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Portal 2012: The Omega Grid

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1 Portal 2012: The Omega Grid on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:59 pm


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Portal 2012: The Omega Grid

Omega Grid

readiness of the Light forces on the surface of our planet to trigger the Event
was reached on November 22nd at the opening of the eleventh gate of the 11:11.

first crucial factor to achive this was a general decision of the critical mass
of key people within positive surface groups that they will cooperate with
Resistance surface operatives when the Event will be triggered. Therefore we
now have enough consensus within top echelons of positive groups on the planet.
Disharmony between lower echelons of positive groups can no longer delay the

testing of the software installed by the Resistance operatives into the
Rothschild operated computer banking system has proven that we can crash the
current banking system and create the Reset at the push of a button. In
extensive Resistance operation in the beginning of this year, vast majority of
physical gold, including Yamashita and Nazi gold, gold from Philippines undergroud bunkers, gold
from below Kloten airport, most gold from central banks and gold hidden below
Rothschild villas, has been removed from the hands of the Cabal and is now
waiting in the Resistance underground bases to be returned to humanity after
the Event when it will form the backbone of the new financial system.

physical gold in hand, the Cabal was forced to manufacture gold-plated tungsten
bars to ship them to central banks to maintain the impression that they still
have control in their hands. Their banking system is now just a thoughtform that
is maintained by the belief and trust of general population in the central bank
operated slave working system.

only factor now preventing the Event is the Omega Grid.

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12/06/2012 06:20:00 PM

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