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Tune in for a Very Special Roundtable Show! Beings of Light Unite!

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December 7, 2012
Tune in for a Very Special Roundtable Show! Beings of Light Unite!

Latest from Removing the Shackles…

Roundtable Conversation with Breaking the Silence, Hopegirl, and Friends

I hope you will be able to listen in tomorrow night to the Shift Is
Happening Radio show on Blog Talk Radio as I will be sitting down with
Hopegirl, Deb Pietsch, Carol of No Holds Barred and Angel gifting , plus
perhaps a few more friends,to have a conversation about the Shift ….
although with everything that is happening right this minute, the topic
of conversation might change completely by tomorrow night. ;>)

I am planning on being on the Shift is Happening radio show for the
first hour at least, but may have to disappear from time to time… it
might be a very busy night for me ;>)

… it might turn into a night to remember.


Day 8: Beings of Light Unite ~ Lively Roundtable Conversation with Hopegirl & Friends

Saturday, December 8, 2012 6pm PST/ 9pm EST for 3 hours

Click Here for a link to listen to the Show:

Hosted by Deborah Ariel Pietsch, of iTV & radio show, “Wake
Up…Shift Is Happening!”, HopeGirl of the Hopegirl 2012 Blog and the
initiator of the “How to fix the World Project” on a live Round Table
conversation show.
Our roundtable includes D, the author of “Removing the Shackles” blog
and Carrol from the “No Holds Barred” Facebook group, and the Angel
Gifting Organization, as well as a possible surprise guest or two!

For More info on each of these powerful Roundtable Participants please see the following links to their great work!

Deb Pietsch- Wake Up Shift is Happening TV

Removing the Shackles Blog

The No Holds Barred FaceBook Group!/groups/nhbtno

Angel Gifting Organization

We’ll be sharing thoughts, ideas, insights and even experiential
tools to support you through this amazingly powerful transitional time.
Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering:

We’ll be further introducing “Beings of Light Unite” a project of
unification whose time has come. The Beings of Light Unite Unified Field
Activation on 12/12/12

  • · Where we all are in the Great Awakening
  • · What’s going on with the “Money Shift / Re-Set”
  • · How we become more powerful as a Unified Field
  • · Different things happening on the Global Scale
  • · How we can energetically further increase our vibration and frequency at this time of transition
  • · Support you in being more comfortable—if you’re not– as a Way-shower and Leader with tools and conversation
  • · Things that can be done on a community scale to prepare for this shift in energy
  • · Q and A
  • · Further introduction to “The Beings Of Light Unite” Unification Project with activations starting on 12-12-12 –
Thanks to:


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