I love how even after 35+ years of study, she continues to find joy and excitement in this Universal Language. Perhaps her words will help some of my readers and clients who despair because “it’s all so complicated. How will I ever retain it all?!” You don’t need to know it all in order to enjoy it all, but when you start to know it, you’ll find much to enjoy!
Gillian Grannum ~ Numerology Fascinates Me
After studying numerology for more than 35 years I’m less sure now I “know” what it is than I was 20 years ago. The reason is simple. As understanding grew so did awareness of overtones and undertones to underlying frequencies – the colorful nature of it, the sound of each vibration – fixed and yet capable of being blended into as many permutations of meaning as scalar sound within composition.
It is nuanced. Each underlying value adds dimension to the entire schematic. It is as if the blueprint itself is conscious. Alive and aware. It is vast in meaning, permutations and possibilities for how a particular life might unfold. So each time I do a blueprint it is a new revelation of possibilities within each identity map defined by the particular name and date of birth under scrutiny.
Each blueprint is magical, a thing of beauty. Each frequency harmonizes even dissonant notes. It is a vibratory lesson plan. If you’re here you likely came to do some heavy lifting and resolve energy imbalances within the Self and the environment into which you project “you.” How you best do that is contained within the probability sets within your blueprint.
You see it’s all about frequency. Your numerological blueprint maps your natural alignment in space/time – your strengths and winning characteristics, the areas where caution is prudent, others where you can run unimpededly, and, of course, the areas where you may find yourself challenged to grow.
It’s all in that original blueprint created prior to birth – your identity, chosen path through life, friends and challengers, possibilities and likelihoods of victory or defeat. It’s all been there since the beginning when you drew that first breath in this reality.
That’s what fascinates me so.
(Laura here again … if you find yourself fascinated and curious, you might want to check out Gillian’s December 2012 Specials. She’s got some fun offerings this month in gratitude to her many blog readers.

Thanks to:



This is great! I love Gillian. I've given myself a solstice gift- having her do my chart. How lucky is that?


Gillian sent me my numerology chart and interpretation yesterday. While I'm still absorbing it all, it have to say it was simply amazing. I have never thought that one's name and date of birth was an imprint of any kind, just a date and a bunch of letters to me, but Gillian turned all that around. It was uncannily accurate and intensely useful information about my strengths and weaknesses and how one can overcome their weaknesses by simply being aware of them. She provided a chart and an MP3 tape explaining everything in great detail. For me at least it will require further study over the next few weeks as to how to apply what she said to my life.

Gillian extended her $49 special through December, as well as a gift package to give to others, so I highly recommend if you are so inclined to give yourself a very worthy solstice gift for all your hard ascension work.



Awesome Raven! I am glad that you got a lot out of it.

I might have to check it out. :)


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