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Kp Message… “A Few Notes about ‘How Things Are Going’”

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Kp Message… “A Few Notes about ‘How Things Are Going’”

Posted on 2012/12/06

Kp Message… “A Few Notes about ‘How Things Are Going’” 121112_1126_kauilapele_beams-of-light_mauna_kea_dscf2254_08Kp on Mauna Kea 11-12-12, in beams of Light
(click to enlarge)

This message is simply to let all know that all is going to work out
for humanity. It’s all going to be “okay”. We are going to “win”.

This is not exactly a “game”, but no matter what you call it, there
is a process in place, a “game”, if you will, that is rigged… “Rigged”
meaning that we will win. Whatever exactly “win” means for each, it is going to happen.

Although the process started quite a long time ago (and you might
point to the Harmonic Convergence, or any and all those other dates
people talk about), the “game” is rigged. It’s rigged… for us… to win.

It’s all happening right now. All around us. The flailing about of
“cabalites”, they’ve lost “the election”, and all this and all that.
Bottom line, they (“cabalites”) are broke. They’re out of the money
(Federal Reserve Notes), they’re out of gold (and painting tungsten
bricks with gold ain’t cuttin’ it with the Dragons), they’re out of the
US Presidency. They’re out of hundreds of governments around the planet.
They’re just out.

The series of steps that initiated when Barack Hussein Obama was
elected to the US Presidency in 2008 are now soon to lead to the
fruition of a “new world” and a “new freedom” for all of us.

And don’t ask me what “soon” is. I don’t know. Don’t ask me the
details. I don’t know. Don’t ask me whose a “White Hat” and whose not.
Most of the time, I don’t know.

Barack Hussein Obama is exactly the one I saw towards the end of
2008. He is the one who was “designated” (by whom, I don’t know; “Higher
Ups”, I guess) to lead this planet (the planet, mind you, not
just the United States) back to freedom. And, eventually, to lead this
planet into a state of Beingness where it can take its place in the
Galactic Community. That’s what I knew back in 2008.

This could only happen as a) all the “crap” in the world (especially
the USA Corporation and the Federal Reserve) was allowed, and even
encouraged, to come out into the Light… for ALL to see, and b) a new
system, step by step, put in its place, and c) a new consciousness, or
awareness, or understanding of who we are, enter into each person on
this planet.

Barack Hussein Obama has indeed been “the one” who has a) helped
awaken “all that crap” in people (a “black” man, in a “White” House?),
b) begun to set up that new system, and c) begun to bring forth a new
consciousness (that this is our thing to do; not just blindly follow some ideological governmental guru) in all of us.

Anyway, although I’m not exactly what you’d call an “insider” (with all those governmental, or Dragon-mental connections), I have
known for some time (esp. since 2008) that we were undoubtedly on our
way out of the abyss, and into a New Light, and a New Age, for all of

This has quite recently, in my mind, at least, been confirmed. Validated. Done.

So all I will say here is,

“Take heart… Follow your HeartAnd keep allowing your Heart to lead you… Into that New Age of Freedom for all of us… Which we have envisioned for years.

Thanks to:



This is great! Now we can all sit back and wait for the black guy in the white house to save the planet. Let me know when he's done. Thanks. :affraid:


Validated, done- We're done, alright, if we don't get him out of office, and do it now- Where do people come up with the info they get? 'O' has never been on the people's side- It's all 4 the NWO- What's not to understand- The Bildeburgs want us all dead, and they will go to any length to get this accomplished- Look at ALL the 'EO's 'O' has forced against us, since he was elected- IF by chance he is 're-inaugurated' again, for a second term, remove all sharp objects from your pockets,drop your drawers, bend over, and kiss your ASS goodbye- The Bildeburgs put 'O' into office- Wake the 'F' up, people- :twisted:


Terbo... you are of course entitled to your own opinion, but you might not be correct. Bilderberg/Rotheschild reign of terror is over. Did you ever consider that is because of O? The veil of truth is heavily shrouded right now... but not for long. I hope you will be able to see thru the veil very soon. Time will show that the ones that are telling us he is a Light Worker will prove themselves correct ...... I HOPE. LOL



OK, answer this- IF he is on our side, then WHY is he screwing all of us with tax increases, as he's the one that has blown money, that he can't pay back, so now we are supposed to 'PAY' for his screw ups? Light worker my ass-AND- I just watched a 'Bildeburg' Video on youtube, dated last week-It will never be over until those bastards are DEAD-They want everything, and do not want us in the picture-Honestly, I want to believe you, but I still have my doubts about all this shit- 🇦🇸


His screw ups? He was handed those screw ups.
The purpose of this site and those like it, of which there are many, is to bring up the vibration to help with the shift that is happening. O is a huge part of that. You do not need to believe it. But please at least be open to the possibility of that being true.
As for all of this being "shit" I absolutely disagree. It is for a very important purpose that we are all here. I know you know that. You seem to be in a foul mood today. I hope all is well with you. Find your happy place and breath in the joy. Kp Message… “A Few Notes about ‘How Things Are Going’” 3497281528



I was talking about 'O's shit not the site, I should have clarified that-I didn't think I was in a 'Foul' mood'- I'm done- :nativity:


My two cents on O... I go strictly with vibration. I loved Obama from the gitgo, read his books, listened to every single speech, thought he was going to save us from the Bush Debacle, knew it would be hard, knew he would have all kinds of setbacks, etc. and I was more than willing to give him all the latitude it required. The minute he was inaugurated, his vibration changed and I saw it happen live, as did my husband. We both looked at each other and said, "WTF happened?" Something happened. Whether it was "done" to him, I don't know, but something, and he was different after that point. I never felt the same about him after that day and I certainly don't approve of what he has done while pretending to be whatever. I really have no clue other than my intuition, and that is questionable since I once loved the man. BUT, the day of 9/11, when I saw the video clip of Bush reading My Pet Goat upsidedown while the WTC was being blown to bits, I KNEW he knew, and it was the exact same flash feeling I had when I saw Obama's face that day.

I totally agree with Skyz on this in that we need to wait and see, but in the meantime, Obama is always good for a lively discussion! Stay in your heart.

Kp Message… “A Few Notes about ‘How Things Are Going’” 3019145770


The day he was elected, I knew right then we were screwed- It's ALL over but the crying- It's finished business, and for those that don't see that, I'm truly sorry, but when this is all over, we will have nothing but memories of what our lives 'DID' consist of- 'O' knows what he is doing, and you can't tell me he doesn't-He hates the people of the U.S. and the United States, and this has already come to light-You will have a very hard time proving to me otherwise-And until he is gone,or happiness will seriously diminish, Jus' sayin'- I am speaking my mind here, but from what I see, it is bothering some folks-


Hey T... if I misunderstood your comment... my humblest of apologies! about the foul mood .... you just seemed like you were a bit angry.... again I apologize for the inference if it was unfounded. Sorry Brother.... I did not mean to hurt your feeling. HUGS!!! Please forgive me... ❤

Raven.... I agree he has not achieved what he said so far... and once he was elected I stopped observing. Now will come his tests. Verdit still out but I am hopeful.



Purpleskyz- No worries- I had thought that in the beginning- Maybe I didn't make what I said very clear, I guess we got our 'signals crossed' - No biggie- Shit happens, no? :headscratching ;) :cheers:


Terbs, I get angry too. A lot, despite trying not to, although I'm getting better at just ignoring the whole thing just for the sake of keeping my vibration high so others can do the same. This is really our only option anyway and if there is anything to Unity Consciousness, keeping your vibration high is very important work... and it just might work. We all (me included, until recently) put way too much emphasis on the whole idea of president anyway. This is where we erred. WE are responsible for what happens in the world. WE are the change, we always were.


I could not have said it better Raven. Really ....
Thanks for your grounded approach and valued input!
We are the change. It is time we stopped hanging that on others. :)


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